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Abstract Philosophy Makes Creating Something Almost Impossible

Written by: Shannon McLaren, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


While amongst Humanity, I witness confusion and a willingness to be victims of circumstances. Most assert little consciousness to what motivates their behaviors or monitor thoughts. In other words, most humans have no idea what they are, their capabilities while in human form, or why they do what they do. Yet, innately, all of Humanity wants to know themselves at the core of who they are. Is this an oxymoron? Yes, and it makes creating the life you want almost impossible.

At a very young age, I remember being aware of having thoughts, and I felt a clear knowing that my thoughts had power. And, I knew something significant in our world was off. While alone, there was complete harmony and flow within me. While with others, adults and children, I experienced their dissatisfaction with life. It's vital to express, yet I feel reluctant to write; those well-meaning loved ones, along with teachers, media, and societal structures, have imprinted their historical pain, thinking processes, judgments, behaviors, and unknown hypocrisy upon each one of us.

Experiencing those around me was polarizing. I found myself driven to discover my happiness at all costs. I went out into the world thinking whatever I did needed to be fun. While it was FUN ~ It was also not sustainable, nor was it a feeling in my heart of joy and happiness that I searched for. I was trying to solve an internal desire with external solutions. Nature doesn't work that way. Nature is a natural balancing mechanism that applies a continuum of polarities like; positive, neutral, and negative or expansion, stillness, and contraction to move matter. I needed to understand that energy is the basis of my being. My subatomic composition is energy; I am a creative energy force.

How do we create constancy when we don't know what we are?

After a lifetime of self-evaluation and embodied energetic experiences, I want the world to know that humans are more than we appear to be.

We are “Creator Beings” aka Human Energy Systems; meaning we are human resonators. Our human form emanates a sound frequency outwardly into what surrounds us and beyond.

  • The human body is made of matter, whose primary function is physiological. The biosphere and physiology then inform the brain.

  • We receive information wirelessly through our anatomy, including the Soul connection.

Let me explain: Energy is constantly flowing through us and informing us via proprioceptive data. Which, according to Oxford is, "a PHYSIOLOGY relating to stimuli that are produced and perceived within an organism, especially those connected with the position and movement of the body." Our organisms then inform our conscious and unconscious brains. Now called our Sixth Sense, proprioception informs us 24/7 through electromagnetic energy, aka the Wireless Anatomy.

Dr. Randolph Stone quoted: "Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms."

The Wireless Anatomy is an electromagnetic frequency that energy information travels on within the Human Energy System (HES) informed by proprioception.

Ask any intuitive: Proprioception is a developed skill that, after practice, one can interpret through the other felt senses and brain. And anyone can learn to do this!

We can unwind and recalibrate our energy at any point during our life because the HES is always co-creating and connected with creationary energy, whether we are aware of it or not. We are a creative energy force within a continuum fluctuating between conscious intention or dissonant fragmentation in every moment. What we think, speak, and our actions are the causal frequency that emerges with other frequencies. It’s effect can be like snapping your fingers and BAM, what you spoke is now manifest in front of you. Or the opposite, dissonant energy that slows space and time and can be a scattered or dense mud-like creative quality. And, be easy with yourself when you feel mad or sad, discordant energy needs to happen. Think of a wildfire that rips through, destroying everything without selection yet leaves the soil ready to be turned for new life once again. The options of manifestation are always yours to consciously build or destroy as both can serve us.

Monitoring your HES is also a foundational tool. As Abraham-Hicks famously quoted: Knowing what you do not want is a launching pad to knowing what you do want. I don't want to be a victim of my circumstances or embedded in someone else's energy and unaware of it. I want to create my destiny. Even if that means being responsible for things I seemingly have no say in, like being adopted.

Instead, I can think I chose my parents. Here is my perspective: As a disembodied intelligence, when I saw the opportunity to come into form, knowing the traumatic obstacles that lay in front of me, still, I said YES! I dove down into the energy field of my soon-to-be birth mother. By creating this story, I am taking responsibility for my experience, I take the proverbial wheel of my life back into my own hands and can drive!

Systemically our life is being created before we are born into form.

Think about it; what came first, Energy or Matter?

I recently was in a yoga class where the teacher apologized, stating her muscles were too tight, and she could not move. She also wanted the class to know that she was doing everything to feel better by taking Advil and receiving a massage. I listened to her, without a logical thought, I felt something was off. Several things were off on the surface.

I was curious about her energy. Wouldn’t a yoga teacher know that it's all about how she is resonating? She spoke about her symptoms, which are the consequences of her energy: taking Advil and receiving a massage. She wasn't talking about what created her symptoms, which is the cause of her surface-level issues of a tight back.

Dr. Stone, the Polarity Therapy Founder, said, "We are what we eat and drink ~ What we feel and what we think."

I lean into consistent energy philosophies. I found by doing so, I am creating constancy in my actions, and the reactions—one with the laws of nature: Cause and Effect. I am always the cause, even when I am affected. My response to everything I experience is vital. Everything in nature starts singularly, and energy moves from the center outward. We are the center of our creationary energy.

"As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison." ― Nelson Mandela

I consider yoga teachers to understand energy; they trained in the Vedic ways of energy movement of the body and Earth cycles. Yet, the teacher was conflicted with the taught theory vs. embodied practice as a foundation and resource for living. Inconsistency is happening everywhere; it's not just those new to Energetic Meta-Sciences. Constancy is lacking in most Religions and Spirituality, and the Agnostics are off as well. Heck, we are all off! Energetic information is evolving quickly now that Meta-science can explain what was once only sensed and handed down through ancient wisdom teachings. Those living consciously in every moment, are constantly discovering new ways to receive, interpret, and communicate what we really are: a Human Energy System.

To ACTIVELY create based upon your intention, one fundamental way to apply your HES is through prayer technology, following the below steps:

  1. Create present awareness within yourself.

  2. Make an active connection by saying; "Hello" to and naming God, Organizing Intelligence, or the Immutable One (whichever name feels best for you).

  3. State your Intention

  4. Share Gratitude for "all that is."

  5. Release knowing "all is done."

We are a free humanity, so free that we can either be a programmed robot following the herd or a conscious and empowered collective. I dream of being out in the world amongst Humanity that freely questions themselves and the constancy of philosophy before they utter a word. To create peace in our world, begin consciously creating your external circumstances; it is our birthright to know ourselves and be free-thinking.

Once Humanity discovers that we are a Human Energy System, they will gladly be responsible for what they feel and experience, knowing it affects their outward behaviors and expressions. Consistent philosophies will emerge, creating more world harmony as we begin a routine of Self-Awareness and Self-evaluation, no matter the situation.


Shannon McLaren, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shannon McLaren is The Mystic Agent, a natural-born Seer, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Integrative Craniosacral Therapist, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner(BCPP), and Educator(RPE) with IPSB @ Life Energy Institute.

This former Playboy model and stockbroker is willing to go ANYWHERE the client needs to in order to get the thing they are looking for in their lives! She offers original self-realization experiences and content, such as The Soul Game, as well as services, and guidance to cultivate simplicity in being. She’s no one’s guru. Shannon’s philosophy is a selfish one on purpose. “Do you,” she says. “Take action to create fluidity. Remain courageous and patient during the waves and disruptions, and then your authentic contribution to the world will emerge from you with ease and grace. Your inspirations will resonate with the right people and the world around you will bend to you.

Everyone can be a Mystic Agent, an Agent of Action guided by their Soul.



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