3 Simple Steps to End Your 2020

Written by: Jacqueline Walters, Executive Contributor

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Everyone will agree that 2020 was the most difficult and life-shifting year we have ever seen! Most people struggled through it, while others took the opportunity to allow 2020 to wake them up to what's really going on in our world and their own true inner power.

As we near the end of 2020 and step into 2021, I want to offer some simple advice on how you can navigate the shift from one seemingly impossible year to whatever lies ahead for us.

Step One: Reflect

Take some time to acknowledge all and everything you went through this year. Don't compare yourself to others or those who maybe had it WAY worse than you. The guilt doesn't help anyone or anything at all... it's just a waste of time and energy. So drop the guilt and really focus on reflecting on your own experiences over the year, regardless of how anyone else moved through 2020.

My advice is to find time in your schedule to sit down and put pen to paper. Journal freely all about your reflection on the past year. Don't give yourself any guidelines or structure. Write whatever comes to mind and then reflect on what you've written without judgment.

Step Two: Evaluate

Now that you've taken time to reflect and journal. Take a look at everything that came up. Take a few deep breaths and really FEEL whatever comes up. Check-in with your body, be quiet, and see if you can hear what your body is trying to tell you about everything you've been through.

Then evaluate based on what comes up. What is truly REAL, and what did you just create in your mind that really has no place anymore. How can you (without bias) evaluate what you went through in 2020? Can you see it for what it truly is? Can you begin to see what should stay and what should go that isn't serving you anymore?

This isn't always easy to do, but the practice of tapping into your body and really feeling what it means to you is very simple.

Step Three: Decide

It's really very simple now that you have taken time to reflect and evaluate this past year. You now get to decide!

What does 2021 look like for YOU?

Don't kid yourself. You always have the power to decide your future. So don't play victim to your past year- we've all done enough of that this year I'm sure. Now is the time to really decide for yourself how 2021 and your path unfolds.

Go back to your journal. Skim through your reflection, remember how you felt when you evaluated everything, and now be quiet.

Wait to hear from your soul what it TRULY wants….and journal all about that!

Stay positive and in your own NOW. And write whatever comes to your mind and heart for how 2021 will play out for you.

Again, none of this is easy to do. It takes a lot of courage and self-discipline to take yourself through a self-reflection journey. But I promise you, all these practices are SIMPLE and leave you energized and focused on tackling 2021 head-on!

Remember, energy flows where focus goes. So what are YOU choosing to focus on in 2021???

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Jacqueline Walters, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jacqueline is an Intuitive Health & Weight Loss Coach with entrepreneurship in her blood. From the start, Jacqueline focused on building a professional career in the commercial recreation and fitness industry. Ironically, while struggling to balance being a new mom and her career, Jacqueline realized her own physical and mental health had taken a back seat. The effects were damaging, and she could see the negative impacts on her two young daughters. It was then she decided to wake up and take control of her health. After finding weight loss & weight maintenance success through creating unique systems, concepts, and tools along her own health journey, she is now on the mission to share and serve humanity through her intuitive approach and personalized methods. Her passion is helping overwhelmed and stressed out busy entrepreneurial moms, just like herself.



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