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A Journey From Corporate Leadership To Holistic Well-Being – An Interview With Malwi Luczynska

Malwi Luczynska – accredited ICF coach, certified yoga teacher RYTT200 in India, business leader with over 15 years of experience in international business. Founder of SI AMAR – community mobile app empowering women in business. She helps women in business reclaim balance in life and unleash their female power, so that they can start creating life on own terms, being fully and truly their empowered, authentic selves. She takes up the challenge of changing the corporate space, emphasising the importance of female energy in business. Her motto is: LOVE EMPOWERS!

Image photo of Malwi Luczynska

Malwi Luczynska, Coach, Founder of SI AMAR

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better. My name is Malwina – my friends call me Malwi. I am a free soul, a traveler. I love people, and going into the new and the unknown. For over 15 years I have been working in sales, business development, and strategy in international corporations, being based in Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, and CEE, including Poland, where I am originally from. It was my passion for people that led me to change my professional career, to focus more on humans, rather than on the results. This led me to leave my ‘dream job” as a GM in Poland to travel to India for a few months to dive into the ancient culture and philosophy of yog, to marge into stillness and quietness of mind, and to become a certified yog teacher. Yog (yes, it is written correctly, a version of “yoga” is simply Westernized for easier pronunciation) became a very precious part of my daily routine and of my approach to life. It taught me acceptance, focus on the present moment, and trust in the ongoing progress. It led me also to further develop my holistic approach towards physical and mental wellbeing and to start my coaching journey – with accreditation of the International Coaching Federation’s obtained in spring 2023. From the beginning of 2022, I am building my start-up – SI AMAR, which I call “the mission of my soul”. SI AMAR is a response to the challenges we – women face in the business world – lack of time, high pressure, high competition, overachiever syndrome, inner battle “career – relationship/motherhood”, entering the masculine energy of “fighting” for position and recognition. I know what I'm talking about because I experienced all of this myself… I lost balance in life, I was very successful, yet – with almost no life outside of work. It took me quite a time to get out of it, and I realized there must be more women, who struggle with the same.

Since I also experienced intense competition, especially among women and between women, I tried to understand why women in business compete instead of supporting each other. And why do we enter masculine energy? So I decided to speak out about the challenges of women in the business world.

Over the last few years, combining coaching, yoga, meditation, and other tools, I created my signature, holistic approach toward physical and mental well-being. I am taking up the challenge to help other women in business reclaim their balance, and awaken their inner power, feminine energy, and their true potential, so they can start creating and living life on their own terms, being fully and truly their authentic selves. SI AMAR is built on a community where cooperation prevails over competition. It is a mobile application and therefore opens opportunities for women both in and outside cities, giving them a sense of belonging that exists beyond the limitations of time and space.

I want SI AMAR to become a reference for women in the business of building internal well-being in balance and harmony, based on a holistic approach to health and personal development. What is the mission or purpose of your business – SI AMAR?

SI AMAR’s mission and main purpose is to improve the quality of life of women in business and we are here to support ambitious, highly performing women in business to reclaim their balance and inner feminine force, so they can start creating life on own terms, without a fear to jeopardize their career, relationships or home.

As a founder of SI AMAR – I truly believe in the great potential and creation power of women.

I created SI AMAR with the objective of giving every woman in the business world (independent of the country, religion, or social position) an accessible space for self-empowerment. I want to help women in business think bigger and to LOVeMPOWER them. SI AMAR brings to life a holistic approach to connecting body-mind-soul via coaching, mentoring, yoga, access bars, meditation, breathing techniques, and many others. Together with a growing group of female experts, supporting the project with their expertise, we are on a mission to create an online, global community of women supporting and elevating each other, and bringing the message of cooperation, support, togetherness, and humanity to (still) results-oriented corporate world.

How do you differentiate your business from competitors in your industry?

I actually don’t believe in competition. I believe there is space and audience for everyone. Dr. Hawkins – a renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and spiritual teacher, writes about it in one of his books – “Success is for you”. It doesn’t matter how many people do what you do or do similar to you. If what you do comes from the inner need of fulfillment of the higher level (your purpose) – there will be people, whom your message will resonate with, cause this is one of the principles of balance in this world.

