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What's Your Money Healing Mode?

Written by: Victoria Rader, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


From money is evil… to money is God… and everything in between, through the centuries of time, we as humans have created a lot of emotional damage and bondage to and through misunderstanding and misusing money.

Healing your relationship with money and knowing which universal law of money to start your prosperity journey with is the key to not only surviving the present financial crisis but also to building a foundation for a continued life of abundance and prosperity.

For example, if your money healing mode is compassion, leaning into the Law of Forgiveness is the beginning of both your practical and spiritual prosperity!

What does forgiveness have to do with the money? Here is from the Law of Forgiveness from Prosper me the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You

“Forgiving is for giving your burdens away and for-giving room for blessings."

When Christ taught the Law of Forgiveness, he said, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” using the language of forgiving your debts, forgiving the people who owe you so that all debts could be forgiven. It is fascinating that he used an analogy of money when discussing this law because our ability to forgive financial debts demonstrates our spiritual and emotional ability to let go and forgive someone taking advantage of us. The ease with which you forgive ‘them and their debts’ is the ease with which you forgive in general.

It’s the ease with which you let go, and that ease is directly linked to the abundance through which you receive.

Visualize two fists in a fighting position. They are clenched tight. They are ready for forceful retribution. They are shut close, unable to let go of pain or frustration. The same is true of fists that are not in a fighting position but reluctant to open up and to let go of their clenched need to hold on. The second we unclench our fists and open our palms, there is space to receive. We let go and forgive as an invitation to receive healing and abundance.

The journey of forgiveness is a lifelong process of expansion. To assist you on this journey, I want to give you a special forgiveness exercise because when you truly forgive yourself, you open the doors of endless abundance and prosperity.

Choose some soothing music, and put it on with your three-minute timer. As it plays, I want you to think of one person in your life who has hurt you deeply. Maybe they didn’t match up to your expectation of love, or they weren’t emotionally available to you. In some way, they hurt you, and you may not have found the path to forgiveness yet.

You’re going to write a letter. Not a letter to that person saying you forgive them, but from that person asking you to forgive them. They might not be in your life anymore. They may not even be alive. They may not ever be emotionally or mentally capable of writing this letter. It doesn’t matter. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference. It needs to heal through being validated, so it needs to hear the things it hasn’t heard before from that person.

Start the letter by writing “Dear [your name]… I am writing to ask for your forgiveness…” Then write whatever it is you need to hear from that person. You have three minutes, so you don’t have time to agonize over every word. Just put down on paper the words you wish they had said to you. When you have a few seconds left, end the letter with, “Please forgive me, [their name].”

If you feel that you have more to say, write another letter. Start by writing, “Dear [your name], There’s so much more I need to tell you. Please forgive me.” Write whatever you need for three minutes, then close it with their name again.

Once you have your letter(s), close your eyes and do a helpful visualization. Take a few deep breaths in and out, and imagine the person giving you this letter. You take it from them and read it. I want you to really feel that you’re reading their letter, that you’re experiencing their desire for forgiveness as if it were really happening at that moment. Feel those healing words penetrate your emotions, your mind, and your heart, flushing out any lingering energies of resentment you’ve been storing and validating the apology you needed to hear.

Trust the process. If, and only if, you feel like it, imagine telling them you forgive them. Lean into this process, allowing the freeing energy of forgiveness to heal your mind and your heart. The freedom to live free of emotional burdens ushers the freedom to prosper in all areas of your life.

It’s a very significant exercise because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the real and the vividly imagined, and it needs to heal on a level which may not be consciously accessible to you. Truly believe that you are receiving this letter written on behalf of that person from their highest frequency. It doesn’t matter if it takes them a lifetime or many eternities to attain that frequency. Your soul can transcend that time to heal you right now.

Forgive to heal. Forgive to thrive. Forgive to give GOD an opportunity to bless you with divine prosperity and forever expanding abundance.

Forgiving is for-giving; for-giving your pain and burdens away, for-giving healing a chance, for-giving you a new way to thrive, for-giving LOVE the best chance to expand through you. “

We are emotional beings. Emotion is energy in motion. We daily feel emotions flow through us, drive us, motivate or deflate us.

Money is also energy. It is the energy of exchange of value. It is neither good nor bad but a magnifier of our most dominant emotion. Money simply shows the world more of who we already are.

As money energy flows through our energy, we are either expanding into spiritual and financial freedom or are constricting back based on our underlying traumas.

Is it your time to reclaim your true freedom… emotional freedom without financial bondage, and financial freedom without emotional damage? If so… start by taking your free What’s My Money Healing Mode Quiz and sharing it with those you hold dear… Freedom is way more fun when enjoyed together with those you love.

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Victoria Rader, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Victoria Rader, Ph.D. in Metaphysics, is a Possibility Coach and founder of YU2SHINE. Through thousands of client sessions and seminars, Victoria has witnessed that the cap to one's fulfillment is defined by their subconscious programming. As a result, she created products and services with a unique success formula of healing one’s heart, freeing one’s mind, and expanding one’s skills to see, create and live a life of limitless possibilities. The host of All About the Voice podcast, internationally best-selling author of Until You Win, Until You Shine, and Manifest mE journal, creator of mE apps, and founder of the Quantum Freedom movement, Victoria is excited to launch her newest book Prosper mE: 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You. Her mission is to both awaken and empower you to your life of limitless possibilities.



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