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10 Mindset Keys To Unlock Financial Abundance Like Never Before

Written by: Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are two ways you can master money. You can master it on the inside and on the outside. Let’s start with outer mastery first. Outer mastery is the specific amount of money you make or have measured in numbers such as net worth, cash-flow and profit. In the end, it’s just a number in your account or wallet.

However, there is also the inner mastery of money. This is more complex. This is your emotional and mental state around your finances. All your feelings, beliefs around money and the actions you take belong to inner mastery.

These questions will help you discover the state of your money consciousness:

  • What is your relationship to money and how do you treat it?

  • Which feelings come up when you think or deal with money?

  • Do you have an abundant or scarcity mindset around money?

  • How do you use money and is this aligned with your higher spiritual values?

  • Do you struggle with existential fears, greed, envy, financial insecurity or legal issues?

Poor billionaires

Let me tell you something: You have not mastered everything about money because you are a multimillionaire or billionaire.

I have met high net worth individuals suffering from poverty consciousness. And I am not talking about lack of time or love. They were scared to death about not having enough money in the future because they might lose it or be betrayed one day.

One of my friends got devastated when he found out that his best friend committed suicide because of existential fears. His friend was a high net worth individual with more than 20 million USD in his accounts.

So the majority of people have money problems, no matter what income level. Even the superrich. Either the problem is on the outside and/or on the inside.

If you feel inferior, insecure, scared, jealous or frustrated because you can’t afford ______ (fill in the blank) then you have an inside money issue (although you might think it’s about the money you don’t have).

If you really want to master money, then you need to master it in and out. This takes deeper work. Many money coaches will just sell you some juicy stuff: “Become a millionaire in 21 days. Magnetize a large amount of money now. …” This work is great. But some of you need to go deeper because the “fake it till you make it” strategy won’t work out.

10 Mindset Keys to Unlock Financial Abundance Like Never Before

I will give you an example. Let’s say you want to make 100k or take any other number. The core reason for this is that you want to feel more safe and abundant. If you think you just want the money for a project or donations, go deeper. What are the feelings and thoughts behind it? Some people donate because they don’t want to feel guilty anymore or get recognition. Be honest.

Now the inner work begins. If you want overall mastery, then you want to practice these 10 money. mindset keys. Let’s take the example of “more safe and abundant” again.

In my coaching, I would teach you to:

  1. feel more safe and abundant by transforming your beliefs and feelings of unworthiness, insecurity and scarcity.

  2. feel more safe and abundant with what you have in your life right now.

  3. feel more safe and abundant with and without any money.

  4. feel more safe and abundant independent from what you have or don’t have in your life.

  5. feel more safe and abundant although the money you desire is not being manifested now.

  6. feel more safe and abundant until the money is manifested because you trust and know that it will be.

  7. feel more safe and abundant now as if the money desired has been manifested yet.

  8. feel more safe and abundant when and after the money gets manifested.

  9. feel more safe and abundant no matter if the money ever manifests.

  10. feel more safe and abundant for no reason.

There is nothing wrong about not feeling safe or abundant from time to time. But in this case, you need to go back to point 1. Again, this here is about overall mastery. It takes deep inner work, and not only once.

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And if you have read until the end, then you always need to keep in mind again that you are meant for a rich life inside out.




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Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020, Top 20 Business Coaches 2021, Top 50 Influential Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, and he is a proud winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2020.

His mission is to share spiritual wisdom that uplifts the energy and consciousness of people and businesses. Asim has been working with heart-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and creatives helping them to awaken their divine greatness and make their life purpose a success. Through this work, people unleash their intuitive and spiritual intelligence in order to create personal fulfillment, optimum health and ultimate abundance alongside a high-end wealthy lifestyle.

Asim, CEO of Asim Aliloski International, founded his coaching and consulting business at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of consciousness for several decades. The native Viennese with Greek-Macedonian origins combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality rooted in Sufism and Buddhism along with transformative coaching. Coming from a underprivileged family living on welfare, he mastered to become one of the most recognised spiritual coaches and leaders in the world.



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