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World Cup Lessons I've learned

Written by: Adrian Holguin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Some of the world's best parties have taken place during these days. I'm not referring to Halloween or Thanksgiving. I'm referring to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

photo of a world cup game in Qatar

Over the course of 28 days, 64 matches were played between the world's best soccer teams to decide who would be crowned world champion. What is most important in this party is the learning we can take away and that I call the 3 Ps.

1. Passion.

I will discuss today one of the most powerful forces that exist to move forward, to achieve dreams, goals, and objectives. Never feel that your efforts will go unnoticed if you give that fire within you to win championships, grow in your career, and keep working hard. Step by step, happiness is built. There is still that passion for that specific "something". It's asleep, but it can awaken at any moment if we stop mentally limiting ourselves with poisoned realities. Nowadays, it's amazing how people live. Passion, expectation, and faith were all present during the whole tournament.

What are the consequences of this passion?

A passion makes you want, makes you believe that you can, and makes you grow. You are motivated to get up every morning because of this enormous force, which means that the hours invested are not as important as the results achieved. It keeps you alert, awake, creative, lucid, and active, so you do not feel tired.

You can use it to turn a free minute into an opportunity, look like Friday every day, or simplify a complicated task.

The fire inside you brings out the best in you and in others.

There is something that all of us are passionate about in life, which does not necessarily have to be a job, but gives meaning to our existence and can be applied in parallel to our way of living.

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance are also qualities of passion. It is constantly worrying about whether everything goes well and whether it positively affects the people around you.

A mobilizer is a catalyst for achieving what you want.

By bringing up this subject, I am bringing up the passion of the World Cup participants, those who have traveled tirelessly to support their teams.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this kind of passion is the relationships you build throughout the contest, not only with supporters of your team but also with other teams.

The same passion that drives the players to give 100% during the 90 minutes of regulation time also motivates you because you want to see your team win the World Cup.

The value of finding what we are passionate about cannot be overstated.

It is challenging for employers and companies to understand the passions of their employees. Although not every employee can fulfill their dreams, they must encourage them to achieve results and goals. Rather than making them work under pressure, make them work under passion, because without passion there is no emotion, without emotion, there is no feeling, and without consistency, there is no performance.

It is no longer enough to be knowledgeable and to arrive on time and comply in this world. You must fall in love, enchant it, make it worthwhile... Take the risk!

The power within us is much greater than we understand.

2. Persistence.

Attitude plays a big role in persistence. Everyone has experienced a variety of emotions during these soccer matches. However, I highlight the persistence and attitude of some teams. Despite losing, they have managed to turn things around.

A quality like this is impressive, especially when there is so much excitement, pressure, and adrenaline involved.

Being able to recover from a fall in such a short time is admirable, but it takes a lot of mental strength to do so.

We have all experienced this: a deal does not come together at the last minute, things don't turn out as we wanted, and the first thing we do is fall apart and blame ourselves and the circumstances.

In elite sports such as American football, basketball, and hockey, among others, these types of circumstances are common.

The ability to persist in life is a very important trait to develop since it is closely related to one's own personal improvement and development.

If you fail, you can only improve if you learn from those experiences and move on, having the persistence and determination to keep going.

In the absence of persistence, your ability to grow and develop as a person, as well as your ability to succeed, gain wealth, and be happy will be severely limited.

Many people believe that good training or talent guarantees success. However, if you are not persistent, talent and knowledge will be of no use to you.

Hard work always beats talent.

It doesn't matter how good your abilities are, what matters is how you perform.

The fact that teams with lower FIFA rankings, lower economic values, and less individual talent (star players) were able to surpass world powers in this sport simply by not giving up, continuing to fight, and for persistently striving for a common good.

This makes you feel that anything is possible, that you can step up and continue regardless of your fatigue or what people think.

The most important thing is what you think of yourself and when the objective is clear; every step counts. Don't forget that.

3. Planning.

Throughout all the World Cup matches, we have seen the coaches studying the techniques, formations, and talents of the players, so they know how to think about themselves before a match, but also how to adapt their strategy during the match.

The purpose of planning is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the best course of action?

  • Who should be responsible for it?

  • What is the best place for it to be done?

  • What is the best time to do it?

  • In what way should it be done?

This is all about achieving the team's goals, such as those of a company, in the most efficient manner possible within a given time frame, using the material, economic, and, most importantly, human resources.

In both soccer and business, two concepts stand out:

  • Goals: Specific results to be achieved within a certain period of time.

  • Plan: A sequence of actions ordered for the purpose of achieving a single goal.

Planning is essential for a soccer team, just as it is for a company that wishes to survive in such a competitive environment.

The team, person, or company won't know how to proceed if it doesn't know where it's going.

A plan defines the process, allocates resources efficiently, avoids improvisation, removes uncertainty from the future, and keeps things under control.

All experiences in life should lead to daily and continual learning, if you are learning you are growing.

Developing your personal and professional potential, as well as breaking your limiting beliefs and patterns, is essential for growth.

According to what you have learned from this incredible competition, in order to achieve your best self, you need to believe in yourself, persist in your goal, remember that persistence is more important than talent, and develop a plan to build your way forward without uncertainty in order to achieve your goals.

A final ingredient in this great recipe is to enjoy the process, the journey must be more enjoyable than the destination, so victories are more emotional and rewarding.

"Change your thoughts, change your life."

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Adrian Holguin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Adrian Holguin is a leading industry executive and thought leader. Holguin has developed long-term growth strategies for companies in order to increase their revenue. Holguin has collaborated with top executives to understand their demands, develop practical solutions, implement procedures to address your problems, and develop innovations and transformation strategies that create value. Throughout his career, Holguin has worked for international corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies in the food industry. He is dedicated to helping individuals change their mindset so that they can achieve everything that they desire in life. "Change your thoughts, change your life" is his karma.



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