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3 Nervous System Hacks to Reclaim Your Calm, Focus, and Inspiration

Written by: Kate Laviolette, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Would you let your business operations go haywire? No. Of course, you wouldn’t! So why let stress hijack your nervous system and mindset?

Let’s face it, being stressed is good for no one, especially entrepreneurs that want to attract the right clients, need to support themselves, and have invested greatly in their businesses. If you want to maximize your efforts, attract clients more consistently, enhance your overall sense of well-being, sleep better, become more productive, and have more energy, you have to start taking care of yourself as well as you take care of your business and those you love.

If you’re not taking care of either of these aspects of life, ask yourself if you’re ready to stop sabotaging yourself and if you say YES, set up a consultation with me to get out of the hole you’re in.

But no matter what, don’t worry if you don’t have self-care habits established yet.

These three hacks will start to teach you how to take control on the spot, keep your cortisol levels low, and your confidence high.

1. Get your superman on... sort of.

Research by Amy Cuddy and Dana Carney of Harvard and Berkeley, respectively, have shown that there are a few body positions called power poses. These plummet your cortisol levels and increase your testosterone levels, helping you feel and be more confident. These postures are open postures that take up a lot of space, like arms overhead or on the hips, legs wider than hip-width apart, chest open, and head held high.

If you feel those stress levels go up, just hold one of these open stances for two minutes, and you’ll start feeling and functioning with a more level head.

2. Explore box breathing.

This technique uses equal counts for your inhale, a hold, your exhale, and another hold. It helps to stimulate your vagus nerve’s parasympathetic function to help bring a sense of calm, normalized blood flow, decreases stress hormones, and reduces the ill effects of stress on the body and mind. It has been linked to more focus, clarity, and improved energy levels, resulting in you being a better entrepreneur and individual.

3. Get grounded.

Earthing is something we as humans have to do for our health and wellbeing. We are not designed to be around as much electromagnetic activity as we have in our daily lives from our phones, computers, wifi, and other technology. When you’re in contact with the Earth’s surface or the flora it supports, your body gets rid of the excess micro voltages that get stored up and create damage over time.

From grounding, your circulation increases, inflammation decreases, and your nervous system starts to calm down and focus on restorative activities aiding in healing, memory retention, cognitive sharpness, and decreased pain.

Not into going outside? Check out Bio-Energy Products for grounding sheets, mousepads, desk mats, bands, and more. They help you work it into your busy and potentially tech-heavy day to allow you to feel confident you’re supporting your overall nervous system health and function.

Try incorporating some of the methods into your life to start seeing big results. Unsure about starting these methods on your own or ready to receive some extra guidance and accountability?

Join my Online Nervous System Management Program or contact me for a consultation to see what accountability and support opportunities work best for you to keep your stress in check and help you and your businesses thrive.

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Kate Laviolette, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kate Laviolette is an entrepreneur herself and an international movement and lifestyle coach who swiftly takes clients to their next level of growth, health, and wealth. After overcoming debilitating neurological and spinal conditions with an integrative lifestyle, she combines her research background with holistic training to teach you the science and most efficient practices behind healing and creating a limitless life. Kate provides a powerful and safe space to help you step up to the next level of your growth and performance at work and home. Set up a consultation or work with Kate through Live Beyond Limit, her movement and lifestyle studio with a unique and talented team of professionals offering classes, coaching, and certifications to people in person, online, and through retreats.



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