Why Do Entrepreneurs Invest in Public Speaking Skills Now More Than Ever Before?

Written by: Greta Konstantine, Executive Contributor

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Let’s break a myth first. Public speaking is more than giving speeches at conferences, TEDx talks, or presenting your business to a potential investor or a partner. The truth is that we are performing public speaking every time we talk to a group of people about anything really. Public speaking is everywhere, even when it’s informal. And now it’s time to wake up and smell the progress.

In 2020 the definition and reach of public speaking have grown tremendously. The year when the whole world went online and all business approaches had to adjust to even more severe online presence. 2020 posed a challenge that entrepreneurs and business owners are adapting to pretty fast. Especially when it comes to raising awareness about what they do, their services, projecting their image, and creating a client base. It’s all online, mostly done through reels, videos, and stories.

Every appearance in front of a camera to make a reel, a video, or even a story; is performing public speaking. The way you express yourself verbally and non-verbally determines whether your production will kick-off. This is public speaking 101.

However, there is a difference between speaking in front of a physical crowd of people, and actually talking to a camera, and getting your message across.

When you speak in front of a physical audience, there is more freedom and more ways by which you can project your message and demonstrate your relevance to the subject.

  • You can adjust your approach as you go, depending on the facial expression feedback and behavior from your audience.

  • You can literally use all your body to apply body language.

  • You are performing in the moment; there’s no re-do, which actually stimulates you to deliver better speeches.

On the other hand, making reels, videos, and stories is a lot more restrictive to the public speaking performance all together. These three tools are also very limiting in time, which means that you always need to be super concise and super clear about the message you want to get across, and actually deliver it as clearly and as inspirationally as possible. The way you gesticulate, your tone; your way of talking; your facial expressions; the structure of your message; the words you choose to use… all of these need to be on point for you to reach more people and inspire them to take any action.

There is a need for adjustment before using the classic public speaking skills when you appear in front of a camera. Knowing what kind of body language to use on camera, how to structure and deliver your speech, and how to do physical and mental preparation before going on camera is extremely important. It’s essential for your online impact to master public speaking for reels, videos, and stories.

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Greta Konstantine, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Greta Konstantine is an internationally sought after success mindset coach, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs around the world overcome their insecurities and conquer their fears. Greta’s journey started at a young age when a moment of mindfulness helped her tap into her own strength and the power of positive thinking. Since her teen years, Greta has focused on psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, while pursuing a degree in economics. She has served high-level management positions in companies in the USA, Denmark and Bulgaria. But Greta’s true passion was to start her own business, Intermindhub, where she now works with entrepreneurs to eliminate stagnation and burnout, create an empowering mindfulness style, and build sustainable business strategies. Greta has helped over a 100 people develop a successful mindset and give them the tools to change their lives. Greta is a Certified Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Science in Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics from the University of Aalborg in Denmark. Greta truly believes that everyone is capable of tapping into their own power and changing their lives, just like she did.



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