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Ways To Use Color For Personal Transformation

Written by: Mindy Schrager, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you ever considered all the different ways that color appears in our lives? Paint colors, foods, branding, nature, clothing, crystals, jewelry, personality assessments, and more.

With all the ways it appears, consider what it results in. The foods we eat, artwork that decorates our homes, and amazing gardens filled with colorful blooms, among many others.

While most of us are consciously aware of the influence of color, there are other subtler ways that color impacts us. This includes how it can support change and transformation.

Here are some examples of using color for transformation.

  • What if when you were “having the blues”, you added touches of red to shift your emotions? Red for energy. Red for being grounded. Red for adding passion. How could you add those touches of red? Hold a red crystal. Paint your toenails red. Breathe in the color red.

  • In what ways could you add green if you are craving a sense of spaciousness? Green as a way to bring the outdoors inside and create a breath of fresh air. Green to reflect lushness, abundance, and life force. Green to connect more fully to your heart and your true self.

  • ·Do you have an excess or deficit of something in your life? Look at color complements to create more balance. Feeling confused (yellow) then add the complement of violet to support transformation and nurturing.

How about these for easy steps to create a shift:

  • Want to stop doing something – the next time you find yourself tempted to start, imagine a red stop sign.

  • Want to shift into a happier space – see yellow sunflowers or a yellow smiley face dancing in your mind’s eye.

  • Feeling the need for a sense of calm – breathe in the color violet or buy some lavender.

When looking at the insights color can provide, consider that every color has a positive and negative aspect – similar to the light and dark shadow.

  • While red reflects passion and energy, it also represents the emotion of anger.

  • The shadow side of green can reflect envy (as in green with envy) or as I recently discovered – impatience.

These are just some of the ways that color can be used to create insight and transformation.

I have been aware of color starting with the flower garden I planted with my father, the gemstones in the jewelry I admired, and the color of the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. That awareness grew as I stepped into the world of ballroom dancing, learned new meanings of plants in landscaping my yard, and then dove deep into color meaning through my study of Aura-Soma®. Because of those experiences, I created a program called Self-Care Through Color and I’m offering it again in November 2022. For more details about how to register, attend an information session, or sign up for the waitlist, please check this link.

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Mindy Schrager, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mindy Schrager is an ICF PCC credentialed coach, Systemic Facilitator, Aura-Soma practitioner and founder of Systems of Change, LLC. Mindy’s focus on and passion for transformational work is built on years of experience creating strong, well-balanced teams, combined with a powerful personal discovery journey. Her experience and training have been focused on creating positive change in life and business experiences working with individuals and groups. Mindy loves to shine a light on hidden patterns and the root cause of dysfunction and then help create new pathways to growth.



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