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5 Ways You Should Be Acknowledging The Capacity To Love

Written by: Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Our capacity to love is everything. We are all born with the capacity to love. Just like DNA and mitochondria, it is at the core of our energy beings. It is part of our vibrational makeup. It is the framework and the foundation of our soul’s activation which resonates through the dimensions because we are multi-dimensional beings. Love is the sunlight that shines its rays through the aspects of our personality, the roles we take on as human beings, and the actions by which we accomplish.

Love is a catalyst...

Love is the catalyst that stimulates the growth in a child’s personality and it is that same stimulation that the child's physical being needs to grow and respond to. Love is the stimulus that enables us to surpass the boundaries of fear, move through biased perceptions and let go of judgment. Love as a spark inspires and motivates us beyond our self-limitations; it stimulates the courageous person within and teaches us to trust ourselves more. Just like the flower that seeks the brightness of shining light; the vibration of nurturing and love cultivate its growth.

Love shapes

Love is the shaper of youth as it seeks its way through the stages of growth. From seed to the sapling, to the blossom, to the lotus. Love is the recharge and the battery of the sustenance of life. It creates the enthusiasm with which we live. Love guides us and strengthens us. It is with this resolve with love at its foundation, that we find the courage to move through pain, suffering, and the traumas of life. Whether it is the love of family, friends, or the open heart of a stranger, to know we are loved is to find our center while journeying through the adventures of our existence.

Love is energy

Love is the energetic sculptor that shapes the quality of living. All are willing to weather any storm, scenario, or circumstance knowing they are in the line of sight to achieve love as their reward, their victory, or their goal. It is the energy that meets you in all dimensions of the beings that we are. Physical, emotional, perceptual, and spiritual; love is the energy when we shed all the roles that define us. It is the view we see when we reflect on our bare soul, the overwhelming bliss when we realize that at the core of our being, absent of all human definitions, there is nothing but love.

Love is the vision

Love is the vision that drives people to move through relentlessness. Like the Phoenix, love transforms beyond measure to champion the path and the journey through time. It is the expansion in the narrow view, the opener in a sealed can, the pebble that causes ripples in the water, the creator of communities, friendships, and partners; it is the unwavering bond between a parent and a child.

Acknowledge the gift

We have been given the gift of LOVE to express as a basis of our being. It is not just a power we possess; it is a superpower. It is the energy that transcends all negative capacities if you wield it. It’s the key to opening doors, it is the light rays in darkness, it is the stars and planets in the universe that shine through the vastness of our inner world. Our capacity to love stands up for our fellow beings surpassing all anger. Loves expression is the difference between life-giving and life-taking. It can end wars by shifting the course of intentional wrongdoing in its outlook and decisions.

If you understand this, I mean truly comprehend what you have been given as a birthright; why would you ever deny your capacity to share, show, or express your love no matter the circumstance, situation, or rules? There is no justification to deny love. It is the weaponized secret against all evil, wrongdoing, and wrongdoers. It is the healer for all traumas and the healing salve for all wounds. NOW is the time to employ your Super Power. How are you imparting, engaging, and gifting your LOVE?

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Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Enolia shares ancient wisdom to enrich our modern lives. Enolia traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa, Lakota, and Yaqui of north America to the Mapuche of Chile to the Luhya of Kenya, just to name a few. This foundation guided ENOLIA to teach, counsel, heal and empower others to reach their goals. Her 20+ years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence and empowerment coaching. A natural orator, ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base including many facets of energetic medicine, and all of which are focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.



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