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5 Simple Habits To Become A More Positive Thinker

Written by: Dr. Pallavi Vasudha Vishwas, Executive Contributor

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Positive thinking allows you to be a happier, healthier, and more productive version of your current self. Even if your level of optimism is not very high, it can still help you achieve your goals. Positive thinking is a process that you must learn and apply in your everyday life. It can help you increase your satisfaction and happiness in all areas of your life. Positive thinking can also help you be more successful in your life.

While it's easy for someone to tell you to stay positive, it can be extremely difficult to follow through. In times of chaos and challenges, it can be very difficult to see the bright side of things. However, the mental attitude that encourages you to expect positive outcomes in your life is crucial. Positive thinking is more than just being happy or having an optimistic attitude.

It has been shown that by consciously turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, you can add real value to your life and help you develop skills that will benefit you in the long term. The impact of positive thinking on your work, life, and health is tremendous and has been shown to open your mind to more possibilities.

When you incorporate these five simple habits into your daily lifestyle, you can see massive changes in your ability to stay focused with a positive attitude and find true happiness.

Expect your plans to work. Positive thinkers tend to assume that their plans will work, no matter what challenges they face. In times of struggle, you must remain strong and persevere to achieve your goals. People with positive thinking will always find a way to overcome obstacles and find the right solution to their problems.

Don't stop at failure. Unfortunately, failure is inevitable. Without it, there would be no success. You get stuck or stagnant when you experience failure. If you think positively, you won't let yourself down. When they fall, positive thinkers pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and keep doing what they need to do to be successful. They don't allow the mistakes they experience in their life to influence them personally. They recognize when to slow down and need strength, but they never stop moving forward.

Keep busy. Successful people with a positive attitude don't just sit around doing nothing. They always strive to remain productive and useful, not only to themselves but also to their communities and society. Don't sit around and wait for life to happen. Positive thinkers take the initiative and take action to ensure they are always moving towards their goals. They don't let external factors like the opinions of others bring them down and make them unproductive. They don't let negative people influence them to become unproductive, lazy, or ineffective.

Let go of the past. Living in the past prevents you from enjoying the present. Positive people don't get stuck and do not dwell in the past. To turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you need to fill your mind with all the possibilities at your disposal instead of wallowing in the painful memories that are holding you back. You must free yourself from the past so that you can fully immerse yourself in the present and prepare for the future.

Live in the Now. Positive people make a conscious choice to live in the present. They are fully aware that they are in the present, so they choose to live there. They are grateful for the present and enjoy creating new memories. They are fully aware that no one can see what the future will bring and that the only thing they can really do is to be prepared when it comes. They find that the happiness they experience is always in achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

Changing the way you think and learning how to be a positive thinker can help you be more successful and ultimately become a happier person. If you tend to have a negative attitude, don't expect to become a positive thinker overnight. A lot of practice makes it possible, and positive thinking is something anyone can achieve with the right determination.

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Dr. Pallavi Vasudha Vishwas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Pallavi Vasudha Vishwas, Harmony Happiness Coach and Founder of HappyHarmony, inspires and empowers busy, ambitious, working women to manage stress effectively and integrate work-life successfully to pilot their flight of happiness with self-belief and confidence.

Pallavi is a highly sought-after Harmony Happiness Coach, a Work-life Balance Expert, an inspiring speaker, a passionate Soft Skills Trainer, a motivated Educator, an enriched Telecom Engineer, a poetess, an aspiring Author, and a nature lover. Pallavi holds a Ph.D. in her expertise in Work-life Balance amongst working women.

Stress levels of working women are quite high due to managing work-life, and constantly multitasking can be very challenging and taxing on their body and mind.

Pallavi specializes in helping working women manage stress with a smile and design a happy work-life harmony in a matter of months rather than years so that they can live purposeful and joy-filled lives.

After 16 successful years in the Telecom industry and Education field, Pallavi found herself more passionate about coaching individuals to carve their own Happiness journey. Her passion is empowering individuals to discover their self-worth, unlock their unique potential, find true happiness, and live a life they love living. She has always been passionate about helping others and has touched hundreds of lives to lead a happy life.

Pallavi has been awarded by a highly prestigious club, The Indian Achievers Club, in the category “50 under 50”, the Indian Achiever for the year 2020.

Pallavi offers coaching, individual services, group programs, seminars, and workshops.

Her motto is: Be Happy and live in Harmony.


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