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7 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Written by: Sara Loureiro, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I’ve always wondered what makes some people so successful when others are just struggling to even make money in their industries. And after being in the online business space for over 6 years now, learning from high level mentors and growing my business to multiple 6 figures a year I’ve come to realize that successful entrepreneurs do 7 things very, very well. Here they are in a nutshell.

1. They Wake Up Early

When we wake up earlier and have an intentional hour before we start our day it helps us to put in the most positive affirmations and visions to start out the day. One of my favourite quotes is what you focus on expands, so when we’re actively getting a head start on positive thoughts in the morning that helps us to expand into more positive thoughts, decisions and actions throughout our day. Successful entrepreneurs do this consistently each in their own unique way.

2. They Don’t Take Failure Personally

Success isn’t about never failing and successful entrepreneurs know this. They actually fail more than someone who is struggling to even make ends meet. The trick is that they understand that any failure, any launch that doesn’t go their way is merely a lesson and extra important information they can use to make their next idea be a massive success. So the next time something doesn’t go your way in business, understand that it’s totally normal to feel rejected, or like nothing is working, from time to time. Instead of wanting to give up, ask yourself what you can learn from it.

3. They’re Eternal Optimists

This is one of the things I love the most about successful entrepreneurs-- they see the glass half full and it makes all of the difference in their decision making processes. Where someone who isn’t an entrepreneur would see a business decision as a massive risk a successful entrepreneur sees the opportunity.

4. They Believe In a Higher Power

This isn’t about following a specific religion or making sure that they do their morning rituals-- believing in a higher power is more about trusting in the fact that things will always work out in their favour. Most successful entrepreneurs believe that it’s not only up to them to produce the results they want to see in their businesses and this helps them to ultimately release control and prevents them from self sabotaging their success.

5. They Don’t Get Consumed by The Mainstream News

Successful entrepreneurs are very careful with what they consume, and this includes what they decide to listen to each and every day. Every single successful entrepreneur I’ve met within the past 6 years of coaching online limits their exposure to mainstream news whether they block it out completely or listen to select media outlets to ensure they’re staying up to date with world news without being consumed with the fear and anxiety that comes with it.

6. They Consider Investments as Opportunities

If a successful entrepreneur wants something, they do it with full trust and faith that it’s right for them. They also view investments as incredible opportunities for growth rather than lean into the fear of things not working out.

7. They Don’t Overwork Themselves

Successful entrepreneurs know how to be productive while also making sure that they rest and recharge when necessary. They don’t work themselves to the ground because they understand that in order to maximize their productivity they must also leave room in their day for creative space, play and self care activities. They also understand that in order to hit the next level in their businesses, leaning on other people-- whether it be mentors, team members or outside agency work-- is essential for the overall growth of their vision and rarely go at it alone.

The good news about all of these habits is that they are acquired and anyone can start implementing them to maximize their results in business. Remember that successful entrepreneurs are also innate leaders and thus intrinsically know that practicing these habits on a daily basis not only helps them and their overall vision but is also helpful to increase the wellbeing of the communities around them.

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Sara Loureiro, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Sara is a Soulful Business Coach who specializes in helping online service-based entrepreneurs sign on higher-paying clients and hit 6-7 figures through a combination of strategic marketing, neurolinguistic programming, and energetic work. After bringing her own business to 6 figures and quitting her 9-5 to move from Toronto to sunny and tropical Nicaragua, she isn't shy about walking the talk and living a freedom-based life. She is the CEO of and has inspired thousands of women all over the world to quit their 9-5s, step into their leadership, and do purpose-driven work while getting paid abundantly for it through her numerous free training, extensive social media presence, and her work as the host of "The Uplevel Your Online Business Show" podcast. Her mission: to inspire women to take up space, make more money and step into their fullest potential.



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