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Adaptability Is The New Black

Written by: Caroline Bellenger, Executive Contributor

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As we take stock of the past few years and set our sights on new goals and aspirations, changing our mindset and reactions will play a massive part in our future success.

Over the past twenty years, the world has seen technology and innovation constantly change the way people operate in the world. As humans, we chose to embrace this change, or like some, we might still be refusing to pay at the checkout with our phone. The past few years of the pandemic has accelerated these changes as we try to adapt to working online or face timing our loved ones.

Our ability to adapt to these changes is greatly influenced by where we sit on the spectrum of the five core personality traits. These are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness or Neuroticism. Having low openness or high neuroticism while experiencing an unstable world has created much angst for those people. High extroverts may have become highly stressed that they could not work amongst their peers or attend social events. In contrast, introverts have found the total lockdown and isolation a godsend. Regardless of where you sit on the pendulum of these traits, you can reframe your mindset to react more positively to the circumstances that impact you.

If 2020 took us by surprise and 2021 was supposed to give us hope, then 2022 has definitely shown us that adaptability is crucial to getting through this next phase successfully. So how do we do this? Especially if our core personality traits are already conspiring against us.

1.The first step is to understand your personality traits and how instability impacts you personally. Whatever you discover, don't judge it. There are no right or wrong traits; they are part of how you navigate the world.

2. If you score high on openness and embrace change or thrive on chaos, then chances are you are already an adaptable person. Your challenge may be to limit the number of shiny new objects. When circumstances change, you don't always have to go in a completely different direction. You can instead alter your current project to suit. With low openness, you may need much more support. Talk to friends and seek help. Try to keep your perspective that change is temporary, and set up routines to keep you balanced.

3. If you register high on neuroticism and the thought of change causes your head to hurt and make you feel overwhelmed, it is essential to look at the deep-seated fears this triggers and use strategies to overcome them. My personal favourite for this is Neurolinguistic Programming. Low on neuroticism is a big bonus during uncertain times, so share that stress and worry-free attitude with everyone you meet.

4. For those who score high on conscientiousness, you may benefit from having a few different plans in place. Having organised options will improve your confidence if you need to change direction. With low conscientiousness, you may already be living in a bit of chaos. Hence, you might be adaptable, but things could escalate out of control without a bit of structure in your daily plan.

5. Sadly the past few years has also created a lot of division and mistrust. Those who are high on the agreeableness scale have overcome this through kindness and showing empathy for others. If your agreeableness is on the lower side, you might consider doing a few gratitude’s every morning to help you see that the world really isn't a terrible place.

6. As much as the introverts might have adapted well to their online solitude, it is vital to remember that getting too comfortable staying home may make it even harder when you do need to be social. Making an effort to have some human interaction will make it easier to adapt to any further changes. And for those high on extroversion, make sure to adjust your social life to all the new alternatives online where you can still communicate and engage.

Whatever your situation or personality being adaptable is a fundamental part of human survival. Those who can adapt to changing circumstances will always have a better chance of creating opportunities or overcoming obstacles. For those who find change more difficult, learning to be adaptable is a skill you can improve. Despite the biological nature of personality traits, just like everything else in life, with the right strategy and mindset you can change your beliefs and ultimately your reactions. Adaptability is the new black, so make sure to get on this trend if you want to ensure your future is both successful and fulfilling.

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Caroline Bellenger, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Caroline is an award-winning entrepreneur, mental health advocate and wellness warrior. After experiencing childhood sexual abuse and over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline enhanced her life by creating a toolbox of strategies that enabled her to improve her mindset, self-esteem and create three successful businesses. As the founder of “Be The Impossible” she has coached and inspired thousands of women to overcome their own life obstacles and create fulfilment and joy. She is the co-author of three books including Amazon 1 Best Seller "Queens In Sand Castles". She has climbed to Everest Base Camp and competed in national sporting teams, including representing Australia in Triathlon at 50. Her transformation and achievements are a testament to her courage and determination to define her future regardless of age or past challenges. Caroline has dedicated her life to empowering other women through inspirational keynotes, books, coaching programs, and online education.



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