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What Six Roles Your Inner Voice Can Embody?

Written by: Ranya AlHusaini, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Ranya AlHusaini

Once in a while you catch yourself repeating to your mind the chores you need to complete. Don’t forget to drink water, or how could I have forgotten that? These voices are referred as the inner voice. Your inner voice can play three massive roles during your lifetime: the voice of fear, the voice of reason/logic and the voice of intuition. Now what is the difference between inner voice and self-talk? The inner voice involves imaginary interactions with several voices while bouncing ideas interchangeably, analysing situations, and seeing from the other’s perspectives.

Two woman in blue blouse scream and listen

On the other side, self-talk can be presented by how you perceive yourself by repeating a narrative. The dominant role of the inner voice can play on strengthening your identity, emphasizing the power of autonomy, raising your consciousness awareness, and empowering your cognitive development. The main purpose of your inner voice is practicing the ability of your responses, identifying the information before digesting them, interchanging social dialogues, emphasizing self-organization, and self-reflection practices. In simple term, the inner voice found its way early during childhood as a private speech. At this stage, the child starts to pick daily words from parents, cartoon or casual talks. With time, children start to engage in internal commentary as they play independently or take turns during a play or an activity. Keeping on mind, the importance of inner-voice can play selectively on your wisdom, conscious understanding, and unconscious behaviours. Listening carefully as you speak can make you realize the origin of your unconscious responses.

Hence, in today’s article we magnify the six powerful roles your inner-voice can embody

  1. Inner voice can recognize how much active, smart and alert your mind is: Maintaining a healthy conversation with yourself can serve in multiple manners. Firstly, the inner voice can engage you in analytical conversation on life’s matters. Assisting you in regulating and digesting the negative emotions. Maintaining healthy inner-talk promises healthy and conscious awareness. Questions like, is your inner voice guiding you positively or stirring chaos in your daily routine? Are you motivated by your inner voice or exhausted by its repetitive toxic pattern. At this level of consciousness, the intensity of your mind can be noticed by the choices you consider while speaking to yourself, the manner you digest situations, and the perspective you build from experiences.

  2. Inner voice can determine your mental health and conscious understanding: Healthy inner-maintenance can empower your understanding toward the powerful embodiment in preserving a healthier mind. Conscious behaviours and internal dialogues can hold a beneficial role in your mental awareness journey. However, negative inner voice can drag you down to self-pity, inner criticisms and undesirable labelling against past events. Chronic negative pattern of thinking and auditory hallucination can detect a destructive repetitive behaviour.

  3. Inner voice can be a strong pillar in self-healing your long- hidden wounds: Past wounds leave a scar you may never forget. The bitter taste from this pain keeps pumping negativity into future situations. Your inner voice can have three dominant heads playing alternatively as you communicate throughout the scenario. The child, the parent and the adult. The inner child voice is probably the pain, the memory and the scene. You see from a distance the painful scene and recalls the meaning behind the situation. The parent comes playing a critical role to the child’s perspective through guiding, criticizing, scolding, and parenting the child methodically. Walking through the memory lane, can take you back to your childhood: talking to a friend or listening to a parent or watching a painful scene. While watching out the scene from afar, deep questions like: How did you feel at that moment? What was your understanding during that scene? What is one word you can speak about that moment? Where did you feel the feeling? Digging deep with the questions might take you further down to how did your parents react? What was your parent’s stand in this situation. What were they saying to you? Around this corner, the adult voice is your present- the role you currently play, and the meanings you formed from yesterday. Right here you stand independently holding no ties to the memory, only to magnify the meanings you have labelled the situations. Playing the three roles interchangeably can empower your perspective on how your mind processed some memories. What happened yesterday gave a voice to your limiting beliefs to grow with time! In here, detaching yourself from yesterday can be self-soothing.

  4. Inner voice can be a motivational guide to your aspiration: Use inner voice to empower your identity. Consistent self-regulation can promote healthy vibration. Practicing healthier routine such as- walking, exercising, and mindful eating can gauge you vibrantly toward a better life. Ensuring the quality of your thought, self-talk and inner voice emphasize healthy lifestyle. Hence, journaling negative thoughts as they jump from your mind can work on destressing your worries. While expressing your negative voice, enforcing a positive emphasis on the next action can drive you faster toward manifestation. Remember, To manifest a dream to your reality, hold no vacancy for negativity. A good example, emphasizing your next action with a confirmative voice by repeating: Go forward with strength to and mention your goal in the dotted area, can elevate your energy. What you repeat you become!

  5. Inner voice can smoothen the path to the visualization you seek: Your emotion is a directional instinctive tool that extract intuition from within. Visualizing what you seek as you repeat an empowering statement can qualify the existence of such experience to your life. At this moment, inner voice can drive you clearly to the expected result. To gain a clear visualization to the situation - seat yourself in a relaxed atmosphere as you dig deep with questions like: What feelings you want to experience at the end? Following deeper with each question can clear the path to the desired outcome. Answering with sincerity can clear the dark spaces haunted by fear and doubts!

  6. Use your inner voice to split head with the inner-critics: The basic role of your inner voice is to raise your awareness in this world. As you walk in life you absorb all types of criticism- some are reserved as labels, and others are discarded on time. However, what you save from criticism and harsh labelling can destruct you from healthy living. Criticism can pop out every time you come face to face with reality- and if your mind is crammed with negativity, you fall short in fighting. Your role here is to empower your present moment, and split heads with the inner critic. Understanding the situation can unravel the truth behind the origin of the inner critic. Inner-criticism can stem from strict parenting earlier in life. During childhood, strict parenting fixated your mindset on what you should or shouldn’t do. A quick fix-up to the inner critic is rationalizing and replacing the inner-critic with real accurate information. An exemplification of such fixup can sound like this.

Inner critic: “I am such a failure I make so many mistakes, I will never reach my goals”.


Fixup Statement: “All these mistakes that I am making are lessons I learn and grow from. I give myself a pat on the back to forward one more time”.

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Ranya AlHusaini Brainz Magazine

Ranya AlHusaini, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

This is Ranya AlHusaini – a mindset transformation guru. My mission is to motivate professional women to unlock their self-worth and live a balanced life. With so much curiosity, and self-awareness I have developed my way with strength and determination. My expertise was well maintained as I took years to understand and develop my own through different modalities, and from there I understood human's nature and reaction. The modalities I use and consult throughout the session are NLP, Rapid transformation Therapy technique, and Hypnosis. So if you want a switch, or a makeover in your life hop in for a mindset transformation session! I have attached a photo of myself as well!



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