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Why Global Leadership Needs Highly Sensitive People

Written by: Willow McIntosh, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Leadership is a responsibility. A responsibility to the people and the greater context it serves. To have conscious awareness in leadership requires collaboration in perspective. Could high sensitivity provide us with a great advantage here?

Leadership has never been more important as we approach the possibility of a vast technological and ecological impact on our planet.

How long can we sustain a strategy of leadership that serves the exclusive benefits of the one, to the detriment of the many?

Can we continue to excuse actions that are not in alignment with the highest good of the workplace, organizations, and our very evolution?

Conventional leadership is outdating itself

Leadership governed by fear and domination, solely for the benefit of profit and power is naturally outdating itself.

It stands out more and more in opposition to our current level of conscious awareness. As though the abuse of leadership is too far off balance now from the mounting sense of responsibility we have to the greater vision for humanity.

As we start to become aware of the fear culture in organisations, where people do not feel safe, heard, or acknowledged, are we seeing the decline in this model of leadership because we have the eyes and the heart to call it out now?

Are these notions making more sense to us as we wake up to the consequences of tyrannical leadership?

The resulting invasion of neighboring countries, the destruction of people's lives, homes, and cities. The toxic management of corporations in name of control and profit.

Are we closer to a shift in global leadership than we realize?

Whilst the application of change at this level may seem impossible in our lifetime, the potential and vision for leadership with the greater good of people and the planet in mind grows every day. We innately feel the imbalance and destructive nature of short-term gain, without awareness of who is ultimately being served. The growing awareness that we are indeed an integral part of an emerging world vision of balance.

These very notions are something akin to a percentage of the population born with high levels of empathy, high sensory awareness, and the ability to sense the greater context. One that is already being used in this way in 100 other species of animals.

Could we be sitting on a resource in the genome of the human species that is actually designed to support us to make a shift in the model of leadership?

The genetic personality trait known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity affords the ability to see the bigger picture and act from a place of greater awareness. An ability to feel, quite viscerally that we are indeed connected to a larger construct, to a natural balance. A level of high sensitivity that could be designed to help us be in partnership with the natural order.

It occurs in 15 to 20% of the population with an innate susceptibility to the dynamics of situations and environments. A result of being able to cognitively process sensory information at a deeper level. High Sensory People experience this all over the world every day. Along with numerous studies that support it.

The potential for an advanced symbiotic perspective?

Could this be just what its purpose is intended for? A high sensory intelligence® that is designed to see into the true fabric of things. An ability to sense the higher purpose and natural balance in people and the world around us.

Intended to be used in symbiosis for the benefit of the population as a whole. To make use of the natural resource of deeper sensory perception that can be utilized in leadership. Designed to help advise from a position of balance. To be used in support of the decision-making process. To include the perspective of the greater context. To utilize the genetic differences in how the nervous system and cognitive processing system are designed. A perspective intended to feel when things are out of balance.

Might we be at a point to position more High Sensory People in key positions? To trust our integral connection as we move towards a shared vision for conscious growth and responsible leadership.

Were you born with the trait of High Sensory Intelligence?

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Willow McIntosh, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Willow McIntosh is a leading facilitator of the genetic personality trait known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity or the Highly Sensitive Person. Unique circumstances during Willow’s childhood led to a profound self-rejection, depression, and misinterpretation of the natural purpose of the trait. He has since dedicated his life to training individuals and organizations to come into conscious ownership of the great advantages it brings to humanity. He is the founder of Inluminance and creator of the High Sensory Intelligence® Coaching Program. His mission: To align High Sensory People with their innate ability to support the global evolution towards conscious leadership.



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