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Yoga To Improve Gut Health

Written by: Rimi Sodhi, Executive Contributor

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What is the gut: Your gut is made up of a system called the digestive tract, it starts at the mouth and goes down to the esophagus which then empties food into the stomach that gets processed there and further goes to the small intestine and then the large intestine. Our bodies depend on trillions of bacteria that live in the gut. These bacteria send various signals to the immune system, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, bladder, spleen, and glands.

A healthy gut means:

  • More energy

  • Better immunity

  • Good mental clarity

  • Better emotional well–being

Whereas an unhealthy gut can lead to:

  • Auto-immune diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Neuro degenerative disorders, e.g., Alzheimer’s

  • Emotional issues like anxiety & depression.

Factors that lead to poor gut health are things that can cause chronic inflammation in the body and those are:

  1. Bad nutrition

  2. Lack of sleep

  3. Not being able to manage stress every day.

To keep gut health in check, a healthy nutritional diet that consists of tryptophan, tyrosine, and indole-3 lactic acids is important. But keeping nutrition in check is not enough one has to manage stress levels and follow a healthy lifestyle. Stress is considered lethal and known to kill the gut microbiome. The brain and central nervous system are intimately connected and keep sending signals back & forth to each other, so more stress means more damage to the microbiome.

Science is proof that with the help of exercise, practicing mindful breathing exercises and meditation can improve gut health. Yoga works wonders for digestive issues by decreasing cortisol levels, increasing blood circulation in the abdominal region, and promoting gut motility. The science of Yoga also believes that bad digestion is the root cause of all lifestyle disorders, so just like we take care of how we look on the outside, it’s imperative we pay attention and understand what goes on within as well. Gastrointestinal issues, bloating and indigestion are common problems of an unhealthy gut. Yoga plays an important role in detoxifying the gut and maintaining its health.

Yoga Exercises for Gut Health

Yoga postures create compression in the abdominal area that stimulates the movement of toxins trapped and subsequently releases the colon. Yoga postures like Cobra pose, puppy pose and Triangle pose give a good stretch to the abdominal area that relieves cramps and helps with issues like acid reflux and heartburn.

Yoga postures like Bridge pose and shoulder stand help in bringing good alignment to the internal organs improving their functionality. These poses stimulate the thyroid gland, which plays an important role in improving metabolic activity and digestion as well.

Meditation and Breath-work for Gut Health

Meditation deeply relaxes the mind and helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. During stress, an altered gut microbial population affects the regulation of neurotransmitters mediated by the microbiome and gut barrier function. Meditation helps regulate the stress response, thereby suppressing chronic inflammation states and maintaining a healthy gut barrier function.

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Rimi Sodhi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Born in 1988, a practitioner and teacher of Yoga, Rimi's initiation into the discipline of Yoga happened at the age of 25. An intense self-practice led her to study the spiritual philosophy further and deepen her Yoga practice. She is the founder of Shivoham Yoga School, and people from all over the world enroll for her Yoga programs to learn the powerful techniques of this ancient philosophy to face the modern world problems.



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