Are you Creating or Waiting in 2020?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Written by: Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor

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This is a once in a life-time situation. It is unprecedented and the world is changing fast. As humans we have been taught to live a life where we rely on our money to come from sources like a job. A person tells us what we are worth and how much of our time every day we will trade for that money. With the age of Millennials, the shift of working online started to pick up popularity. The paradigm of working on trading time for money has changed drastically.

As an entrepreneur you trade your knowledge and skill for money. You save time and in turn potentially work more, however you have more control over your time and how you space out your day. That’s usually the goal anyways.

So, I ask this question: Whether you are already an entrepreneur, or you are just looking to see if it’s the right decision for you, are you currently Waiting or Creating?

Creation is a beautiful thing to experience. Alignment and flow happen, and your projects take off. You don’t even have to be creating for the sole purpose of earning money. Maybe you are indulging in passions and hobbies.

Waiting, on the other hand, is stagnant energy. It just sits there, nothing happens. You are waiting for someone else in the world to say you can work again. Or, maybe you are an essential worker and you are waiting for the pandemic to end so you can take a break from stress. But if you are an entrepreneur and you are waiting, you are literally killing your business. What are you waiting for? For someone else to say you can? Well, here it is - You can!

"Your journey isn’t about you."

The fact is, you may not be able to charge $10 000 a month per coaching client right now, though some do. That is okay. That doesn’t mean you stop and wait until you can. That means you get innovative. You choose to grow. Maybe you learn new skills that you can then apply to your fees after these uncertain times. You can create recurring revenue in so many ways and all this information is at your fingertips. Hello Google! You can give value to the world and create an online presence, so people know you, see you and trust you. Once you have trust, then you can ask for the clients to work with you. Your journey isn’t about you. It is about what you provide to your potential clients - What do they need?

And frankly if you aren’t sharing your light, voice, knowledge and journey with the world, you are robbing everyone of your great value. The more you give, the more you get back, and that is not selfish.

So, add the value and show up for your audience. Show them, that even though hard times are upon us you can still grow. Show them there is another way to live life, beyond waiting. Go inspire and empower people to get off the couch and stop binge-watching Netflix. No judgment, the best of us do it.

But what do you do if you aren’t surrounded by people that are creators? You join groups of people that think like you or that you want to think like. Find groups of people that inspire you! We are the sum of the five people we surround ourselves with, so look around and see who you are surrounded by and change it if you don’t like it. Then learn and grow from the ones you do want to be around. You can get a job anytime, anywhere. If you want one, you will find one.

You can also start a new business anytime: Turnkey businesses like Network Marketing or a business that evolved right from your own mind, from a hobby you love to do or a random idea. It isn’t easy, but it is doable, and you have the power to create instead of wait.

So, have you been taking advantage of this unprecedented time? Or have you been waiting for someone to tell you that you can resume life, a life you were probably unhappy with anyways? I personally chose to create! I hope you have too.

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Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Laura Lee Harrison is a Confidence & Beauty Strategist who works with professional women to help them deliver their message on stage or on camera effortlessly, by assisting them with their beauty regimens, so they feel beautiful as they are with their unique features. She also guides business owners to their first 6 figures in business with her business partner and their Social Media Agency, Media Exclusive. The agency and scheduling platform help entrepreneurs to show up and scale business with ease and consistency. As a sole parent, multi-business owner and International Best-Selling Co-Author, Laura Lee has had to overcome many obstacles in her life and within her own mindset to get where she is today. Daily she uses her story to inspire and empower entrepreneurs globally, showing them no matter their circumstance in life they can achieve their goals, if they choose to never give up on themselves.



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