3 Secrets to be Empowered at Festivity Times

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Written by: Yogesh Osher, Executive Contributor

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Approaching the year's festivity period or the ‘silly season,’ I want to give you "Three Secret Keys" on how to cruise your way through this fun/challenging time while being and becoming even more empowered.

I want to help you overcome the more than common problems that most people face with this time.

Just to have a perspective, this ‘fun’ time of the year is also typically when suicide rates go up, and depression or anxiety kicks in too.

So do these 3 secrets, make sure to thrive, and don't get bogged again in this time's typical familiar traps.

If you keep at heart these 3 things that I will share, your whole festivity experience will be one of empowerment and joy.

Let’s dive in!

Secret No One:

Balance — The overcoming of old triggers.

This secret is the key to NOT getting stuck in the old triggers. So, how to do it?

Firstly, you need to know what are the old triggers. Then by looking deeply into them, you’ll find the core idea or thought that is so painful and triggers the reaction.

When you find that out, you’ll be a third of the way out from the trap. The second third is asking yourself, "Do I want to go there again?" And here is exactly where your new choice is born!

Take your answer and turn this energy into your ability to see, feel, know and accept your emotional action while not reacting and choosing to act (step 3) differently this time!

Let your choice come from your freedom of being who you are, being in your body in your embodied sense of self.

Secret No Two:

Boundaries — The self-protection method.

When we know that certain things, or behaviors, or activities, or foods, or drinks, etc., are not good for us, we need to say NO. This is a very positive capacity!

This may even be true for some conversations or interactions that we know produce only pain and suffering or regrets. It may also certainly be true to thinking patterns like excessive worry, or constant blame, or self-criticizing, for example.

Changing these things can change your whole way of experiencing relationships and life!

The power of NO is critical. Because without NO, there is no true YES.

Learn to say no, and see how more respect and more appreciation comes your way.

It's true that there may be some challenges to your new NO, but it will help you cement your choice and become clearer on who you are, even in the face of resistance or challenge.

Secret No Three:

Maturity — The ability to self soothe.

The main difference between children to adults is that children have the constant external support of their caretakers while adults have the constant support of their inner self-care. Or, in other words, self-care.

As long as we really or expect or even wish for that constant external support, we still have a childish approach.

That doesn’t mean that we can't be loved or helped by parents or others, but it means that the attitude is more of a mature one to this support. It's not a dependency that disempowered me but gratitude that fulfills me. And the only way to achieve this fulfillment (note it is not pride) is with the ability and attitude of SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE.

In short, this secret is to learn how to be the parental figure for yourself. Yes, very empowering, very practical, sounds funny, but it actually works!

I have seen lives transformed with this secret alone!

I wish you a great festivity period and hope you will be the most empowered version of yourself throughout this period!

To your empowered success!

Yogesh Osher.

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Yogesh Osher, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Yogesh Osher holds a Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy. He is a highly skilled Gestalt therapist and group facilitator, a certified Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, and a Detox Practitioner (Dip. Natural Therapeutics). He is the founder of Living Total Wellness and a co-founder in the global naturopathic movement of Natural Yogic Treatments. In the past two decades, he has been studying, practicing, and teaching Zen, Tantra Yoga Meditation, Gestalt Therapy, and Functional Medicine. His life purpose is true wellness. Engaging a synergetic synthesis of east and west and drawing on methodologies, practices, and systems that bring real results. He currently offers online wellness programs integrating personal growth with detoxification and lifestyle changes. He brings a spiritual outlook to promote lasting transformations in the life of his clients. Using the gestalt process, self-empowerment, and practical wellness, Yogesh promotes a heartfelt integration and elevation of life as a whole.



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