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Without Culture What Do We Have – Right Boss?

Written by: Simon Haigh, Executive Contributor

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Engaging employees to ensure the attributes to build a cohesive & inclusive growth culture are nurtured and embedded in behaviors in a real and tangible way requires real focus and intentional action to maximize success.

What is organizational culture? I like the statement made by an executive a number of years ago: “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it”.

It is clear that organizational values cannot just be aspirational alone. They must also be simple and measurable. If they cannot be defined and measured, the employees are far less likely to believe in them and then “drive them.” It would be a shame not to optimize an organization’s culture when all the organization has done is fail to articulate and break down its values into measurable components.

The seeds of corporate culture are sown from day one. A crucial part of a successful organizational culture is ensuring that its employees are satisfactorily motivated and engaged. Every organization is only as good as its staff. To really excel, a company needs people who share the corporate vision with supporting commitment.

Trust is a big aspect of building a “culturally astute” business. Employees must be able to trust their boss and the vision set for the company. Conversely, bosses have to be able to trust their employees to execute the plan they envision the business needs. Mutual confidence is therefore essential.

The most successful companies in the world are those, which make their entire team feel like they are a critical and integral part of the company’s success. This requires creating a culture of accomplishment and sharing in the ups and occasional inevitable downs. Corporate culture is truly cemented when the whole company feels like it has a purpose.

A company’s inspiration and drive must filter down from its leader to its people who operate at the “coal face.” Despite all the ups and downs of corporate life, if the employees share the corporate passion, they are much more likely to work together for the common good. As with any successful business, employees drive the organization through the vision and culture set by the boss.

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Simon Haigh, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Simon Haigh, known as The Growth Strategist, helps organizations and leaders unlock, build and sustain business, leadership, brand, and mindset growth through his coaching, consulting, training, publications, speaking, and e-learning programs. Simon’s clients include high-performing leaders, companies, business schools, professional organizations & Government bodies globally. His work is endorsed by world no. 1 leadership thinker Marshall Goldsmith. He is nominated by PeopleHum Top 200 Influential Thought Leaders 2021, Thinkers 360 4 Sales, 9 Entrepreneurship, 10 Legal & IP, 13 Health & Wellness, 33 Mental Health, 37 Management & 47 Emerging Tech, and featured in the PeopleHum Top 100 Thought Leader series for Mindful Negotiation. He has also been featured on numerous global TV and radio outlets, and two of his three Amazon 5 Star books – How to be a Better Dealcloser and Dealmaking for Corporate Growth, are endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, and he is an associate member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Organisation. Simon is also an acclaimed Keynote Speaker.



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