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12 Powerful Tips To Conquer Spiritual Uncertainty And Find Your Unique Path

With 13+ years of deeply researching esoteric studies like Hermeticism, Tarot, and Numerology, Jassiri Nassor guides transformative self-discovery journeys. His background in education enhances his ability to help others overcome obstacles and unlock their true potential.

Executive Contributor Jassiri Nassor

Do you ever feel unsure of your progress despite evidence of your abilities and achievements? Do you question why you are doing this? Has your progress been inconsistent? You're not alone. While experiencing spiritual growth the feeling of unsureness or “minimal” success can present itself. In this article, you will find 12 practical tips to help you overcome spiritual uncertainty and gain confidence while being assured that you are indeed making progress. Whether you're doubting your purpose or feeling unsure in your personal life, these strategies will guide you to overcome what are truly temporary setbacks and thus embrace your true potential.

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What is spiritual uncertainty?

Spiritual uncertainty refers to feelings of doubt, confusion, or lack of clarity about your spiritual beliefs and practices. It often involves questioning the validity of one's spiritual convictions, especially when faced with new experiences or information. You may feel unsure about which spiritual path to follow or whether your current path is suitable. This uncertainty can also arise from grappling with abstract questions about the nature of existence, self purpose, and the divine.

Inconsistent spiritual experiences, such as conflicting emotions during meditation can contribute to this confusion. Additionally, feeling out of place within a spiritual community or questioning one's spiritual identity can heighten uncertainty.

Despite its challenges, spiritual uncertainty is a natural part of many soul journeys. When approached with openness and a down to Earth perspective it can lead to deeper exploration, growth, and understanding.

What causes spiritual uncertainty?

Spiritual uncertainty arises as individuals embark on a journey towards finding their true selves, God within self, and understanding life's deeper mysteries. Personal crises and life challenges serve as catalysts for deeper inquiry, pushing the seeker to transcend superficial beliefs and seek higher truths. Exposure to diverse philosophies and esoteric teachings can expand one's consciousness, yet also create temporary confusion as old paradigms are dismantled. Contradictory experiences are viewed as initiations, testing the seeker’s resolve and guiding them to a more profound alignment with esoteric principles. Isolation from a like-minded community can be seen as a necessary phase of inner contemplation, preparing the seeker for true spiritual companionship and conversations with others. Negative experiences with traditional religious structures often compel people to look beyond the dogma, embracing a more personal and mystical relationship with the All, and yet there can be fear when moving away from what is comfortable, known, and familiar.


Five types of spiritual uncertainty

On the path of growth the second guessing of self is common. Here are five types:


  1. Existential uncertainty: This type involves deep questioning about the nature of existence, the purpose of life, and one's place in the universe. Individuals may struggle with questions like "Why am I here?" and "What is the meaning of life?" without finding clear answers.

  2. Theological uncertainty: Doubts about religious doctrines, teachings, or the nature of the divine fall into this category. Individuals may grapple with the authenticity of sacred texts, the true connection with God, or the principles of their faith.

  3. Moral uncertainty: This uncertainty arises when individuals are unsure about the ethical or moral implications of their beliefs. It includes confusion about how to live a morally sound life according to one's spiritual or religious values

  4. Practical uncertainty: This involves confusion about how to integrate spirituality into everyday life. Individuals may question which practices to follow, how to balance spiritual pursuits with daily responsibilities, or how to apply spiritual principles in practical situations.

  5. Community and belonging uncertainty: This type of uncertainty is about feeling unsure of one's place within a spiritual or religious community. Individuals may wonder if they belong in a particular group, if they should seek a new community, or if they should pursue their spiritual path alone.


Signs and symptoms of spiritual uncertainty

  • Persistent doubt: Ongoing questioning of spiritual convictions, leading to a sense of indecisiveness about what is true or meaningful.

  • Mental restlessness: A continuous sense of mental unease, characterized by a need to seek clarity and understanding regarding spiritual matters.

  • Disengagement from practices: Losing interest in activities that were once spiritually fulfilling, such as meditation, prayer, or spiritual based gatherings.

  • Existential distress: Profound feelings of worry or despair about life's purpose and one's role in the grand scheme of things.

  • Social withdrawal: Feeling a lack of connection to a spiritual community or circle, resulting in feelings of being alone on the spiritual path.

  • Emotional instability: Experiencing strong, fluctuating emotions like fear, sadness, or frustration when contemplating spiritual topics.

  • Inner conflict: Experiencing tension between personal actions or lifestyle choices and spiritual beliefs, leading to inner turmoil.

