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Are Man-Made Vitamins Dangerous To Us?

Written by: Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor

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Many times, I’m often asked the following questions:

  • “Are man-made vitamins harmful?”

  • “How much is too much?”

  • “What kind of damage do too many vitamins cause?”

The following information will answer your questions.

Vitamins are organic compounds, which means it contains carbon. Vitamins cannot be duplicated in a laboratory, and the ones sold to the public today are synthetic or crystalline-pure fractions of vitamin complexes. A fraction of a vitamin, whether natural or synthetic at best, is a drug and can only have a drug-like effect in the body, which is a stimulatory effect-not physiological or curative benefit. Taking vitamins as supplements can seriously damage the most important of bodily functions by contributing to a biochemical imbalance. And here’s why...

Vitamins can be effective in the body’s cells only through their combined effects as a “complex functioning mechanism” rather than a single chemical effect. For example, ascorbic acid sold today as vitamin C is not true complex vitamin C as found in foods like Camu-Camu, and yet it is labeled in its supplement form as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is only one part of several parts that makes up the complex vitamin C. It can be made cheaply in laboratories by combining corn syrup and sulfuric acid. It’s ridiculous to remove the ascorbic acid from the vitamin C complex and call this single component the “real vitamin”.

A vitamin supplement is not the whole product. It is only a fragment. It leaves out many other parts which may be tiny percentages but significant just the same. When we take supplements, it’s rather like taking statements out of context; you think you're getting the full story, but more likely, what you do get is distorted and not the full picture or benefit.

Picking and choosing the elements you think your body needs is risky at best. We are designed to operate as a whole entity, and therefore we should be getting our nutrients as whole entities too.

You can take enough supplements in an individual nutrient form to cause symptoms of deficiency of that or other nutrients. For example, if you take vitamin E, you need to also take the mineral zinc to maintain the normal blood concentration of vitamin E. However, if you take too much zinc, you can block the absorption of copper and selenium. This is the same with taking too much vitamin C, and you can block selenium absorption in your body.

Vitamins are dependent on minerals to function in the body. If you start the game of picking and choosing single vitamins and single minerals to take, you are playing a dangerous game that can cause a terrible chemical imbalance in your body. Isolated vitamins and minerals sold in supplement form do not have the same suitability for human metabolism as those found in whole foods. Our bodies were not designed to break down these inorganic supplements.

The best source of supplementation today is food-derived supplements like bee pollen, wheatgrass, wildcrafted blue algae, wheat sprouts, etc. These supplements offer us all the ingredients necessary for our bodies to function properly. All nutrients work as a team to build and support health. Nature has always been the best manufacturer of our foods and the best teacher if we care to learn her lessons. The body understands the “natural law”. Just give it the full range of good foods and whole food supplements, and it knows what to do to create optimum health and vitality.

I hope you found this article very informative so you can make a better decision for you and your family. Can you just imagine how much more energy you would have and just moving at a higher vibration through life if you were feeding your body nature’s most potent superfoods? What you feed your body today is who you become tomorrow.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to schedule a zoom meeting, or you email me at You can also call me on 917-597-3512. My book Healing Through Nature’s Medicine, A Story of Hope, will also give you a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best foods on earth for your body.

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Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Emanuela is a leading expert in restoring health and a Master Transformational, Health, and life coach. After 20yrs recruiting in the finance industry, she discovered her true calling for naturopathy and helping people and their pets throughout the US. The value she provides her clients has put them in a position to gain better health and live a more fulfilling life. Having restored her own health, Emanuela is excited to share her victory and help others do the same, from thyroid conditions, shrinking nodules, blood pressure, hormones, and much more. This inspired her to write her first book, “Healing Through Nature’s Medicine,” A Story of Hope. Having restored her St. Barnard’s health as well, Emanuela coaches many pet owners on how to become their own best healer. She loves spending time with her family and friends, the outdoors, and her deepest passion is helping others transform their health.



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