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Why Self Sabotage Is Comfortable

Written by: Sharkina Parker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are many occasions where you might feel like there are certain things that you just have to do.

That might occur in regards to work or family life.

However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you really had to do that thing or is it a responsibility that you’ve taken on and simply kept over time?

I ask you this question because often times there are things that you do without being fully aware of it that train you to believe that struggle and force have to be your way of life.

Over time, this sets the tone of what becomes your normal.

You start to associate struggle with productivity, and convince yourself that success requires this all day everyday.

It can be compared to switching your diet to only eating vegetables, and convincing yourself that this is the only mechanism to lose weight.

Similarly, self-sabotage can take you from one extreme to the next.

It allows you to place blame on your circumstances instead of yourself.

Also, it gives you the opportunity to place your focus on the problem, instead of on the process necessary to fix it.

However, there is always hope.

In order to reduce your experience of your own self-sabotage, you must identify the patterns that produce certain results in your life.

This allows you to course-correct yourself, which then reflects in your quality of life and overall happiness.

Over time, you will begin to consistently develop patterns that support you instead of hurt you, which allows you to get more comfortable with change and continue to divert from self-sabotaging ways that keep you the same.

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Sharkina Parker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sharkina is a Money Mindset Coach with a heart to serve others to help them get unstuck and progress through their financial journey by way of mindset development. Sharkina’s commitment to her passion to transform the lives of her clients and promote the creation and sustainability of generational wealth has contributed to her achievements. Sharkina’s experience includes coaching women regarding mindset shifts, goal setting, and developing better money habits to fulfill their dreams.

It is her mission to continue to teach the core values regarding financial literacy and encourage others to change their limiting beliefs regarding their finances and overall life success.



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