5 Secrets to Planning Your Week

Written by: Holly Irwin, Executive Contributor

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Most of us tend to go through the motions, week by dreary week, waiting for our Fridays to come and dreading Sunday nights and even worse, Monday mornings. Feeling as though the coffee pot needs a clone in the bedroom and another in your workspace. I know how that feels, I’ve been there too. When I became my own boss, I saw what I was truly missing when I was forced to hold myself accountable for my work and my daily actions.

That’s when I truly thought about how every single day adds up to months and years similar to coins adding up to dollars over months and years of saving. That is why I created these 5 secrets I wish I had known when planning my weeks ahead of time.

Secret #1: Know your priorities

I can’t stress this one enough because I felt as though I was doing mindless work just simply to stay busy and productive. I didn’t realize I was doing these things that weren’t making me money, creating more free time for myself, nor was I doing anything to have fun with family and friends. It was simply just mindless business that wasn’t truly valuable or important.

Every Sunday, I began making myself a list of priorities I knew I had to get done for that particular week and reflecting on the week before. I called this my Sunday Intentions and Reflections list.

Secret #2: Time block everything

I know it sounds overwhelming and uptight, but I have never felt more in control than when I schedule things out effectively. I typically make room for rest times to prevent burnouts or grab a snack/meal or just even to take some fresh air. My schedule and time blocking usually hold space for mess-ups or things to go off schedule. For instance, if I go to the gym or am on a call with a client, I always add about 10 minutes in case I get caught up in talking or there is traffic or anything else that may be unexpected.

Secret number #3: Always make room for fun!

This was crucial in my life because I was very stressed with my work schedule, being very disciplined but not having any sort of fun and thinking I had to sacrifice friends, social life, and wine. This does not have to be true for you, your work, or your social life. I make it a priority to add something fun to my Sunday Intentions list even if it is small. It is a must and a complete game-changer for your life. After all, life does not have to be so serious all the time, we can have fun AND get to all of our goals and visions for the future.

Secret #4: Have a clear vision and goal for yourself

Often I hear people say “make it obtainable,” but I say that is trash advice. Here is the truth, make it scary, fun, and exciting; make sure this thing, whatever it may be, lights you up from the inside out, and lastly, create that goal for yourself. Do not settle for anything less than that. You deserve everything in this world and your coach, Holl will not allow you to play small or create some average, mediocre life, so don’t. You have to know you deserve better.

Secret #5: Make dates in advance

In addition to whatever that big/ super clear goal or vision is for you, add a date along with it. That is what will make it real, scary, and exciting for you. Ask yourself, when can I obtain this goal? What small steps and actions can I take to get to this particular goal? When should I have these smaller steps done by? Remember in high school when we were given a deadline for something, and usually it got done the week the project was due? Well, similarly, when we add dates to goals and steps to get to our goals, we turn into magical unicorns that get things done and don’t procrastinate as much as we would if we didn’t have a date set up.

I hope this article helped you plan out your week and your life today, like the boss I know you are. If getting to your goals is something that you struggle with, I would love to help you obtain the life I know you can and will obtain. It is my calling in life to help you. I challenge you today to reach out to me if you are someone who is committed to taking action on their life. Until next time, your fav goals coach,


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Holly Irwin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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