So, I am here, following my calling, sharing what is important to me, raising the topic of what (according to me) needs a voice, finding my approaches, and sharing it with others. With whom it’s meant to resonate – it will. With whom not – let it be that way.

My only wish is to reach out to many women, show them authenticity, and empathy, introduce them to methods, tools, and programs, and create a safe space where women can rediscover true sisterhood, where they can reclaim balance, and unlock their true potential.

This is the main purpose and main objective of the SI AMAR app – to improve the quality of life of women in business.

& thankfully – we are limited to neither time nor space, as we operate as a mobile app. Could you share any upcoming plans or developments for your business?

I started SIAMAR beginning of 2022. It is a pretty young business, yet with a solid vision, purpose, and strategy. Currently, we are testing the first version of the app to gain a better knowledge of what resonates with the users most, while compiling it with the profound market research. Currently, SI AMAR app’s content is divided into the chapters: Live Consciously, Ground your Mind, Connect with your Body, Women Inspire Women, and the LIVEs. We are gathering input on their popularity and relevance.

Currently, we are also preparing for the launch of the community chat. We want it to become the heart of the app.. space where women can exchange, collaborate, support, and elevate one another.

January 2024 we will be launching the next edition of the Creatrix program – my 9 weeks-long, signature holistic transformation program, executed also in the SI AMAR app. I am really proud of it and always happy to bring along a group of women on a journey to eliminate outdated, unwanted patterns, discover the potential and power within, and embrace their true selves fully.

The plan for 2024 is to get wider visibility and get more users for the app; involve more female experts to contribute as content creators, enter into partnership with 1-2 corporates, run the pilot programs of “female energy-led business”, prepare for the crowdfunding and investors engagement to contribute to the launch of the next version of the app and to the further expansion of SI AMAR project. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today. It was in 2016, during the personal leadership program I was participating in at my work, while I lived in the Netherlands. During one of the group meetings I heard from the coach who was leading it, that “I am a machine without feelings”.. it froze me to my bones… and swept me off the ground for a few weeks... It was when I realized that I had become a tool for myself to achieve my own business goals; I wanted to prove my worth so much that I completely lost myself… These words from the coach were like a painful wake-up call for me, which started a great transformation, for which, today, I can be only grateful. The consequence of the above was my move back to my country – Poland, after 8 years spent abroad (in Brazil, Portugal, and the Netherlands) and after a few more months – resigning from the position of General Manager and opening myself up to the unknown. From the space of the mind, it was very difficult because the mind wants the comfort of the known. I had a prosperous job in an international company in which I felt like an expert, I had successes, business trips, events, and other company benefits. It wasn't easy to give up all this... And yet my heart was calling to let go of it all, to take a step into the unknown, to not have a plan for the future and call it a plan. And so it happened – I gave up my "dream job" and went on a journey that allowed me to hear my heart and spirit. They directed me to India to delve into the culture, philosophy, and wisdom of the East. It was a beautiful, very enriching time. A time of confrontation and realisation that less is more, that matter does not feed and build our spirit, and that living in balance and in harmony with ourselves and with nature is the essence of existence.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

I would love the business to become more human, driven more by feminine energy.

And this does not exactly mean to be driven by women; cause these 2 are not the same. Very often I see women holding high positions in business organizations and being totally in masculine energy: of competition, goals, KPIs, logic, and mind. My wish and goal is to transform the business to take more care of people, elevate them, and create a nurturing space of collaboration and cooperation.. where female energy can take up space and bring trust, creation, support, vulnerability, humanity, higher purpose, empathy to the business talks and board rooms. I believe business organizations should start asking themselves more often “Why do we do what we do?” “How do we contribute to the wellness and well-being of humans, of the planet? “What more can we do?” These shall be the guiding questions.. not the questions talked on the side of the business, as an add on in the CSR strategies.

I wish women in business could show their true potential – of great emotional intelligence, intuition, strategic thinking, creation and creativity, innovation, and relationship management... and be valued for what they are good at, at the start.. I wish these competencies were seen as a great and necessary ingredient of a healthy, mature, purpose-driven business.

I wish for businesses to not continue the “surface scraping game” of gender equality in terms of statistics and numbers... but rather start focusing on qualitative equality, giving space and light ( not the ladder) for the true potential of women to arise… and give it a voice.

SI AMAR app:

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