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What Are The 8 Principles Of Health? Exclusive Interview With Kasia Dabrow-Kielan

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Kasia Dabrow-Kielan, worked as a Social Worker for almost 15 years and completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Social Work. Kasia's passion is to work with others and she is equipped with skills to enhance the wellbeing of her clients. She worked in various fields of Social Work in Australia and the United Kingdom. Kasia's personal experiences and life challenges made Kasia change her lifestyle and now has dedicated her life to helping others do the same, outside Social Work. Kasia has passionately created her own brand Consciously Healthy, which the name speaks for itself. Kasia has become a Health Coach and studied Iridology in Bali. She offers Iridology, Sclerology, health consulting, 1 on 1 Health Coaching and detox online programs. Kasia's hunger for knowledge does not rest and is keen in pursue further with studies.

Photo by: Jake Nowakowski

You’re a consciously healthy, health and fasting coach. Can you tell us more about your work and how you ended up where you are today?

My work focuses on working with an individual helping them become the best version of themselves. I am all about helping others to be healthy and feel good in their own body. I am a big believer that real health should never feel out of reach or to be filled with misleading information. Misleading information can really harm you instead of helping you. I have seen this on my mum, who passed away at 56 years of age chasing around from doctor to doctor, to specialists and a hospital to be told that there is not much left but medication. Years later, my youngest one developed some serious eczema, which got out of hand by the time she was two years old. I was told to apply steroid cream by her GP and specialist. I refused this lifestyle with my daughter and refused to go down the path and this is what led me to be where I am today. Through tears and through hard times I have dedicated my career to assisting others to move away from common, but not normal symptoms and live a better life. Seeing people alter their health, their relationship with food and their bodies, which is so crucial for our health, by giving the nonsense out there the middle finger and embracing real health is what keeps me going.

What are the 8 principles of health?

Many years ago, I mean thousands of years ago, humans followed 8 basic principles which support us to live a healthy lifestyle. These principles are Air, Water, Sunshine, Exercise, Wholefoods, Relationships, Passion and Sleep. So often and so many people, when thinking about health or a healthy lifestyle, they think it is only related to food. Yes, food is very important but, to live a truly healthy lifestyle we need to follow these 8 principles of health which I write about throughout my Brainz Magazine articles.

Have you encountered any significant challenges during your journey and how have these affected you?

My significant challenge is to work through misleading information and try to re-teach clients to think different. To unlearn what they were taught and break that pattern of thought. I signed up for a course focusing on nutrition, however, didn’t finish it. I’m not usually a quitter but I just couldn’t continue as I realized that it didn’t line up with my values. It was all about calorie counting, and BMI which was just too frustrating. In my Wholefoods article which was published recently by Brainz Magazine, I discussed briefly about the food pyramid and calorie counting which is way outdated in my opinion and so is the BMI calculation. The body mass index (BMI) was created by a statistician, not a medical body nearly 200 years ago. This equation of height/weight is to calculate population health trends and not the health status of an individual. But this is a topic for another time.

How does fasting work and why is it so important to consider it?

Fasting is a gift to an overburdened body. A body can get overburdened by dietary excess in general, excess of animal fat, tobacco use, alcohol, caffeine and refined food products. Fasting is a process that may smooth the progress of the body’s own healing mechanisms. It can be exceptionally effective at creating an in-house environment where the body can do what it does best, and that is to clean and heal itself. I encourage you all to read the article on Wholefoods where I touch base in a bit more detail on fasting and its benefits.

You work a lot with Iridology, can you elaborate on how it works and what it tells us about our health and our DNA?

Iridology and Screlorogy are the studies of the iris, the sclera and the pupil. These areas relate to and indicate an individual’s health dispositions. Iridologists assess the colour and the variations of colour, and the fibre structure around the iris to determine the constitutional strength of the physical body. In addition, it can also indicate aspects of the person’s personality which can influence conscious and unconscious emotional patterns. The assessment looks at both the physical and emotional sides of things as they all relate together. It’s very important to factor these in when making an assessment of one’s health and determine why symptoms are occurring in the first place. There are no two irises the same; each iris is as individual as a fingerprint. The right iris tells us about individuals’ genetic predispositions from the father’s side while the left iris is from the mother’s side for up to three generations, so it is a fascinating way of putting puzzle pieces together for an individual.

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

My audience can vary and I am not sure if I target a specific audience. Currently, I am working extremely hard at creating the support with the correct resources to those who are interested in improving their lifestyles and habits, no matter where you are with your health journey. Health is different for everyone and different abilities so I will always take into consideration you as a whole person rather then measuring height and weight and sends you off on your merry way. In saying that I do get a lot of parents, especially mothers, who seek advice on how to heal eczema naturally and how to boost their kid's immunity system as it seems that as of late there has been a bit of sick kids, meaning sick days and it seems no one has the time for these.

Photo by: Jake Nowakowski

Tell us about your most outstanding career achievement so far. Something that you are really proud of!

The achievements that I am proud of are the results I see and the reactions I get from individuals that cross my path. It’s the awareness that makes people shift towards small or big changes in their lives who wish to improve their own health is what makes it really satisfying. The feedback I get back from my followers, especially after my articles in Brainz Magazine is just phenomenal and so many say “this is common sense but we lost that along the way”. That is 100% correct; there is so much confusion when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle that as a society we got lost as it’s just too baffling. It is all about coming back to common sense and keeping things simple and real and this is exactly what I strive for when working with clients.

In addition, I am very proud that I have been handpicked and invited by Brainz to contribute. This is something I have never even dreamed of or imagined that I will be writing and publishing my own articles and as a bonus, feature on a cover of a magazine. Super pumped about this opportunity and I agreed to be part of the Brainz Magazine family with no hesitation. This led me to another opportunity to be part of the Brainz podcast, which was my very first ever (yes I was a bit nervous) but hoping to be part of many more in the future! In addition, I have been lucky enough to receive an invitation by Outlook Magazine. Outlook Magazine is very well known around USA, UK, Dubai and India. Plus, I will be a featuring on few panels locally here in Australia, again invited to feature as a guest, so all of, I must say, is very exciting.

So, what’s the next big goal or project for Kasia and how can someone get in contact with you?

I am juggling a few projects at the moment actually, taking baby steps and focusing on an exciting future. I am currently finishing my Integrated Iridology course to qualify as an Advanced Physical Iridologist. Once this is complete, I have two more courses in mind. I have a team currently working on developing my website further so I can reach more people online and currently am designing a few programs. One of them is targeting individuals, both kids and adults as to how to treat eczema naturally packed with recourses. A similar program will be available on fasting too where I can lead individuals through that online, again full of resources so everyone can have a one-stop-shop if you like. In addition, I have a public speaking presentation coming up in November as there is a need and confusion about the immunity boosting so I have been asked to present at my local area. Hopefully, this will become a regular service covering topics all health.

My ultimate goal is to incorporate all my services into a healthy hub, attached to a space where kids and adults can come together and enjoy a healthy snack or meal and have a laugh or two in a space where all aspects of health and wellness are catered for. I am seriously tired and devastated when looking at poor kids' menus when dining out (which we don’t do often) and constantly being disappointed. I believe that kids deserve better!

For more info, follow Kasia on Instagram and visit her website!



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