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5 Ways A Small Biz Can Show Their City Love

While February is the month of love, Concetti exudes it every day; to their clients, the Detroit design community, their trusted vendors, and the local community.

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They practice this love throughout everything they do. In every client they meet, every project they design, and every stride they take, there is a constant, resounding mindset behind it all: Gratitude Attitude. Gratitude Attitude is a philosophy that drives the way Concetti does business. It means showing appreciation for the opportunities afforded to them by their clients that allow them to enhance their community.

Are you a small business owner wondering how to weave Gratitude Attitude into your own business practices?

Concetti has five ways you can show your city love all year long

1. Lead by example

Concetti’s first Gratitude Attitude project took them to Detroit’s Rivertown, where they guided Wayne State University Interior Design students as they presented their design ideas to the homeowner.

The goal was to convert a barren industrial loft space located above Detroit Denim into a light-filled urban oasis. Student Sara Pupa’s concept was ultimately incorporated into the final design and selections.

From nurturing the future generation of interior design professionals to meeting Sara and discovering her ability to layer natural elements, lush textiles, and an abundance of woven patterns, this award-winning project offered a fulfilling, memorable experience for everyone involved.

2. Be an advocate

One of Concetti’s core values is being an advocate for their clients. This commitment extends beyond the human variety, too! As a team made up of dog lovers, This Gratitude Attitude project supported Rebel Dogs Detroit in their mission to aid the epidemic of stray dogs through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

They achieved this by purchasing and hand delivering 40 beds from the Rebel Dogs Detroit Amazon Wish List for dogs at the shelter and prospective foster parents. They also called on their clients and followers to help by purchasing other goodies on the Wish List to assist with their Home for the Holidays initiative.

3. Pay homage

Another Gratitude Attitude project was in collaboration with The Junior League of Detroit, who approached Concetti to be a featured designer in their show house.


Their goal for the space was to pay homage to Detroit’s rich history while showcasing local artisans and modern convenience. Inspired by Detroit’s moniker as the “Paris of the Midwest”, they blended Parisian influence with the existing architecture of the Bingley Fales House.


“What made this project exceptionally special was knowing we were helping The Junior League raise money for Project EAT, which helps create a more food secure community by providing Education, Access, and Tools to those in need.”


4. Give back

When Build Institute launched in 2012, they provided a space for Detroit’s innovative and eclectic entrepreneur community to unite with their peers, provide them with space to network, cross-collaborate, and grow.


However, as the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs evolved, they realized co-working spaces, presentation equipment, corporate events, and a dedicated staff headquarters could unlock new opportunities if offered within their space. So, Concetti collaborated with Build Institute to elevate their brand and transform their Corktown location into a co-working space representative of Detroit’s bright, energetic, and creative entrepreneurial community.


As a graduate of Build’s entrepreneur courses, the partnership also gave Concetti CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson an opportunity to give back to an organization that helped shape her, and in turn, nurture future generations of Detroit entrepreneurs.


5. Get involved

Last but not least, their Gratitude Attitude made its way back to home…literally. Concetti worked with CEO Rachel Nelson to transform her Grosse Pointe Woods bungalow into a space that better reflected her confidence and authenticity.


Once it was complete, Rachel participated in MDC's Designers' Own Home Tour as a philanthropic effort to raise money for Detroit Public TV DPTV and their non-commercial, educational programming. In the televised series, she opened up her home and shared an intimate peek into how a professional interior designer styles her own living quarters.

Want to see more examples of Gratitude Attitude? Check out Concetti’s website and follow them social!



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