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Unlocking The Power Of Intuition – A Secret Weapon For Thriving Women In Business

Written by: Magda Kay, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Magda Kay

In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, effective decision making is a vital skill to harness. Whether it's resolving challenges or seizing opportunities, the ability to make clear, intuitive decisions can set the stage for lasting success and fulfillment.

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Women, in particular, have a unique advantage when they learn to work with their intuition; I would call it a superpower. By honing this innate skill, we can really start to take the lead with confidence and achieve outstanding results.

Why is intuition a female superpower?

You’ve likely heard about female intuition, how we have this uncanny ability to just know something, even before it happens. How, when women tune into this internal guiding force within them they can make decisions that transcend logic all while creating incredible opportunities, connections and experiences for themselves.

As women, we possess heightened intuition due to a combination of biological and societal factors. From an evolutionary standpoint, we’ve developed finely-tuned instincts as caregivers and nurturers. Socially, have a heightened ability to read the emotions of others, resulting in heightened empathy and emotional intelligence. These innate skills, when nurtured and leveraged, can empower us to make better decisions and enhance our leadership in our chosen career paths as well. But somehow, it’s really not that straight-forward at all.

Why is intuitive decision making such a challenge?

Since we’re gifted with these heightened abilities, why is it so hard to tap in and make clear, guided decisions? You’ve probably found your inner “gut feeling” to be confusing and inconsistent at times, making it hard to rely on.

You’re presented with a new professional opportunity and your heart tells you it’s the right path yet your body cramps up with tension and your stomach is in knots.

In your personal life, you may have gotten yourself in trouble, led astray by your own inner voice. In your professional life, you could have felt paralyzed by inner conflict, unable to choose what’s right for you.

Why would our inner guidance system hand us a “yes” and a “no” at the same time?

Because there is still one major misconception about female intuition: there is not just one intuitive voice within us. The female body carries four instinctual centers, all working towards giving us that “hunch”.

That’s right, there are four female instinctual centers. This is why we experience inner conflict; these centers can often pull us in different directions, leaving us feeling torn instead of empowered.

However, when we learn to identify each of them and work with them, we are unstoppable. We finally learn how to make decisions in life, without second guessing ourselves.

The power of four

Now we know what we were never taught; that female intuition does not simply arise from only one place within a woman. So where is it that we can get the answers we need?

Through our four intuitive centers: the head center, the heart center, the sex center and the gut center.

Listening to any one of these centers and their intuitive nudges would still mean you’re following your intuition, but only partially. When you’re not tuning in to the others, you may be ignoring three other important aspects of yourself.

This is why decision making in business and in life can feel draining instead of empowering. You may feel as if there are multiple answers you are being pulled towards with equal force.

Let me walk you through an example you may be familiar with.

You meet someone new and you suddenly feel a tightness in your stomach; for some reason, you just know they’re someone you can’t feel safe with. That’s your gut center; the leading voice telling you if someone is trustworthy or not, or whether walking down a particular street is safe.. The main objective of your gut center is to keep you safe, because your survival is its number one priority, always.

When another center comes into play, things can get confusing. For example, your heart center’s greatest desire for you is love, which requires openness and vulnerability. This can feel the complete opposite to safe. While your heart center tries to push you towards new opportunities, your gut center will try to hold you back in the comfort of familiarity to keep you away from risk.

Now you see where confusion can arise within: there are two parts of you in direct conflict when you’re met with a new decision. You want to take risks in your personal and professional life, but you desperately seek safety at the same time.

The F power method

Now you see how each of your four instinctual centers has its own needs, wants and desires. They are each trying to relay their own intuitive information for you to listen to, leaving you with further confusion. Unless you learn how to allow your four centers to work together in making a decision, rather than having them fight over one another for your attention. Once you get to understand this, you can tap into your own internal decision making power like never before. But no one has ever taught us this valuable skill.

This is why I created the F-power method, (which stands for female power method), a method that addresses your four intuitive centers and teaches you how to be guided by each of them in order to pursue exactly what you want in life.

By getting all of your instinctual centers on the same page, you can make decisions from an authentic place rather than from a place of doubt, fear, people pleasing or outsourcing your decisions to those around you.

If you’d like to dive deeper into these four centers and learn how to make decisions from your full power and authenticity, be sure to check out my newest book, No More Faking It: A woman’s guide to getting the love, pleasure and fulfillment she deeply desires.

Your intuition is the key to unshakeable confidence and fulfillment. I’m excited to offer this framework to you, and to help you see just how powerful your intuition can be.

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Magda Kay Brainz Magazine

Magda Kay, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Magda Kay is an intimacy expert, certified Tantra teacher, speaker, and author on a mission to help individuals around the world experience more love, pleasure, and intimacy. For almost a decade, her advice on relationship dynamics has helped countless singles and couples alike live more fulfilling and authentic lives in and outside of the bedroom. Magda embarked on a journey of sexual healing that led her to Bali, Nepal, India, and Thailand. She studied Tantra, conscious sexuality, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing, and today she helps to spread these vital Tantric teachings around the world. With a degree and background in business, Magda has a natural gift for translating esoteric concepts into practical ones.



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