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A Change in Perception of Life and Business — An Interview with Ki Gong Champion Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, having entered a competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016, winning the International competition. Peter has run a successful coaching business for many years and has particularly done some amazing work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation. Peter has also worked with schools in his local area, helping people connect with themselves, from grandchild to grandparents. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy, which is his online business, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings. Peter's motto is 'If you don't own your future self, somebody else will!'

You seem to be doing a few different activities for self-development. I must ask this first, what is Ki Gong?

Ki Gong is an ancient eastern energy practice that combines the mind, the body, and the breath altogether. Around the time of the great Greek philosophers, the mind was looked upon as different from your five senses. Before that, all through the ancient cultures, the mind was looked upon as the sixth sense. This is true. Ki Gong is bringing the mind into the body. If you think about it, the mind is a time traveler. While the body is routed in the present, the mind can go to the past, the future, and the present. The mind and body have a natural yearning to be together. In our busy western lifestyles, our mind becomes overstimulated and tends to fly all over the place. The ancient Tibetan monks called this the monkey mind. Ki Gong is all about bringing the mind into the present.

The form I teach is the Korean style, developed by Ilchi Lee so that it is easier for the western mind to incorporate into our busy lives. ‘Ki’ means energy in Korean, and ‘Gong’ is a difficult word to translate, but basically, it means utilizing well or mastering. That means you start to use your energy properly. It sounds simple, but try sitting there quietly and focus on your breath for two minutes. All sorts of thoughts will crop up, and not all necessarily good ones. Ki Gong is like training for both the body and the mind, whereas meditation is training just for the mind. The practice I (coach on) USE incorporates all of these teachings and practices.

I see from your biography that you have been through many changes in your life. Would you like to let us know how your journey began?

I was born Peter Parker and decided to include my middle name, Paul, to distinguish me from Spiderman, especially important when using social media! I am the second youngest of 6 brothers. In Star Trek terms, I would be 5 of 6. My childhood was idyllic. I wanted for nothing. We had family and friends continually in the garden, which had a swimming pool and so many children’s toys. The garden looked like a child’s dream. The garden was always busy in the summers, especially when my cousins visited Southampton, whose family consisted of 9 boys and one girl. I remember those times fondly but did question everything when I was very young. I once asked my mother, why are human beings so mean to each other? She never really gave me a satisfactory answer, but I knew it was not human nature to be so mean to each other at that point. I was quite ill, though, when I was very young. I had been a blue baby and suffered from a terrible cough. My chickenpox was really bad, and I remember being off school for quite a while, which suited me. It meant I could spend more time at home.

This all came to a crashing halt at age 10. My father had a car accident, and he became disabled all down his left side. This put an enormous burden on my mother, who developed gallstones, and she went on to have an operation. The operation did not remove all the gallstones, and the gallstones left in her went cancerous. My mother died when I was eleven. I was sent off to boarding school as my father could not cope. My mother used to love my Beetles mop-top haircut, and so did I. When I was sent to boarding school, they cut all my hair off, and I felt completely abandoned, alone, and in a very hostile place. There were pedophiles active in the school, and the boys were bullied terribly. I wrote letters to my father telling him how bad the school was, and now I realize that not all of them were sent to him. This was my very first experience of deception and censorship, and I knew deep down inside of me that this was wrong. This all came out after I had left the school, and my father could not apologize enough to me for what I had gone through. I did my best to please my father after that. I studied hard and managed to pass quite a few exams in my secondary school. After I left school, my father died. I was nineteen and thrown out into the world in a daze.

One of my elder brothers knew the Director of a local printing firm and found me a job. I did not know what I wanted to do. I was in a haze. I was stressed, anxious, and traumatized. I knew that I did not really want to be a printer. I really loved music. My elder brothers had dabbled in music, and I found it gave me great peace. This gave me focus, and I started to take my music more seriously. I was BADLY let down by the first lead singer of the band I was in (terribly). He acted deceptively again, and this broke my heart. I had now lost my parents and best friend over the course of a few years and was feeling a little desperate.

I went to Bass college to learn the bass guitar and started to build contacts there. I was gregarious and made people feel good about themselves. This was because I was actually my true self. I did not realize that at the time. I started doing live and recorded sessions and also learned the art of sound engineering. (Music was like a massive meditation for me, especially the live performances.) I was blessed enough to play with some top musicians and even made an entry into the Who’s who of British popular music for my endeavors. Those live performances with great musicians on stage who could improvise on the music we were playing, became a huge meditation experience for me. Watching the moment move to the next moment, with the wonderful uncertainty of not knowing what would happen next, was exhilarating and stress relieving. I was in my element.

