When it Comes to Your Content You Are Not the Hero – Your Customer Is

Written by: Moniek James, Executive Contributor

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Most of the time, when I talk to business and brand owners about content, I encourage them to create and publish more. I encourage them to write blog posts, do live streams or create videos for Youtube to get more eyes on their business and attract interested buyers. Content is a form of marketing, and in my opinion, every piece of content that gets published reinforces the credibility and capability of that business to support their customers.

Except many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with creating and publishing content because they feel like they're bragging on themselves. They don't want to be the person that shows up on Facebook or is always on a live stream talking about how great they are and how amazing their product is. When a business owner believes that they have to be a shameless marketer, it creates a discomfort that doesn’t spark confidence in potential buyers. This distress is also a form of imposter syndrome.

According to the American Psychological Association, imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed to fraud.

I recognize that when I urge business owners to ramp up their content marketing, I could be aggravating that fear. This distress could manifest in ways that look like avoiding content marketing altogether; the added pressure of showing up to be scrutinized for any signs of imperfection can fill anybody with fear and loathing.

As a content strategist, I must remind business and brand owners that their content isn’t for (or about) them; the intent is to serve their audience. Instead of focusing on themselves and perceived flaws, shift the focus to their intended customer; to make the customer the hero of the stories they tell. I believe the job of the marketer is to guide the hero to their win. We want to provide the necessary tools to solve the hero’s problems.

Imposter syndrome dictates that you, as the content-creating business owner, will ultimately be exposed as a fraud, that people will discover that you aren’t the person you “pretend” to be and judge you for it. This fear goes out the window when your efforts are directed toward supporting the customer. It becomes easier to show up online with useful content consistently because the goal is to help. There’s less of a worry to be perfect when you embrace being Alfred instead of Batman.

Your job is to help the hero save the day, and your content is the gateway to your products that helps make this happen.

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Moniek James, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Moniek James is a veteran, military spouse, speaker, author, columnist, and serial online entrepreneur. As a Master Content Strategist, her passion is teaching purpose-driven business and brand owners how to leverage strategic content marketing to build awareness, establish credibility and create their profitable digital footprints. Since 2015 her #BabyStepstoGreatness show on Periscope and Facebook Live has amassed hundreds of thousands of views and over one million engagements.



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