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7 Steps To Prepare Great Holidays And Keep A Lot Of Energy?

Written by: Katarzyna Dorosz, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Christmas is a fun time for the whole family. But is everyone equally involved in the preparations? It is important to plan all activities – shopping, gifts, packing, decorating the house, and cooking. Phew, we already feel tired just thinking about it.

We know perfectly well that maintaining a high level of energy throughout the day is important for each of us. We are exhausted by situations at work and at home.

Therefore, let's establish a few strategies that will help us master the art of being strong and not wasting energy.

  1. An action plan is important. It is best to write down on a piece of paper and delegate tasks to household members. Schedule everything from when to when it has to be done.

  2. Gifts can be prepared from October and in this way we will have time in December for other activities. And thanks to this, we can buy a gift for everyone according to their interests.

  3. Home decoration can be prepared in a few days.

  4. Let's learn to separate cleaning and decorating the house from our inner order. Let's take care of inner peace and purity of thoughts. For this we can use a walk before Christmas Eve, when everything is already prepared on the table, my son and I went for a 30-minute walk together. We talked about how happy we are, what nice things happened to us this past year.

  5. Schedule time to relax. It can be a moment of mindfulness and contemplation, a relaxing bath or other favorite practices that help restore your inner energy.

  6. Remember that during the holidays it is your smile that is important, not the number of dishes on the table.

  7. And when you take care of home decorations, prepare wonderful dishes, sit in silence and look lovingly at the family, presents under the Christmas tree and feel the joy.

Keep this energy inside you and fill your heart with love. It's your holiday!

Taking care of yourself is the basis for maintaining good energy in every life situation. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

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Katarzyna Dorosz, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Katarzyna Dorosz is a leader in the field of brain performance, mental performance, and improving memory and quality of work.

She is a world-renowned expert for senior and mature individuals who also conducts research on longevity. She is also a lecturer and author of several books.

Katarzyna works with many prestigious American universities about attaining meaningful longevity in Life and how to maintain brain function.

She also supports women around the world through motivational lectures. Her attitude and stubborn pursuit of purpose show how important changes and progress in life are. She is also the author of the TV Show "The Power of Life".

During lectures, she uses the "Educational kinesiology and Emotional intelligence" and developed her own methods of exercises that provide excellent memory, concentration exercises as well as relaxation, and a set of physical exercises to improve the condition (adjusted to the age and flexibility of the body).

In business training, Katarzyna uses the popular Japanese Kaizen method, i.e. a philosophy based on changing lifestyle ‒ an endless process of improving and improving the quality of the company.



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