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6 Must-Try Sports for Adventure Seekers at Canton DeVaud Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland

Written by: Bandana Jain, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are silver linings to these overcast times. The natural world is being given a breather. Tangible examples can be seen across the universe of how nature has rejuvenated itself over the past few months. Agreed, we will take a bit of time to restart our travel ventures. Till then, it won't harm to plan our future escapes and discover places that have received a natural makeover, thanks to the pandemic times. Canton de Vaud, The Lake Geneva region, Switzerland, is one such picturesque location famed for its pristine valleys and snow-covered Alps. Amidst this vast beauty lies some extreme sports for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush. Here are the 6 must-try activities.


Are you seeking a thrill? Time to face the turbulent waters of the rapids of the Rhone River. Get ready to paddle and defy the most intense waves while marveling at the beautiful scenery. Rafting is a thrilling way to get friends together and enjoy a day outside. It also makes for a perfect experience for families with children who enjoy being active.


Experience the unforgettable and fly like a bird over glorious landscape and terrain with a breathtaking paragliding experience. Enjoy tandem paragliding over Lake Geneva and the Vaud Riviera between Montreaux and Villeneuve and be dazzled by the beautiful and varied landscape including the castle of Chillon, it was here that the first world championships of aerobatic paragliding Red Bull vertigo took place.


Experience your first skiing experience at Montreux Riviera Ski School Carte Blanche offers the most personalized skiing experience that exists in Switzerland. The entire experience is arranged, from transport to equipment, to restaurant bookings. The ski instructor is the mountain concierge who takes care of all the details of the skiing holiday. With the exceptional concept of the Carte Blanche service, one has to only choose the resort for the stay and clarify his or her skiing objectives, while all other logistics are taken care of by the professional instructors.


Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) is the largest body of water in both Switzerland and France and is the ideal place for sailing enthusiasts. Not only does it have dramatically pleasing sceneries, but it has some of the cleanest waters in the world. The B’Ol D’Or Mirabeaud is an annual yachting event that takes place in June. Charter a yacht and visit one of the lakes many ports; Port des Eaux-Vives, Porte de Bouveret, Port des Mouettes, Port de Rives and Port de Vidy.


For experienced hikers or beginners, the Vaudois Alps are a walker’s paradise. Grab your backpack and a bottle of water and off you go! With mountain peaks, glaciers, mountain lakes, rivers, and waterfalls providing stunning scenery and charming places to stop for refreshment, fondue or raclette, hiking is an adventure for people of all ages. Some of the best hiking trails are Les Diablerets-Creux de Champ, Le Tour des Muverains, les Chaux-La Verneyre, and the more challenging, Col du Marchairuz.

Hot Air Balloon

Up, up, and away! The Swiss hot air balloon capital- Chateau-d’Oex in the Vaudois Alps plays host to hundreds of hot air balloons each January, and it was from here in 1999 that the Breitling Orbiter set off for the first tour of the world in a hot air balloon. Many different take-off locations are available with a variety of choices such as Adventure flights, Discovery flights and Gourmet flights.

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Bandana Jain, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Bandana Jain is a Dubai based lifestyle and travel journalist for the past two decades. She’s also a passionate lifestyle blogger, photographer and loves pursuing modelling as a hobby. One of the aspects of her journalistic life that she thoroughly enjoys is rubbing shoulders with Bollywood celebrities. Having said this, her community journalist status ensures that she loves interacting with people from different strata of the society. She loves the limelight on stage sometimes as an anchor, whilst on other occasions as a public speaker. When she is not pursuing any of the above, you can find her shopping in Dubai’s famous malls or chilling by the beach with her favorite cup of tea. Travel is her passion, creativity her morale booster and enriching conversations are enough to give her the necessary thrust in life.



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