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4 Tips For Self-Care Every Leader Should Practice

Written by: Jennifer Sharp, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Sitting on an aeroplane for the first time in 2 years, I felt exhilarated, excited, and a little nervous. It was like I was so ready for adventure again but daunted at the thought of it. Business can be a little like that. Constantly waiting in anticipation for a green light, whilst the orange one takes so long to change.

Watching the flight attendant explain and demonstrate what we need to do in case of emergency, I thought about how we, as business owners, need to put our oxygen masks on first before we can support others. Quite often though, we overlook this as leaders, especially during those times when the intensity rises. Overwhelm takes over and we forget to put that mask on.

It’s important that we commit to self-care, physically, emotionally, and mentally. We need to show our team what this commitment looks like and how it begins by looking within.

Here are 4 tips I commit to for self-care that I try to model each day to my team.

  1. Self-awareness Each day I endeavour to learn something new about myself and someone in my team. This challenge leads to a higher level of purpose for all. To find out something new about myself I simply ask for feedback about something I may have done – what was great about it and what I need to improve. This could be anything from how I have presented myself to how welcoming I was, both verbal and non-verbal, if given an alternative viewpoint and how open I may have been to a new idea that wasn’t mine. This challenge helps me to align more with my values and increases my productivity.

  2. Boundaries Are A Must Boundaries for me are one hundred percent nonnegotiable acts of self-care. They are there for a reason. I know my limits and those of my team. We are all very direct in stating them so there is never any stepping over the mark for any of us, even in times of crisis. By being clear with our boundaries we are continually defining how we manage our own stresses whilst being mindful of those around us. This, in turn, creates a continuously healthy environment for all.

  3. Healthy Habits – Mind and Body Are you in tune with your body? Most of the time I think we are, however, when those stressful moments kick in, who reaches for an apple or chocolate? Who reaches for a glass of water or the sixth cup of coffee? Who goes outside to take a breath of air or who sits with arms folded in despair? Adopting good habits in both mind and body makes such a difference to not only your overall performance but how you interact with others. Do the chocolate and coffee help clear your mind so you can deal with a situation better? Practice daily habits that are doable for all the team. Take breaks, stretch, go for a walk, and rest. Designate times throughout the day to disconnect from all technology and when it becomes after hours, switch it off. Do what you need to clear your mind – paint, garden, basketweave – whatever it takes. If you bring joy into your own life this will reflect on your team and leadership skills.

  4. Be Present Holding a leadership role doesn’t mean you have to be there for everyone and that you need to solve everyone’s problems. This is far from empowering and if you are wanting to create impact it's highly unlikely not going to happen. Strategize. Control what you do in a day. Keep those boundaries and healthy mindsets in check. Be realistic. If you stop putting pressure on yourself, you are not pressurizing your staff. You are being present for them and they are for you. Check-in with each other. Give support when and where it is needed. We all need this at times. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Change as it is needed. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities. Keep the oxygen mask ready at the helm for anyone who might need it.

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Jennifer Sharp, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jennifer Sharp is a leader in the publishing industry, having founded an award-winning publishing press. She has assisted many with telling their success stories globally, whether it be in business or life. She has created coaching and mentoring programs that develop the writer's confidence in themselves and strategies that help them stay confident within themselves in all areas of their lives authentically.

She is the founder of Daisy Lane Publishing, Soul Essence International Press, and Breakthrough:6 Steps to Successfully Publish Your Story coaching program. Jennifer is on a mission to support as many as she can with living their life fully with positive intentions and to assist them with publishing their story along the way. Jennifer is passionate about bringing to life stories that show how women and men have risen above the naysayers in leadership and everyday life to be who they are today, having stepped up regardless of obstacles to pave the way forward for others, whilst working from their soul and heart space.

Jennifer is also a multi published author having published 5-star children’s books, romance, self-help, and a guide to successful authorship book. When not at her desk she is often found with coffee in hand, cat on knee or with her besties on the beach.



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