A Successful Corporate Culture is Getting Everyone on Board – But not Letting Everyone on Board

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

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It seems like everyone is talking about the importance of corporate culture within companies. And I agree, it’s crucial for a company’s capacity to execute and deliver. I would even go so far as to say that it’s the main strategy if you have decided to change the world and create a thriving workplace. In order to implement a distinct corporate culture, you have to get everyone on board, but you cannot let everyone on board, says Claes Knutson, author of the books Challengers! Welcome to the world of Game Changers (2018) and Change Makers and It’s all about the attitude! (2012)

Claes Knutson, founder of TXP

Attitudes are something you have, not something you learn

The idea of excluding someone because they don’t share the common attitudes held by a

company can be provoking. I’m however convinced that if you think in those terms, you’re

not looking to build a company. In fact, you must have a different agenda. If you have decided to grow and change the world you cannot do it on your own or through help from

disbelievers. Of course, I believe that you can change behaviors if you really want to. But

there are so many things that indicate that if you’re not truly convinced and own that certain attitude, it won’t work no matter how hard we try to achieve that genuine change of

behavior. In clarity: if you don’t have the attitudes within yourself naturally, your company

will most likely not reach all the way through.

Find the corporate culture ambassadors

It’s the leader’s responsibility to provide clarity within the framework

To achieve a common corporate culture, it’s crucial that the company – leaders and

management – are crystal clear about what behaviors apply at the company. By being clear and about with this, people will be able to make conscious actions. Do I want to be a part of this journey or not? Answers such as ”Yes, maybe” and ”We’ll see” are not good enough. It’s the leader’s responsibility to provide clarity within the framework, until everyone has found answers to their questions. After that, it is up to the coworkers to make an active choice. When you have reached this point, it is necessary to thank any opponent at the workplace for their interest and wish them good luck somewhere else.

When the corporate culture is embedded, you can accelerate

The culture of a company can be compared to our common sense. That common sense is

required when decisions – large or small – are made by anyone and with a pace that won’t

make you loose speed or focus. If we all share the same commons sense, then there’s

nothing that can keep you from letting anyone make decisions, take control of something

and act without checking with the boss first. If the common sense is well embedded, it even becomes a part of our subconsciousness. At that point, we have created a real strong directed force.

You need clarity in the company’s direction, behaviors and attitudes

In conclusion; in order for the corporate culture to have an effect, you need everyone in the company to sign up for it. If you have opponents within the company, then the force will decrease, and not give you the expected effects. You need clarity in the company’s direction, behaviors and attitudes. Keep the ones who value the same and you will be able to increase the pace and become a real corporate force. The result will be a strong brand that will be clear for customers, for the labor market and for investors.

Claes Knutson

Challenger Guide and Founder of TXP – Tillväxtpartner

At TXP we work with companies that want to challenge, change the world, and grow - Challenger companies. Many companies are very skilled at their business but have difficulties seeing what needs to be done to increase growth. But TXP can help with that. We help the whole organization to find the passion - the direction - and build a corporate culture with self-driven employees. It is a culture that creates tempo, growth and innovation. Together, we create the conditions for you to work more efficiently with your main business. We acquire knowledge from our own and the customer's experiences as well as from studies and research. With us, you get a powerful, competent, passionate, and fruitful collaboration. In short, we want to be your growth partner to help you challenge and grow!



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