Unfortunately, the live music scene started to fade, and so did my career. The drinking started, and so did my downfall. I wrote an album called Anahata Earth Echoes, which I managed to find a deal with in New World Music. Unfortunately, on the day of the release, there were free downloads available on certain websites. I knew music was over for me then, and again my heart was broken. All the trauma, stress, and depression from the past came flooding back. What was I going to do next? I had no idea. I had two outer body experiences during my music career period, which made me realize that the mind and the observer are two different elements of our makeup. This fascinated me, and I wanted to know more. Luckily my partner was also interested in finding out more, so I intended to see what I could DISCOVER about the nature of our reality. Many years ago, I remembered speaking with a psychic who said I would find out about our reality's secrets, both good and bad. I did not take her seriously at the time. I do now!

Wow! Peter, that is quite a story. So how did you get involved in coaching meditation, mindfulness, Ki Gong, and sound healing?

We were at a Mind Body Spirit show in London, and my wife wanted to get a Kirlian photograph taken. We both had our pictures taken, and the results were remarkably different. Her photograph was filled with these beautiful golden and red colors, and mine was full of moody blues and purples. One of the people on the stall said that mine was very esoteric and my wife’s picture was very grounded. My wife wanted to see if the readings were correct as she wanted a more esoteric reading. We walked round to a Dahn Yoga stall, where they were doing the same energy photographs, just using the energy of the hands this time. The reading was the same. While she was having her photograph taken, I started talking to one of the Masters at the front of the stall. I spoke openly about my concerns with the world and the direction it was heading in. I said I was angry and was starting to lose my musical career also. She listened closely, never in judgment or showing any alarm to anything I was saying. She said that I would benefit enormously FROM the training they offer. So, we signed up, and it all started for me then. I began the journey of connecting more deeply with my body, and the stress and anxiety started to melt away, almost straight away.

How did you get into teaching?

After a couple of years of training, I became good at the techniques I was learning and started to teach the newer members of the center who were coming in. An opportunity came up to run a class in an elderly community center nearby. My mentor asked me to take that class. I had no contact with elderly people at that time, as my parents had died young and had lost contact with my elderly relatives. With all these thoughts rushing through my head, I said I would do it. So, my first class was looming, and I practiced the class I was going to teach. It was a small class of 5 people. I went through my class at quite a pace but with a joyful heart and the best intentions for the attendees. The class went really well. After about a year, the class went from a humble beginning to being packed out, week after week. At this point, I could see that these older people were the same as me, but just USING an older vehicle (they were using). They could still connect with their own energy and even change to have a better perspective on life. At this point, I realized that this training was so powerful, I wanted to teach it as a profession.

I had turned around a few people’s health and wellbeing while being there. One lady could not open jars anymore because of her arthritis. After training with me for a while, she reported gaining enough strength to open jars again. She also had cancer, and her outlook became more positive and focused through the training. Another lady whose balance was not so great started to fall over less frequently. A man who had suffered from polio was starting to be able to move his shoulder more freely again. Another lady who had a stroke and was disabled down her left side began to move her ankles and wrists again. I was witnessing minor miracles and wanted to grow more with this. I started reaching out to local schools and businesses, where I was getting great results also. It was amazing.

I see that you are a Ki Gong champion. How did that happen?

In 2016, I was part of the British team that went to Korea for the Kookhak Ki Gong international competition. We won the international competition. This was life-changing for me. I was used to the big stage and all the glamour from my music career. That was fun and lively. What was important was one of the meditation days we enjoyed while there. We went into a cave where we were asked to focus on childhood traumas. I thought I had dealt with all my traumas from the past, but I still gave this meditation 100 %. I felt as if I had walked into a time capsule, going through experiences that had caused me trauma and just being the observer, not feeling the pain. I felt my healing had been finished with those incidents. Then came something I had not dealt with. When my father died, I was in a haze. I remember that his estate was split up, and the three youngest boys received nothing from it. The two eldest boys received houses and money to set themselves up in careers. I had not really seen this before and had carried on accepting this as normal. I looked hard at myself and forgave my brothers for what they had done. I realized that holding onto that anger was only hurting me. I walked out of the cave, and my mentor looked at me and asked what happened. I told her the story, and she said that my face looked much younger as I had released all the stress and released anger as stagnant energy from the liver. (It was there in the form of anger.) Now I know that this ancient knowledge has so many truths, and I experienced it first-hand. That threw me deeper into the field with a thirst for knowledge.

You are a meditation coach and Ki Gong instructor. How does sound healing fit into this?

