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Why You Should be on Tik Tok - And How it Can Help Your Business

Written by: Arna Van Goch, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you don’t know what Tik Tok is, chances are you are 30+, and it’s also possible you have been living under a rock. Before you get too offended, I am called a ‘boomer’ on the app even though I’m a fresh-faced early 30-something. So… labels are arbitrary.

What is Tik Tok?

It’s (yet another) social media platform. It is the former for those of you that know what that is. Essentially, it started out as a platform where kids (gen Z) have up to 1 minute to impress you with their dance/comedic/acting skills to keep your attention. Popularity is gained through the amount of views, likes and shares your video garners. It’s like a contemporary version of Vine, if you know what that is. Of course, the app is heavily reliant on its algorithm. I don’t see many things that are outside my comfort zone. I get lots of BLM, LGBTQ+ support, “things you need off amazon” stories, and really, really good looking men.

Like seriously, I think that’s where they’ve been hiding all this time. And like, GOOD men. Men that make a stand for consent, treating women like the queens we are. It’s redefining humanity, and I’m here for it.

Today on the app, you still only have 1 minute to impress your audience. But in the last year or so, millennials (and older) have been flocking to the app too, particularly with the pandemic creating a massive need for entertainment- both to be the star of your own entertainment show and to be entertained. It has created some unlikely connections, friendships, and collaborations.

What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? Everything.

Selling Products:

I can think of at least two dozen product-based businesses that have had their inventory sold out because they went viral on Tik Tok. Artists are now selling their wares 10x faster than before. People are playing, experimenting with making money online and Tik Tok is giving them an opportunity to do it. I’ve already bought Hamilton fan stuff, thanks to Tik Tok.

Showing off what your products can do, showing how you make your products, all these things are a great way to get audiences to give you insight into what you do and make people want to buy from you. Focus on your why. Show why you do what you do- through dance, skits, transformations…whatever floats your boat!

Personal Branding:

One of my guilty pleasures is following a few super amazing Asian chefs on Tik Tok. They cook stuff I love to eat (duh), they’re interesting, and I can relate to their stories. They care about the same things I care about and my obsession with them has spilled out over to Instagram. One particular chef, Tabitha, is a wonderful black lady who makes amazing vegan food (with lots of garlic powder). Watching her is like hanging out with your grandma. Her voice is liquid gold and washes over you and makes you super calm. Her Tik Tok blew up so fast, Vanity Fair are featuring her in next month's magazine!

Find Your Community:

As mentioned previously, the algorithm is extremely powerful. Everyone has a different Tik Tok experience, even my biz bestie and I have totally different Tik Tok feeds and are sending each other Tik Toks all the time because there's a 90% chance the other hasn’t seen it.

There is “gay Tik Tok,” "alt Tik Tok,” “Elite Tik Tok,” “black Tik Tok,” “straight Tik Tok,” “Food Tik Tok” …. The list goes on. You can find a community for almost anything. When you start posting, liking, and commenting, then you’re going to very naturally find your groove.

How to Offer Value:

For service-based entrepreneurs, it’s a great way to teach and offer value. Lots of holistic health practitioners are on Tik Tok, giving a ton of value and offering Live readings etc. Doctors share some pretty vital information. Dermatologists are gaining popularity by an absolute storm (there’s even a trend called: skincare products Tik Tok made me buy). There’s a niche for absolutely every. Single. Person.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, jump on trends, and have some fun while you’re at it. Tik Tok is supposed to be, above all, fun.

If you’re a….

  • Coach: Offer good value, turn your blog posts into loads of mini-lessons. Bonus points if you can do this to music and an on-trend dance.

  • Techie person: Offer great tips. I’ve learned so many awesome photography skills, iPhone hacks, and Excel hacks from following cool people on Tik Tok!

  • Product-based: yo, show us behind the scenes! Show us how you make your products, how you wrap it (for some reason, this is insanely popular), and how many orders you post on the reg.

  • Comedian: basically post your set in one-minute bursts

  • Actor: Duet with other actors the most iconic scenes of film and TV, there are some amazing ones out there

  • Singer: Duet all the Hamilton songs (sorry I’m on Hamilton Tik Tok, I’m sure there are others)

  • PT: There are some awesome one-minute videos to showcase workouts. My favorite ones are when PTs bust weight loss myths.

Regardless of what, or who you are, and what you want to achieve, stay true to yourself, have some fun with it and use this as an opportunity to interact with others. The world is a better place when we all lift each other up, and it is especially true on the internet! Tik Tok is a wonderful platform for you to do this, to expand your reach, and to open yourself up to new possibilities.

If you want some more granular advice, feel free to book a 30-minute Power Call with me, and let’s get your Tik Tok party started!

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Arna Van Goch, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Arna van Goch is a business automations coach. She helps 5 figure entrepreneurs hit 6 figures by streamlining their businesses and strategies to work less & earn more. Over her own entrepreneurial journey she has worked online businesses to land 6 figure contracts and supported businesses reaching 7 figures. Besides working online, she has an avid passion for travel, energy work and awesome Netflix series like Next in Fashion.



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