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Why Dreams Without Action Will Steal Your Future

Written by: Caroline Bellenger, Executive Contributor

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Whether it is a vision board or a yearly strategic planning session, not taking action is guaranteed to steal your future.

Too often, we focus on the goal we want to achieve rather than the journey and requirements we need to take to get there. According to one research paper by the University of Stanton, the reality is that only 8% of people achieve a New Year resolution. This statistic is just one example of people having a dream of a goal but no actual plan for getting there.

I have seen throughout my coaching that one factor impacting this negative result is that people have become obsessed with setting goals, creating vision boards and holding strategic planning meetings. It makes them look productive and ambitious to the rest of society, but without putting energy into the action required to reach these goals, it really is a token waste of time.

Another common theme I have seen with clients and friends is that they have dreams based on what they believe society will applaud them for, rather than a dream that fully aligns with their personal values. If you want to 10x your business and make millions of dollars, but you don't value hard work or investing money, you will most likely not be motivated to chase the dream when things get challenging.

And when things get challenging, which is a standard component of life and goals, your strategy for reaching your dream will be even more critical. So along with taking action to move toward your vision, you will also need the resilience to keep going when things get tough. If your goal is aligned with your values and driven by a purpose statement, those obstacles will be much easier to overcome.

So why do people set goals to reach their dreams but never take action?

As mentioned above, firstly, there is the constant social expectation and pressure to chase our dreams, and secondly, many people do not fully understand that action is the key. Here are some simple tips to achieve your dreams and create a better future.

  1. Analyse why your dream is important to you and whether it aligns with your values. If you have not done any work uncovering your values, then do this as it is an essential first step.

  2. Create a Purpose Statement outlining why this dream is so important to you.

  3. Break down your goal into realistic and achievable steps. Set specific timelines for achieving each smaller goal.

  4. Create a list of all the possible challenges that may inhibit achieving your dream.

  5. Create a second list of strategies you will use to overcome those challenges should they occur. An essential aspect of this will be reviewing your purpose statement.

  6. Do not wait to celebrate reaching your ultimate dream goal. Celebrate along the way as you achieve little steps toward your dream. This recognition will prevent burnout and improve your self-esteem.

  7. Be flexible. Once we start on the journey of chasing a dream, we may discover that it isn't a dream we want anymore. And that is okay because taking action of any kind is growth, and sometimes the original mental and emotional vision of a dream is entirely different to the physical reality.

  8. Be prepared to fail. I believe that failing at something can be the greatest gift of all. It allows us to learn and build resilience.

If you don't want your future stolen from you, follow these steps when chasing your dreams. Regardless of the outcome, you will always create a better tomorrow if you enthusiastically take action to achieve goals rather than mindlessly setting goals just because you can or think you should.

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Caroline Bellenger, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Caroline is an award-winning entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and wellness warrior. After experiencing childhood sexual abuse and over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline enhanced her life by creating a toolbox of strategies that enabled her to improve her mindset, and self-esteem and create three successful businesses. As the founder of “Be The Impossible”, she has coached and inspired thousands of women to overcome their own life obstacles and create fulfillment and joy. She is the co-author of three books including Amazon's 1 Best Seller "Queens In Sand Castles". She has climbed to Everest Base Camp and competed in national sporting teams, including representing Australia in Triathlon at 50. Her transformation and achievements are a testament to her courage and determination to define her future regardless of age or past challenges. Caroline has dedicated her life to empowering other women through inspirational keynotes, books, coaching programs, and online education.



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