When you realize from the science of cymatics that everything is made up of vibration, you begin to unfold the secrets of our existence. Nicola Tesla said if you want to unlock the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. I had looked at all three of these in my training with Ki Gong as we had used sound to vibrate the body, but I wanted to go deeper. I went on one of Jonathan Goldman’s courses for sound toning. Here I gained a better knowledge of the chakra system, which is our energy body. I could actually vibrate my chakras using my voice using a certain tone. This fascinated me, and I went on to buy tuning forks to heal the chakra system. I started taking on clients and witnessing amazing results. I had not given energy healing much attention at first. It is when it starts to work and you realize there really is something to this. I would clean up people’s energy body using the forks, and they would say that they had never felt so connected and clean. If you do some research on cymatics and waveforms, you will see that the lower the waveform, the longer the peaks and the troughs, and the higher the waveform, the shorter the peaks and troughs. Our chakra system rises in waveforms, where the root is a low frequency, and the crown is a high frequency. Sir Isaac Newton invented the color indigo to work with the modern chakra colors today as the third eye chakra. Red is the root and is dense in frequency, and violet is the crown chakra, a high-frequency color.

Some of the greatest minds of our time have been into the energy system and how it works, and it is only now slowly being accepted by more people (now). When you build up empirical evidence of your own physical, energetic and spiritual bodywork, it puts a whole different perspective on life. You see that every energetic part of our body receives, assimilates, stores, and expresses our energy. If a certain area of the body is energetically under-active, certain traits will be seen. This is also the same if AN energy center is over-active. For instance, if we look at our second chakra, we would say you have deficient energy in that chakra if you are unemotional, self-denying, rigid, or inflexible. If that chakra is excessive, you would show the over emotional traits, have poor boundaries and be overindulgent.

I realize now that everything is in balance when working properly, and when you learn to balance your energy system, your physical life really starts to improve immediately. It really is an incredible existence we have as human beings, and it seems that most people are missing this in their day-to-day life. We have come here to shine, and when we do, we find that priceless gift that is inside all of us.

You mentioned spirituality. What does that actually mean in your interpretation?

When you break the word down, spiritus means breath in Latin. So, to be spiritual is actually connecting with your breath. We are here in the material world to have a material experience. Through my outer body experiences, I see that we can shed all the pain of the material world. It is just energy accumulating around the body that we do not deal with. We have become prisoners to our thoughts and mind. If you think of a Gazelle being chased by a lion in the jungle. For those moments, the Gazelle is petrified. After the danger has passed, the Gazelle goes back to its normal peaceful existence. We as human beings seem to get stuck in the drama, and it seems difficult to break free from it. You can. But you have to work at it. It can be really hard, and you can encounter what some people call the dark night of the soul. You start to see yourself and where you are. In our western world today, many people seem to dread their own company. Learning to love your own company is an enormous step in the right direction. Having that much connection with yourself means you can connect much more deeply with the people around you. That is what a spiritual journey is for me. It is you connecting with yourself. For example, I might say my sense of humor is most active when I am alone because I make myself laugh so much by observing some of the odd things that I do.

What is important to bear in mind here is also the difference in brain capacity. If you look at the evolution of biology and how organisms become more complex, it is actually fascinating. Our brains are receivers and transmitters of information. The biggest difference between the Gazelle and us is that we have a bigger spectrum to receive information because of our brains' size and surface area. The Gazelle does not have that capability. That is not to say that we are more important than the Gazelle because everything has its place and purpose. It simply means we can create infinite possibilities, and the Gazelle is limited in its existence. That is the exciting part of all of this. I see that we have had the age of greed, where the lower chakra system has run rampant across our cultures and civilizations, and now there is a turning point.

Human beings are starting to wake up to their full potential and move the world in the right direction. The green shoots are starting to appear as I see more and more people becoming entrepreneurs and working for themselves. I see more people who want to move from their jobs to something that helps and serves other people, as well as helping themselves. In my practice, we call this Hong Ik, which means what is good for me is good for you too. Even though it does not look like this to many people at this point in time, this is where we are going. I say bring on the change. It is the ones who adapt to the changes who are going to thrive, and the ones holding onto these failing systems are going to fall. It is the way of nature, and we will see this first hand as time passes by.

If someone wants to know more about what you do, how can they get hold of you?

I have created a webinar that shows you the five types of meditation I teach. Meditation used to mean to think deeply about something and was the closest word to describe the eastern practice. But it means far more than that. I have a coaching program that goes through different levels to realize if your chakra system is receiving, assimilating, storing, or expressing too much. This will come up with any problems you have in your life and help you see whether you are using force to achieve what you want or using energy or power. Also, whether your energy is working through you properly, and if you are actually connected to your energy, then your life has amazing synchronicity about it.

These are all steps we take on what we call a spiritual journey. I would say it is a journey that will see you becoming the best version of yourself. No one has the same thoughts, feelings, emotions, and biological makeup, so you should make it your mission to become your best version. Once you go on that journey and really connect with your energy, you have infinite potential. Life will be a feast of discovery, and those ‘aha’ moments will become more and more frequent.

Who wouldn’t want that? You can check out the webinar at this link.

Want to learn more from Peter? Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and visit his website.



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