  • Skeptical attitude: Adopting a skeptical or questioning stance towards spiritual teachings, traditions, or leaders as a way to cope with uncertainty

  • Seeking new paths: Exploring different spiritual philosophies or practices in a quest to find more resonant or satisfying beliefs.

  • Spiritual exhaustion: Feeling drained or overwhelmed by the continuous search for spiritual understanding, prompting a desire to pause or retreat from spiritual pursuits.


Please understand the search for answers is a necessary part of finding truth yet, when doubt is consistently in the picture it will always be difficult to overcome spiritual uncertainty.


12 tips on how to overcome spiritual uncertainty


1. Acknowledge the spiritual journey is within

The first major mistake in the spiritual journey is the belief that the answers are everywhere but within. Belief that the answers are based in a specific spiritual belief as a structured system to find answers. In actuality, the first place a new spiritual seeker needs to look for answers is within themselves via the utilization of tools such as thought, numerology, or astrology. Your name and birthdate hold many answers, especially when used in conjunction with more traditional and nontraditional texts, which generates more thought. Know that this level of study is very detailed and has more than enough information to keep your attention. You are the first step as you look within via self-analysis for foundational answers.


2. Practice self-compassion

Be easy on yourself and treat yourself with kindness, especially during times of restlessness and anxiety, which is truly unnecessary. A sense of urgency to find answers or clarity needs to stop because this is not a race, and you are not missing out on something, nor is there a need for you to be on the same level of another person especially, if they have developed a mature understanding of spiritual growth through study, trial and error. Stop it and be realistic!

Show compassion to yourself and enjoy the process of self discovery, experimentation and revelation. Everyone’s journey is unique, the faster you accept that the more relaxed you will be.


3. Stop listening to so many spiritual podcasts

This may be controversial but absorbing the “opinions” of several podcasts can have you mentally running in several directions in the pursuit of books, classes, new podcasts and moving further away from the most essential element of your journey which is you. Listening to a person's podcast can be akin to listening to someone talk too much. There is a time and place for everything and sometimes the talker may need to shut up! If you are constantly breaking away from your self-study, meditation, or the development of a spiritual practice that feels right to you in order to go listen to a podcast at a specific time or to take on a practice that was suggested to you, you are ignoring the best part of the journey which is the part that you discovered on your own. The podcast can always wait it is recorded.

4. Stop listening to so many spiritual “gurus”

Here is where many people fall into a trap. A well seasoned and influential person may have the ear of millions across the world for example. The words are so compelling the stories are so thought-provoking that you feel like you must do what is suggested because you want to experience the same bliss, you want to possess the same knowledge, you want to have answers at the snap of a finger too so much so that you could easily become a drone, a spiritual automaton, a follower and not a thinker not a person who is following an individual path of self-discovery and knowledge acquisition. This can be very sad and has been proven to be dangerous for people as well. Your purpose and journey is yours for you to discover. You can listen to others of course but, the final direction and decision should be of your own making via the influence of your best friend, your own inner spirit.


5. Discover your purpose

The discovery of your purpose is what gives direction and confidence. What is often left out in many conversations is a feeling that arrives before the grasping of purpose, it's the feeling of being back against the wall. The “back against the wall” is a catalyst for change that is often fueled by the thought of “enough is enough!!!” You can go on a quest of self-discovery via the use of numerology, meditation for example, and yet the motivator is that you want a change and want more from yourself and from life thus. Tapping in to uncover your purpose, will indeed clear away spiritual uncertainty.


6. Listen to your inner voice

Once you have taken on the journey of discovering yourself, you will indeed gain more clarity on your authentic foundation, what your talents are, and how to use your talents in a manner that will lead to self-fulfillment. You will nevertheless question this information, as you struggle with revelations that you clearly can identify with, yet you will feel doubt. The purpose of self-study is to enhance the connection between yourself and what we call God or The All, among many names for this power. The inner voice is a guide that will tell you right from wrong in all of your decisions for present and future opportunities. The progression that you will make is very dependent on when you believe you are ready for more information and you feel the impact of actually attempting to use the methods that you have encountered for yourself.


7. Learn to be quiet

Yes you will feel compelled to share your journey with others but that can wait. More importantly, there will be a need on the path of growing in your spiritual certainty to take moments to simply sit in quiet. Looking out of your window, sitting on your back porch, sitting at a table without your tools of convenience. This does not seem like much but, it is very necessary for you to grow on your path. You need time to simply gauge how you feel, what thoughts are coming to your mind in comparison to how you were before taking on this journey, and, of course, where you are now. How have your thoughts changed? What progress have you made? How do you conduct yourself on a daily basis now? Write these thoughts down in a journal, which will serve you as you continue your self-discovery.


