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4 Reasons Why Writing A Book Is The Best Way To Uplevel Your Business

Written by: Dallas Woodburn, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Do you dream of writing a book one day?

Maybe you’ve lost count of the number of people who have told you, “That would make a great book!”

Maybe writing a book is on your “bucket list.”

Maybe you promised yourself 2019 would be the year you became an author… and then you said you would definitely write your book in 2020… and now here we are in 2022 and you are no closer than before.

It’s okay. I get it. Give yourself a little grace.

You are a busy entrepreneur.

You have so many other ideas to pursue in your business.

So many other urgent tasks.

So many other dreams to accomplish before devoting time to writing your book.

But what if I told you… Do you have the order all wrong?

The truth is, writing your book and becoming an author is the best, quickest way to fast-track all the other big dreams for your life and your business.

As an author and book coach with more than two decades of experience, I have witnessed this time and time again with my clients, my colleagues, and in my own life.

Writing a book is the best way to manifest all your other big, beautiful dreams.

Dreams of skyrocketing your business growth.

Dreams of becoming an in-demand keynote speaker.

Dreams of reaching a wider audience and having a lasting impact.

For clients who have worked with me to write their book, it is amazing to see all the other opportunities that flood in once PUBLISHED AUTHOR is on their resume.

Why? Here are 4 reasons why writing your book is the best investment you can make in your business:

1. Becoming an author sets you apart as an expert. With “published author” on your resume – or, for many of my clients, “best-selling author” or “award-winning author” – people see you in a different light. You get invited to be on panels and guest on podcasts and speak at summits. You get asked for your opinion for news articles. People come across your book when searching for resources in your field. Doors open that were previously shut tight.

One of my clients signed a $20k speaking gig shortly after her book came out. Why? She is amazing and worked really hard for her dream of being a speaker! But also because all of a sudden now she was an author. When she applied for speaking opportunities that had been brick walls before, now suddenly she was seen as a thought leader and expert. All because she finally wrote her book.

2. Writing your book brings you new clients and a wider audience. Every person who reads your book comes away feeling like they have just spent time with you. Your voice on the page draws them in like a new friend. They learn your story. They are struck by your insight. It is only natural for them to fall in love with you and want to work with you in a deeper capacity. Many clients have told me about a new client who approached them after reading their book. They didn’t even have to do a sales call. Their book made the sale for them!

You have no idea the ripples your book will create. You have no idea the people it will reach – today, tomorrow, a year from now, five years from now. Unlike a blog post or social media reel or magazine article, a book lives on and on. Your book is like a message in a bottle that you are sending out into the world, and who knows what distant shores it will reach.

3. Writing your book gives you massive clarity. This is one reason why I encourage people to write their books themselves, rather than hire a ghostwriter. If you try to hire out your book-writing journey, you miss the transformation inherent in the process.

When you are writing and editing your book, you are not just stringing together words to reach readers. You are also doing the deep inner work of reflecting on your message and legacy, on what is important to you, on what you believe and what lessons you have learned in your life. You get massive clarity on your business, inspiration for new offers, and a ton of insight about your WHY for doing what you do.

Many of my clients have created entirely new programs and incredible shifts to their businesses because of the bigger picture they were able to see through the process of writing their books.

4. When you become an author, you embody a new level of confidence that no one can take away. I’m not gonna lie – writing a book is a challenging journey! I like to compare it to running a marathon. There will be plenty of ups and downs (which is why it is so important to have a book coach or a support system to keep you going!)

At the end of the book-writing marathon, your confidence soars because you really did it. You kept your promise to yourself. Millions of people say they want to write a book one day, but you have become one of the few who actually succeeded.

I always tell my clients, “You will not be the same person at the end of your book as you are on page 1.” And it’s true for every single person I have walked through this journey with. I can see and hear the difference in my clients’ voices, postures, their whole demeanors. They become even more magnetic, high-vibe and self-assured. They know a crucial part of their legacy has been birthed into the world. There are no limits to what they can accomplish next!

So instead of telling yourself, “My book will come after I hit this level of success [insert your big dream here!]” … what about deciding to take the leap and write your book NOW?

Writing your book is the best way to get you TO that level of success you crave.

What is your big dream? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Looking for guidance during the writing and publishing process? Let’s chat!

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Dallas Woodburn, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dallas Woodburn is passionate about helping entrepreneurs write and publish books to grow their businesses, unlock expert status, and leverage new opportunities. She is the author of six books, both traditionally published and self-published, and editor of two national anthologies. She has also written for dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites, and 30+ books in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series. Her latest novel "The Best Week That Never Happened" was a 1 New Release on Amazon, an Apple Books bestseller and Gold Medal Winner of the Living Now Book Awards. Her clients hail from all around the globe and have won numerous book awards, become successful keynote speakers, launched new businesses, and more. Dallas received her BA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California, her Master’s degree in Fiction Writing from Purdue University, and was a John Steinbeck Fellow in Creative Writing at San Jose State University. When she's not busy coaching or writing, she hosts the popular podcast Overflowing Bookshelves and leads the Book Breakthrough Community on Facebook.



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