3 Indicators That You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Written by: Elle Hari, Executive Contributor

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Several years ago, after what any objective outsider would consider to have been a mere 6 weeks-long fling had come to a screeching halt, I realized pretty quickly that something very unusual had happened to me. Heartbreak didn’t begin to describe what I was experiencing.

I was in the depths of despair. The worst grief I had ever felt yet no one had died. Day after day, the most I could manage after getting out of bed in the morning was to lay in a miserable heap on my bedroom floor, feeling hollow and empty as ice-cold tears streamed incessantly down my face.

My responsibilities as a single mom and owner of a law practice had, for the most part, been relegated to the discard pile – to say nothing of any joy I had previously extracted from either of those roles.

To say that the level of pain I felt - considering the experience I had endured - was “over the top” would be the understatement of the century. But that wasn’t the worst part.

On the flip side of the pain emerged a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. I couldn’t stop fixating on the very person who, I had thought at the time, was at least partially responsible for my current unfortunate state.

“Fixated” actually might be an understatement, as well.

Full disclosure: I was obsessed.

Psycho. A creeper. Stalking this person (and everyone he knew) on social media had become my only reason for living. I would while the hours away making my rounds to each of his accounts, refreshing the pages constantly…living, breathing for any updates that would give me some kind of glimpse into his life.

Definitely not my finest moments.

After a marriage (and subsequent 2-year contentious divorce) as well as numerous other relationships and flings, I never had a problem moving on from anyone. Most of the time, I was the one who initiated the endings. But even when I wasn’t, I would just roll with punches.

So, who was this obsessed lunatic that I had become?

I didn’t recognize myself anymore, and that freaked the hell out of me.

The saving grace in all of this was that I was able to realize that there was something taking place within myself that went beyond the ending of this short fling. And something (I would later learn it was my soul) led me to look for the answer to what was happening to me in the spiritual arena.

That’s when my teacher appeared who saved my life and taught me about twin flames.

You see, this person who I couldn’t seem to get over and move on from…this person who took up permanent residence in my mind, haunting my dreams…was my twin flame.

And I was in the throes of a twin flame journey.

Twin flames possess a romantic connotation. But, while it may start out that way, romance isn’t the biggest indicator that one has met their twin flame. Romance can be experienced with any soul mate.

The twin flame is not a soul mate. A soul mate, by definition, is a mate (or friend) of your soul. In other words, it’s another soul that your soul resonates with on some level. Soul mates come in all forms…lovers, friends, family members, and even animals. Anything with a soul that comes into your life resonates with your soul to some degree and is a soul mate to some degree.

The twin flame is not a soul mate. A soul mate, by definition, is a mate (or friend) of your soul. In other words, it’s another soul that your soul resonates with on some level. Soul mates come in all forms…lovers, friends, family members and even animals. Anything with a soul that comes into your life resonates with your soul to some degree and is a soul mate to some degree.

The twin flame, however, is not another soul. It is your soul in the physical body of another person.

And YES, you have and are a twin flame. Everyone has and is a twin flame. It’s how we’re all created.

For our souls to incarnate here into the physical world, they need to assimilate with the energetic paradigm of the 3rd dimension, which is one of duality and opposites. So, your soul had to make two polar opposites of itself, energetically speaking. One of those polar opposites is in your physical body, and the other one is in the physical body of your twin flame.

Most people have yet to experience a twin flame journey, so they aren’t aware that they have met their twin flames. However, when the soul is ready (and only when the soul is ready), it recognizes itself within the physical body of the twin flame, and the two polar opposing energies become activated. This is the beginning of the twin flame journey.

If you aren’t sure if you are experiencing a twin flame journey, here are the 3 most common ways to be certain:

1. Your twin flame suddenly ghosts you or pulls away from you physically for no apparent reason (or at least in a way that would be categorized as an overreaction to something in any “normal” relationship). No amount of talking, flirting, flattery, gifts, begging or seduction will succeed in getting their attention, let alone reconciling with them.

2. You experience “core wound” pain in either your heart, solar plexus or sacral chakra. Core wound pain can vary in degree…anywhere from a slight flutter to an excruciating feeling that you have been disemboweled. It is also very closely tied to your obsessive thoughts of the twin flame. They form a vicious “chicken or the egg” type cycle where your thoughts agitate your core wound, and your core wound pain causes you to have even more thoughts. (See #3).

3. Obsessive thoughts consume your mind, energy and time. You literally can not focus on anything else. Your mind ends up connecting and associating anything and anyone that enters your frame of reference with your twin flame...logic or rationality be damned. You actually become a prisoner of your mind, and your thoughts can cause actual physical pain via the core wound.

This might all sound like a foray into the bowels of hell. But the miraculous thing is that once I learned the truth about what I was experiencing and the power I already possessed to deal with it, I came to realize that the opposite was true.

This journey is an incredible gift. Is there pain? Yes. But it’s necessary. This journey is your spiritual awakening. It’s, quite literally, your wake up call. And what wake up call or alarm clock ever feels welcome?

Your soul uses the pain to get your attention…for you to realize that you’re experiencing something extraordinary.

And the benefits far outweigh the pain and suffering. And the best part? They flow over into every area of your life.

This journey is about so much more than a physical relationship. It’s a reunion of your soul. And, when dealt with correctly, it results in you shifting closer into alignment with your soul – your true self.

Your soul is the most powerful energy that exists as it’s a direct spark of source energy. It’s pure love, truth, abundance and bliss. It’s your true desires, passions and purpose.

Personally, I not only live every moment feeling better than I could have ever conceived possible with perpetual love, happiness and abundance…but my purpose found me as a direct result of this journey. I am so blessed to be continuing the legacy of my dear teacher and having become the world’s leading expert on helping others navigate their twin flame journeys towards their divine right of love, happiness and abundance.

If you resonate with anything in this article, you can stop hurting and obsessing. Help is here. Everything you desire is waiting for you right around the corner.

Even if you aren’t yet experiencing a twin flame journey, this is divine truth. Truth is indiscriminate and applies to everyone equally. You, too can benefit from applying divine truth to your life and attain perpetual happiness, peace, love, abundance and allow your true soul’s purpose to find you.

You are the most powerful being in the universe. Learn how to harness and wield your power, and you will attain everything you truly desire (which is so much more than your mind is capable of imagining).

Lots of Love xx

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Elle Hari, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Elle Hari is a #1 international bestselling author of four books and Twin Flame & Ascension Alchemist, Writer, Teacher, and Coach. After experiencing her own twin flame journey, Elle left her career as a lawyer to help others navigate their own paths toward ascension. Elle has discovered and created revolutionary methods that help her students unconditionally love themselves and manifest their greatest dreams. Devoted to helping people overcome fear, pain, and self-sabotaging limitations, she guides her students to their true nature of bliss and perpetual happiness. Her mission is driven by a passion for expanding people’s awareness of the twin flame journey's truth and assisting humanity’s spiritual ascension on a global scale. Elle is the founder and CEO of Elle Hari Universal LLC and creator of the Be With Your Twin Flame® and Mastery of Ascension Alchemy™ brands.



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