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Unveiling Total Harmony Leadership Solutions – Exclusive Interview With Maurice F. Martin

Maurice F. Martin, the founder of Total Harmony Leadership Solutions, is emerging as a notable presence in 2024 for his influential role as a transformational coach and speaker. Infusing his approach with spirituality, Maurice passionately guides leaders to overcome imposter syndrome and transcend limiting beliefs by embracing their authentic selves. As a 2x bestselling author and the host of The Hope Rising Podcast, Maurice's methodologies serve as a beacon of hope for those feeling stuck or burned out. With unwavering dedication, Maurice inspires individuals to embark on their journey towards personal, spiritual, and professional fulfillment.

Image photo of Maurice Martin

Maurice F. Martin, Transformational Coach and Speaker

To start, could you tell us what inspired the creation of Total Harmony Leadership Solutions?


On October 15, 2016, I experienced my “rock bottom.” It wasn’t the typical rock bottom people describe. No tragedy happened. No heartbreak. No negativity. At least, not externally.


It is embarrassing to say this, but I had an anxiety attack on my wedding night. Heart racing. Tears streaming down my face. My emotions had even got the best of me on my wedding day.


I had 2 brothers die in two years, my music career had fizzled out a few years earlier and I found myself feeling “stuck” even on that beautiful day.


That night, I decided that I wanted to get “unstuck.” I needed to break the cycle of drinking away my problems and getting high to rise above my issues. I wanted real solutions and to rise above my mess in a way could help more than me.


That is honestly the heart and soul behind Total Harmony Leadership Solutions. During this last 8 years, I began by immersing myself in personal and spiritual development. I became a counselor, a transformational coach, then began to author books to help people get unstuck in their own life.


Our goal is to empower leaders to deal with imposter syndrome and embrace their God-given destiny. I always say, “there is a greater you in you!” The goal is to help that greatness emerge.


Your company is based on personal development, but you gear your services toward leaders. Can you explain that?


We work with leaders to help them get to their highest level. The healthier you become personally, the more effective you can lead your people. The more authentically lead, the less you feel like a “fraud” when you find success.


I hear a lot of leaders say that they are good at keeping their personal life personal and their professional life professional. On the surface, it sounds good but as I sit down with clients, I rarely see that to be true.


I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that stated that 53% of managers reported feeling burned out. That is, in part, because people often feel emotionally overwhelmed, burned out, and stuck even when they are excelling professionally.


How common is imposter syndrome amongst leaders, would you say?


This may be tough to believe, but there are studies that say that 70 percent of people will deal with imposter syndrome during their life. One recent study found that 58% of employees reported suffering from imposter syndrome. I believe imposter syndrome is often a product of what we have been taught as leaders. People will tell us “just fake it ‘til you make it and your dreams will come true!”


Many of us found out the hard way that principle is often not true. I teach clients that you perfect whatever you practice. In other words, if you practice “faking it,” you reach the finish line and feel exactly what you’ve practiced feeling. Fake.


As a transformational coach, how do you help people get unstuck and overcome imposter syndrome?


Overcoming imposter syndrome is rooted in a person embracing their authentic self. You need to overcome self-doubt and the negative self-talk that tries to keep you stuck. I always say that “believe it until you achieve it” is the opposite of “fake it til you make it.” In other words, you overcome that inner negativity by forming real inner belief.


When I work with clients, I often reference the scripture that says “before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you.” Who is the version of you that God knows? You are no accident, you are no mistake, and you are most definitely not a fraud.


I teach that you must believe there is greatness within you and that greatness must be embraced, acknowledged, and cultivated. Your hopes and dreams are so much bigger than you. When you live life in purpose, you make a difference in so many other lives. Someone is waiting for you on the other side of this journey.


Would you say that this is also your focus as a keynote speaker and a clinician?


Absolutely. When I speak to audiences, my goal is always to be a real spark of transformation. Many people and organizations want to reach their full potential but something is holding them back. I often say “you need to deal with whatever is dealing with you”.


It is the past pains, disappointments, and frustrations that have not been dealt with or healed from that keep us stuck. That is the main emphasis of my book, Your But Is Too Big as well. I challenge audiences to embrace their healing journey. If you are feeling stuck, you must heal mentally, emotionally, and organizationally so that you can experience true authentic success.


There is nothing like hearing success stories after people have begun to embrace their potent to transform. I never take that sort of thing for granted. Being a keynote speaker is an honor and I look forward to making an impact on people as I move forward in this journey.


If someone has been inspired by this article, how can they connect with you?


If someone is dealing with the effects of imposter syndrome, I would invite them to take my free imposter syndrome masterclass. That is a great way for our relationship to get started.


If an organization wants to partner with me to bring some motivation and deal with any issues of burnout, let’s get something set up here.

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