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Achieve Quantum Leaps Now

Written by: Brenda K. Johnson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Inside a major chain store, there were birds that had flown inside. They at first seemed to enjoy being inside with the high metal roof frames that they sat upon singing and looking around. After a while, they wanted freedom. Some would follow the light at the end of the walkway. Determined to find a way out. Others would fly in circles seeming lost and confused not finding a way out. Others found the exit and seemed overjoyed when they finally flew free. I watched them fly towards freedom as they approached the blue sky going higher and higher.

In their case, some may have followed the same path that they flew in on. Others did not find the way out and died of hunger and thirst. Others, after flying around inside were lost and had to find another path to freedom. Very few after being lost for days, tired and hungry, did not give up and did not die, they found a path somehow by not quitting. They took that final leap, a quantum leap, that took all the strength they had and they flew free.

Seek Failure

Sounds crazy. Feels wrong. Very uncomfortable. Feels unnatural, for some. But is it? By mentally pushing past where many normally quit you overtake failure. Take the unusual path this time. Push yourself past where you’ve quit in the past because you convinced yourself it wasn’t for you. It won’t work anyway. Too many people are doing that. My sister tried and it didn’t work. My cousin said it was hard. My friend tried and failed, so I will properly fail too. Have you heard those excuses before?

Does that mean you are willing to stay broke? Willing to stay on the same route that hasn’t worked? Even going back to school only makes more bills, debt, and student loans that are not forgivable. Why not a quantum leap over all those methods and find a path with unlimited potential? A path that is low overhead and has high growth potential. You can do it because you already decided to seek failure to trick your mind into success. A quantum difference then all the other methods that you’ve tried before. It will work.

Take Extreme Levels of Growth

Think beyond the box. Step out on the tightrope before you’re ready. The path will be bumpy. Rough. May even feel crazy. We normally want a smooth path. Smooth sailing, we call it. What has that gotten you? A job you hate? A boss who hates you? Or it feels like he hates you because you are treated without any respect. A salary that you can’t even live off of. Make a major change in your life or stay broke. Oops, was that too tough?

It's only tough if you intend to remain in dream mode. But when you set out and walk along the path of greatness, you soon discover that you are not alone. By stepping out and taking extreme levels of growth rather than tiny, tiny steps. You will find there are others that are also taking those steps that are wonderful, caring people that are as excited about your success as you are.

Extreme levels are like extreme sports. Your stomach is full of butterflies. You wonder if you have lost your mind taking such a big risk. Then you take that step and super surprise yourself with everything you have accomplished so quickly! The group that normally takes months and months to build and grow grew quicker than you ever imagined. How? By taking extreme levels first in your mind then it became a daily occurrence.

Quantum Leaps Outside of Your Norm

Stop! Waiting for everything to be ready to move. It never will be. The world never stops so that you can become successful! It’s like swimming up a waterfall. The water is heavy and constant. It never stops for you to take a breath or to change direction. You have to keep fighting, moving, and, taking action with you feeling like you're drowning….in debt, in despair, or inaction. Now is the time to take a quantum leap.

Leaping before you are ready means it will never be perfect. The time will never be right. You just have to leap before you’re ready. Take immediate action now. Don’t think about it or you will never do it. I know people who decided to think about it five years ago and they are still thinking. Stuck on first base still waiting for the perfect time. Still waiting for that perfect opportunity.

Quantum leaping means taking immediate action now. Just leap!

Miss steps on the Ladder

We normally go up the steps one step at a time. That is the same way we walk through life, step by step. What would happen if you miss some steps? Leap over some of the steps that they tell us we need to take. Leap rather than step. Run rather than walk. Those quantum leaps will catapult you through an unbelievable journey that only curtails when you let up. Finally, allow yourself to fly!

Our norm in life is to not miss any steps at all. This method is very slow. It only allows us to move inch by inch. What if you moved foot by foot or five feet at a time? How much, further along, would we be if we broke the normal business rules? What would happen if we missed multiple steps leaping over obstacles? Do not go around them. Leap over them.

Leap and Your Body Will Follow

I dreamt I was on a cliff overlooking the clearest, blueish water I’ve ever seen. Looking down into the water I remember seeing all the fish, bright vibrant colors. Whales of all sizes. Dolphins in the waves as they crashed along the shore. I wanted to jump into the water. As I woke up, I leaped off. Take a quantum leap and your body will follow. Your body follows wherever you lead.

Not Ready, Set, Go

Just Go! Break the norms and just take off. Often, the ready, set, go method prevents quantum leaps. Ready set go is preparing to leap; you may change your mind and return to the normal comfort level. Ready, set, go is a pattern. Quantum leaping is not.

It felt so good, getting up every day knowing that we are going to a job that doesn’t pay enough to survive and that we really don’t like. But you have convinced yourself that you are secure. You know what to expect daily. The pattern rarely changes, unless we take a quantum leap. A quantum leap is not taking another job. If the pay was enough with one job, we wouldn’t have to get another job.

But we get another job. That is the pay raise that we have not received. Now you are exhausted and have no time to live. But we have more money, barely. That was what the multiple jobs we suppose to provide, but it doesn’t. Do the wealthy have multiple jobs? No, they started a business in place of that second job.

What about a good-paying job? In too many cases, when we have one job that pays well, we have zero time to enjoy life. We get two weeks of relaxation and return to the grind. Just enough time to get into the groove of not being at work, then back to work. Most of us do this on repeat for forty years. Then retire with half or less than what we had full-time. Is that your life? Is that the life you really want? Dreamed of? No!

Step out of the Norm

Quantum leaping will feel worse before it feels better. It may not ‘feel’ better for a while because of your outside of your normal. If you don’t break the pattern the pattern will break you.

Don’t try hard, just go, even failure is a success. Why? Because you’ve moved out of your comfort zone. If you searching and feeling uncertain of your next steps. I was there until I found it! No, it’s not thousands of dollars to get started. And yes, it works let me show you in thirty minutes.

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Brenda K. Johnson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

BRENDA K. JOHNSON is a multi-focused retired U.S. Army Officer and businesswoman who has lived and worked internationally in both beautiful and dangerous locations. Brenda grew up in a single-parent home with a business-owning mother. She has volunteered with many veterans and prison reform organizations and currently is a board member for Keystone College in Pennsylvania. Coaching basketball for girls led to establishing a women’s basketball team for a College in Doha, Qatar. Brenda is a writer and motivational speaker.

Brenda K. Johnson is using her years of experience as a military training officer and business owner to write and share her professional heartfelt experiences as a co-author in Intuitive Living. Her chapter entitled “S + S = Success” elevates women leaders, providing them with the tools to achieve their ambitions. As the founder of the Powerful Women Business Academy, Brenda coaches and mentors women empowering women to live their business dreams and contribute to the world by assisting others.

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