Are We Still a Healing Society of Broken Stories That Had No Chance of Arriving at a Happy Endings?

Written by: Emilia Balcerzyk, Executive Contributor

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Life is a continuous journey of self-discovery. It challenges us with a range of different experiences; each experience an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves. Each person has their own individual life story comprising everything they have experienced and learned over the years. While most stories have a happy ending, unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for most people. Now more than ever, people feel as if their story is broken with no chance of arriving at a happy ending. The world we live in not only leaves our life stories broken but also crushes our souls as well as the trust in our ability to repair our stories.

Regardless of the differences in upbringings or cultures, our life experiences leave us feeling broken and imperfect. In this day and age, coming from a ‘broken home’ or merely existing in society is enough to leave us all painfully traumatized.

We may experience obstacles and problems, but we all end up in the same place, a place of struggle and pain. Many of us have broken hearts, self-worth issues, eating disorders, addictions, and experience abuse, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Our internal dialogue with ourselves is filled with anxiety, self-hatred, and bitterness towards ourselves. The more we search for perfection in the world, the more we get slapped in the face.

Whilst our generation is trying harder, it seems like things are only becoming more broken. For the majority of my life, my story felt broken too.

Growing up as a daughter of an energy healer, I was taught to heal from a young age. Despite this, I was unable to prevent all the twists and turns that life threw my way.

I was continuously searching for something outside of myself. Yet, I was constantly being told by my life experiences that I was not enough and broken.

Then I hit my lowest point. I was ready to give up on myself. My life was chaos. I had no signs, no hope from the universe. No guide to repair my brokenness.

But there is always help out there — never forget that.

My help came in the form of my greatest teacher, my daughter. She gave me the strength to continue. I refused to give up on her. I decided to keep searching, to keep persevering, and went on every course I could.

Whilst healing techniques such as vibrational energy healing and shamanism helped soothe my pain, they did not completely heal it. My life was still chaotic. That was the point where the universe blessed me with the gift of ThetaHealing®.

ThetaHealing® is a healing technique that uses the theta brain wave state to access and change your subconscious belief system. This allows people to reprogram their life stories and change their futures.

Our subconscious belief systems are shaped by our life experiences and manifest the reality that we live in. Unfortunately, the difficult life scenarios we experience result in trauma – and all trauma requires healing.

We suppress our stories and trauma until we cannot cope any longer. Trauma is stored in the body and mind. The body keeps the score – every moment we experience is recorded by our bodies, and trauma is stored within our bodies. The mind can be split into two parts: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind consists of all that we are currently aware of. The unconscious mind entails everything we are not conscious about. You can think of it like a computer program running in the background.

When trauma occurs, our unconscious mind takes control and protects us by creating belief structures in response to traumatic events. For example, a client who has experienced an abusive relationship developed the belief that ‘love is dangerous.’ Whilst this belief protects her from entering another abusive relationship, it also prevents her from manifesting the healthy and loving relationship she truly desires.

Thetahealing allows you to access your internal belief system and connect the dots between your trauma and your current situation. The technique then allows you to replace and reprogram your beliefs to implement lasting changes.

Theta healing will leave you feeling uplifted from the burdens of your pain as it truly does transform your life. Releasing beliefs allows you to break free from the story of your past and change the course of your future.

It takes massive amounts of courage, willpower, and resilience to heal and face the painful story of your past. The theta healing process encourages you to look deeply at your life story from new perspectives to find out where your problem first began, the impact of your situation, and potential life lessons from the hardship.

It is an emotionally challenging process. When processing difficult and painful emotions, many of us tend to shut down; however, shutting down only leads to more pain in the long run.

Shutting down actually destroys our ability to experience joy too. It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to acknowledge, accept and admit that something is not right and look at things beneath the surface and beyond the logical mind.

While you have to feel it, to heal it, acknowledging it doesn’t have to be completely painful.

Yes, it is initially scary to acknowledge the pain of your story, but on the other side, there is an excitement in being able to look at your life with a new perspective on things.

Theta healing gives you the power to read your story, heal it and write your very own happy ending.


In coming articles, I will share my personal stories in-depth and how I have used theta healing to overcome my own battles. I also will be sharing more on how I have used theta healing to help my clients’ overcome issues, everything from sexual abuse, depression, OCD, IBS, eating disorders, and more — the list is endless. Every story can be healed.

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Emilia Balcerzyk, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emilia is a life-changing spiritual coach and ThetaHealing teacher. Emilia was introduced to self-development and energy healing at the age of 8. Since then she has resiliently overcome every obstacle that life has put in her path. From Kinesiology to Reiki, Emilia learned technique after technique in an attempt to break free from the pain of her past but to no avail. Emilia is most passionate about serving others on their healing journeys, specializing in healing: abuse(mental, physical, sexual)heartbreak, the inner child, mindset work and so much more. Emilia integrates the virtues and lessons learnt from her own life journey when working with her clients to help them realign and move forward in the direction of their true life purpose.



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