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4 Ways to use Your Personality to Seal the Deal

Written by: Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Want to be a master at selling or speaking confidently with your personality in mind instead of faking until you make it? Tired of the same speech cycle when selling anything?


Mindset is the first ingredient to success! When there is a limited belief system activated, one cannot move forward in the building stage of any business. Selling is an adventure, and it takes perseverance and persistence. None of these things can happen if the mindset has limitations.

The goal is to sell the Prize without the strive. Eliminate the boring old way of selling and start being you and seal the deal!

Here are 4 practical tips to help you make it happen but with your own knack for it!

  • Be You Discovery. The importance of knowing who you are and taking the time to discover that! We are all unique, and our confidence to prospect or sell anything starts with knowing WHO you are and accepting it without being sorry!

  • Speak Like A Champion. Firm speeches create power and influence! Practice what to say and WHY it matters to the audience.

  • Heart Connections. People can detect if you are being a bot! You are a human being with a human heart. Learn to offer your service or product with the end goal of serving the customer's needs. There is a sense of satisfaction when you have offered something to a client that makes him/her life better or organization better! Making the connection to their mission/vision provides a more human approach. Throw away the scripts of words that are meaningless to the client!

  • Invite The Team. Try your best to approach the "dream solution" to a Team of Stakeholders! The more, the merrier, literally! More buy-in equals closed deals!

No longer is this about spiels that don’t allow the customer time to take anything in, selling based on a lower price, or myriads of other ‘techniques’ that salespeople have been using so far. It is now about authenticity and making a sale while being genuine.

Based on the new book by Paula Orezi, “Using Your Personality To Seal the Deal.”

Check out what's inside the Paula-O store on their website or email directly at for more info.


Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Paula Orezi is the author of a motivational poetry book, From Me to You, and co-author of the 1 International Best Selling book, Experts & Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition. She has a passion for helping people be inspired to change, creating a positive and win-win outcome. Her experience includes mentoring others and leadership development.

Paula's life motto is to be a Change Agent in everything she does. Her messages are for business-minded professionals or anyone wishing to start their own business and need help to overcome mindset beliefs, organize, and conduct sales through relationship-building. These are the ingredients that she believes others can benefit from to see results.

Her why is to help people overcome destructive patterns regarding thinking habits and daily investment habits. Paula has been featured in podcasts that encourage others to live with purpose and dream big! The creation of the Paula O! Store was founded on the concept of Be You! She has impacted many with her branded products that stand for the mission of empowering others to be themselves and find their life’s calling in an adventurous way.



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