8. Go outside sometimes

Taking advantage of nature trails is an excellent way for you to get outside and literally allow natur, the All to talk to you. If you allow yourself to do this, you will eventually develop an appreciation for the sounds that you hear daily but never notice and before long those sounds will become extremely relaxing and a valuable part of your growth process. However, in order for you to receive the maximum effect, I would suggest no cell phones, no ear buds, refrain from having a full conversation on the phone with a person who would not even respect you enough to walk with you! Resist the need to make videos of your nature trail journey and to take selfies. Leave your boombox at home. All of these devices take away from the point of focusing on yourself and the nature that is around you and the peace that it can offer if you give it the opportunity.


9. Discover crystal healing

There are multiple resources that speak to the power and benefits of crystals. I suggest you read the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. There are three books in this series. Think of your body in this way. You charge your cell phone, laptop and other electronic devices on a regular basis and you even put them through a “JUNK” removal. The same can and should be done for you. You should charge yourself up at least twice a week with the assistance of crystals. For example, utilise a yellow crystal such as Citrine to stimulate the recharging and increase self-confidence by placing such on your navel, the location of the Solar Plexus. The utilization of a pink crystal such as Rose Quartz for the stimulation of self love by placing it in the middle of your chest, known as the Heart Chakra. If you have a problem speaking your truth, standing up for yourself, expressing thoughts in a manner that can clearly be understood, then you should invest in Lapiz Lazuli, placing such just below your throat area identified as the Throat Chakra.


There are at least 7 chakras or healing centers of the body, each containing a center on our body that represents our various emotions. There is a crystal for the positive emotional charge that you need for a specific emotion.


10. Use meditation on your terms

Meditation is a method of connecting to that which created you and the purest essence of that within. It really is no more complicated than sitting quietly with your eyes closed and allowing yourself to accept the thoughts that come to your mind of a higher nature. This means that the regular everyday issues and thoughts that cloud the mind are to be set aside so you can have literally a quiet conversation with the all. However, you say nothing, you think nothing, you simply relax. You will after regular practice receive insights and even before such a time, you will receive peace. Five minutes is enough at first and then you can work your way up to longer periods of time. Yet, if you have an issue with simply being quiet, sitting still, being alone and not touching an electronic device then, this may be a challenge for you. In addition, stop allowing people to tell you that you must practice meditation one way or their way.


11. Take time for reflection

The changes that you are experiencing can be very subtle, positive, profound, and just as accepted by friends, family, and coworkers as a new pair of shoes. Your positive changes can also be looked at as a threat, intimidating to others, and even disrespectful. This may not make sense, but on our individual Life Path, there are lessons that come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on who we are, peace of mind is an easy or rough road. Take time to reflect and think it through. Do so with a confidence that the positive greatness that you are seeking is there for you, within and a part of you and in spite of what you were told, the road may or may not be paved with lilies, crystals and incense. It takes courage and boldness to create positive change, otherwise you would not be reading this.

12. Numerology is an effective tool

One of the most effective places of self-discovery that exist for all of us is in a place where we least expect it. In our very own name and in the month, day and year in which we were born. The level of confidence that you can acquire with the confirmation or discovery of personal talent, life purpose, understanding why you are going through the challenges that you are, who are the individuals that more than likely are the best candidates for true friends and a mate, understanding the difficulties that exist between you and family members and how to pinpoint and overcome them, is valuable information that can lead to a much smoother life and answer multiple questions. Answers that will easily lead to certainty in your spiritual standing.


Start your journey today

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is the good and perfect will of God.”


Understand what we truly are, as opposed to what we think we are, represents the center of our being, our inner selves, and our potential.The attempt in learning to successfully live a spiritual or mystical based life is akin to being a child all over again and having to relearn the lesson of not touching a hot stove or riding a bike without training wheels.


Anything worth having may not always be easy but this journey is well worth it.


Thank you for reading.

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Jassiri Nassor, Spiritual Life Coach

Jassiri Nassor, an expert in esoteric studies and spiritual exploration, embarked on a transformative journey over 13 years ago. Through deep dives into Hermeticism, Tarot, Numerology, and more, Nassor gained profound insights into ancient wisdom. With a background in education and a passion for guiding others, Nassor's mission is clear: illuminating paths to personal enlightenment and self-discovery. Explore Nassor's articles to embark on your own transformative journey today.



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