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What Makes Someone Spiritually Awakened?

Written by: Gloria Grace, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are so many people awakening spiritually lately, more than ever in the history of the Earth. One could wonder why there are almost 8 billion souls incarnated on Earth right now, while 50 years ago it was “only” 3.7 billion. Why within a short period of 50 years, Earth’s population more than doubled itself. Why do so many souls desire to experience a massive shift in consciousness?

The spiritual ascension process is not comfortable for our ego identity because it is the exercise of shedding your ego and realizing that you are something else. You are your pure soul, in truth you are pure source of energy. Thus, this waking up process cannot happen at one moment, because one wouldn’t survive that. It has to happen gradually over time.

When someone awakens their spirit, they awaken to their full self. How much a person can take responsibility for creating their own reality is a good barometer of their level of spiritual awakening. This means healing the reflection of yourself that you see in the world. Your full power is knowing you are capable of anything. Spiritual awakening means that you are realizing your divinity. That God is you, and you are God. Although you are not the totality of God. You are a piece of God, but you contain the whole of God at the same time. Once you realize your divinity, you have realized that you are of God (Source, Creator, however you would like to phrase it), you are part of God. Then you take charge. You are no longer a victim. You are no longer pointing fingers at people, authorities, and family members for things being a certain way in your life. You pull all your power back into yourself and believe that you can change anything WITHIN. As within, so without.

The most dramatic shift in consciousness a human can encounter is spiritual awakening. There are things that can trigger an awakening. The most common are triggering experiences. Triggering experiences are very painful or traumatic experiences such as losing a loved one, going through a serious illness, or prolonged physical pain. The trauma can also look like going into physical separation with your twin flame (if you are not familiar with this expression, twin flames are basically one soul in two bodies, one soul split into two. Someone meeting their twin flame is usually a very intense, catalysing experience). These painful experiences usually make us question the things we used to believe in. We start to ponder more on the meaning of life and our own life’s individual purpose. People going through these experiences start to tell themselves: “there has to be more to it... more than I believed so far." And they start to go deeper into their own soul. Digging deeper for deeper understandings, for answers to the multiplying questions. This is good, this is necessary, this is part of the awakening process. This is a complete transformation for your good.

Being a twin flame coach, I am experiencing more and more people meeting their twin flames in these times. Many souls are finally ready to face their false identifications through the lenses of their own “other self,” their twin flame. The twin flame journey is the fastest and most intense spiritual awakening process. If you have met someone who is your mirror triggering and awakening you. If this is what you have been experiencing, don't worry, you're not alone. It is shocking to me when people say to me that there is no one they can talk to about the spiritual awakening journey. Individuals may assume they are an alien or they have gone crazy. When I ask them to consider if the colleague sitting next to them is having the same experience, wondering if you think they are crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say all humans are awakening, I am just saying that way more than we would assume. And many are on the verge of waking up. Earth itself as a living being is also ascending, if you're attuned to nature, you can sense it.

So, if lately you found yourself questioning so many things you have firmly believed in. I would like to encourage you. You're on an authentic journey, you are at the right place and right experience. The whole Universe is supporting you. Feel free to reach out for support if you feel you are in the need of it. You can also type “Spiritual awakening” on Youtube or google or look for relating Facebook group if that’s what you feel guided to. First and foremost, rest assured that your True Self, Your Own Soul is and will guide you perfectly on this most valuable journey, back into your totality, to your true God Self.

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Gloria Grace, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gloria Grace is a transformational coach, a healer and soul therapist. Her passion is to help her clients and students heal from their core and transmute their deepest traumas so that they could enjoy their most fulfilled selves. Gloria has worked with hundreds of clients gently and lovingly guiding them on their spiritual awakening and inner healing and transformational journey. Many report that their lives have completely transformed through their collaboration with Gloria. Many of her clients state that all other healing methods or ways they have tried were just scratching the surface compared to the deep healing work they experience with Gloria's guidance.

One of Gloria's special offerings is twin flame coaching. She has already guided several twin flame couples into reunion.

Gloria was born in Hungary and lives in the fascinating capital, Budapest, mainly offering her video content on her Hungarian YouTube channel, but she also loves working with English-speaking (international) clients



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