7 Crystals To Support You In Your Business

Written by: Sheila Kadeer, Executive Contributor

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Did you know that you can use crystals in your business?

Mystics and spiritual leaders have been using crystals since the dawn of time. Think about the Egyptians and their amulets and jewelry made of lapis lazuli and turquoise, which they used for protection and good health. The benefits and uses of crystals have been documented in literature dating as far back as ancient China, where crystals were used in traditional medicine.

Apart from being pretty to look at, crystals work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. They work through vibration which can have an effect on our minds and bodies. Some crystals even emit electricity when put under pressure - this is called the Piezoelectric effect and is used in modern technology. Crystals have also become popular in cosmetics.

So could crystals help in business? I think so, and I have been using them for years. These are my top crystals and how I use them in my business.

Black Tourmaline

This one is a must for keeping negativity at bay. It is a strong protective crystal and is said to protect against electromagnetic smog, radiation, and geopathic stress. I keep one by my laptop and printer. To protect your working space, you can place a small piece in each corner of the room. If I am going into any negative situation, I wear a black tourmaline necklace. I do a lot of paranormal investigations, and this is my go-to protection crystal.


I love the joyful energy that citrine has. It is the stone of abundance and helps in wealth creation and keeping hold of your money. I have a small tumblestone of citrine in my purse. It is useful to place in cash tins, registers, and in the wealth corner of your home or business, located in the south-east. It is known as “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone.”

Iron Pyrite

This is known as “Fools Gold’ and is good for success and abundance in business. Place a piece on your desk to energize it, and if you have employees or a retail space, place a piece in a communal area to energize those around. It is also great for fatigue and helps business owners who have been burning the candle at both ends from making any bad decisions due to tiredness. I keep some crystals on my desk, and pyrite is one of them.


This is my favorite stone for aiding in communication. If I have to give a presentation or go live, I wear a turquoise necklace around my throat to help me speak effectively. Need to write a blog or post? This crystal can help with writer’s block. Great for problem-solving, too, and calming nerves before public speaking.


A good luck crystal that encourages change and is great for new businesses. Obstacle in the way - malachite will sort that out. If you are shy, this crystal can help boost your confidence to pick up the phone and make that client call. Your conversation will become so easy, and your anxiety will be a thing of the past. Keep a piece handy on your desk. Make sure it is in a polished, tumbled form as it is toxic.


Need some focus and discipline, then fluorite is a must. It will help you concentrate, get stuff done, and improve your mental abilities. If you have an overactive mind, this can help you think in a clearer way to stay calm in stressful situations and keep your focus on the task at hand. Hold the crystal when you need support.


A beautiful stone for motivation in success in business. It attracts abundance and good luck. It is great for helping you make sales as it promotes drive and determination. It helps you trust yourself and improves your mental abilities. If you want confidence, this stone will give this to you. I have a small piece of this which I hold on sales calls.

I keep a small bowl of assorted tumbled stones on my desk, so I can grab what I need and hold it when I feel called to. I also have crystal jewelry that I wear during the working day. Why not give crystals a try and see how they work for you and your business.

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Sheila Kadeer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sheila Kadeer is an Intuitive Business Coach, Therapist, Author and Teacher. She helps women heal the energetic blocks holding them back from embracing their true gifts and passions so they own their soul’s calling by creating an impactful business that brings them joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Working on the subconscious and energetic blocks using a mix of hypnotherapy, past life regression, future life progression and ancestral healing along with her psychic superpowers she facilitates rapid transformation in her clients.

Her professional background was within Product Marketing in the IT and telecommunications sector and has also been a serving Police Officer and Private Investigator.

She is also the creator and author of The Sensitive Soul Wisdom Cards and co-author of the inspiring Kindle bestseller Born For This! The Journey To Success in Life, Love and Business.

Regularly featured in the media, she was a radio host for A1R Radio and Moonstruck TV as well as appearing on Psychic Today as a celebrity psychic.



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