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Transforming Mental Strength And Emotional Intelligence – Exclusive Interview With Shuchita Dua

Shuchita Dua is a seasoned psychologist with over 15 years of expertise in clinical interventions, specialising in lifelong mental health and emotional intelligence. She is dedicated to fostering positive, strength-based approaches for individuals facing challenges in various aspects of life. Shuchita's innovative individual and group intervention programs have earned her national and international acclaim, making her a distinguished figure in the field.

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Shuchita Dua, Psychologist and Mental Strength Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Hello, I'm Shuchita Dua, the founder of Aariv Infinite, and a passionate Psychologist dedicated to Mental Strength Training. With over 15 years of experience, I've had the privilege of serving numerous clients worldwide. My professional journey has led me to wear multiple hats, from being a Healing & Relationship Coach to a Rehab Professional. My specialization includes Emotive Behavior, Hypnosis, and Positive Psychology, and I provide online sessions for the convenience of my clients across the world. In less than 8 months, I've successfully built a six-figure online coaching business, a testament to the power of dedication and the pursuit of one's dreams. Beyond my professional life, I cherish the role of being a single parent to my remarkable 5-year-old son, Aariv, who embodies the beauty of emotional intelligence and human resilience. My approach to life is deeply influenced by spirituality and the teachings of Shiva, and I strongly believe in the profound forces of the universe and the art of manifestations. In my free time, I find solace in the pages of books and the joys of cooking delectable meals. In both my professional practice and personal life, I hold three fundamental values very dear to my heart: care, integrity, and quality. My mission as a professional is to transform the dialogue surrounding mental health, moving it from a narrow symptom-focused perspective to a more comprehensive strength-based approach. The trust and well-being of my clients are my utmost priorities and I hold a strong belief in training my clients with effective evidence-based psychological and emotional solutions. My mission is to demystify emotions and dispel the fear surrounding negative experiences such as anger, stress, and anxiety and I am driven to assist individuals in unlocking their full potential, attaining emotional well-being, and nurturing enduring mental strength. This vision was the catalyst for the creation of "Aariv Infinite," an organization deeply rooted in my commitment to knowledge and understanding. The name, drawn from Sanskrit, is not just my son’s name but also signifies both my and my team's dedication to unlocking the boundless potential of the human mind, represented by "Infinite." Our trademark program, “re. program,” embodies the fundamental belief that our minds possess an infinite capacity to reshape, redefine and re.program our reality. It stands as a testament to the transformative power inherent within each of us, awaiting activation. It is my aspiration that my journey and principles will act as a wellspring of inspiration, motivating readers and others to adopt a strength-based perspective on mental well-being, allowing them to confront life's challenges with resilience and unwavering confidence.

What is the primary purpose of your business, and what inspired you to create it? The primary mission of Aariv Infinite is to serve as a guiding light for individuals embarking on a transformative journey of rewriting their life stories and embracing emotional freedom. I wholeheartedly believe in the inherent power of an individual's mind to adapt and respond to life's ever-changing circumstances. Each of us possess an extraordinary ability to conquer life's challenges. Through principles like adjustment, accommodation, and unwavering determination, people not only can overcome obstacles but can also extract valuable life lessons that propel them forward on their personal paths to growth and fulfillment. The inspiration behind the clinical intervention program, re.program, stems from a deep-seated frustration I felt with the commercialization of psychological well-being, particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This challenging period saw a concerning trend of individuals self-diagnosing and resorting to medications that offered little more than lethargy instead of resilience. Despite the demand for collective growth and resilience in society, it seemed that the opposite was happening and that really bothered me, for not just for myself but also my son and the future generation he would be part of! With the pandemic, the essence of psychological well-being, originally rooted in the principle of "helping," appeared to be overshadowed by a culture of fear and rampant commercial exploitation. Emotional support was transforming into a mere commodity, veering away from its core purpose of genuine assistance. Re.program emerged under the Aariv Infinite umbrella with a deep-rooted desire to refocus on quality, hope, and the genuine essence of psychological well-being. My vision was clear to empower future generations, instilling in them resilience, self-awareness, and unwavering strength in the face of uncertainty and anxiety-inducing times. We don’t have to run from anxiety, we’ve got to learn to live with it and not just live, but flourish with it!

Aariv Infinite acts as a sanctuary, protecting individuals from the layers of fear and commercialization that have obscured the field of mental health. We want to empower people to reclaim their emotional well-being and equip them with the tools to navigate life's challenges with authenticity and resilience. Our ultimate goal is to create a future where individuals recognize their inherent potential, where hope and genuine support surpass fear and commercial interests. Can you tell me more about the products or services your business offers through the website? Certainly, Aariv Infinite offers a comprehensive array of products and services dedicated to nurturing emotional well-being, intelligence, and personal growth. Central to our offerings is our flagship program, re.program, a meticulously designed clinical intervention program. It provides individuals with personalized therapy and coaching, ensuring complete confidentiality. This program is meticulously engineered to help individuals conquer their struggles, build resilience, and enhance their overall well-being. Its transformative approach spans three key stages: fostering self-awareness, empowering individuals to redefine limiting beliefs, and nurturing personal growth by establishing healthy habits and setting realistic goals. Beyond individual sessions, we conduct interactive webinars and live group sessions that foster a supportive community, enabling individuals to connect and learn collectively. These sessions aim to help individuals harness their innate mental strengths and collectively tackle life's challenges. Our programs are also tailored to organizations and groups aiming to address common emotional well-being areas. We also offer exclusive intensive programs such as re.program – Monthly Mentorship and hypnotherapy, accessible to clients through an invitation-only selection process, which involves intensive interviews and psychological evaluations to ensure alignment with individual concerns and needs. Those keen on embarking on this transformative journey can initiate the process by scheduling an "Exploration and Alignment Session" directly through our website with me. We also provide continued education and training options, facilitating therapists and life coaches in adopting strength-based counseling models. This month-long training is easily accessible through our website, empowering professionals to enhance their skills and make a positive impact on their clients.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of user data on your site? Our platform guarantees 100% confidentiality, and all interactions and information shared during sessions are held in strict confidence, creating a secure environment for open and honest discussions. Furthermore, the scheduling platform that we use on the website adheres to the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This platform is purposefully designed with security in mind, prioritizing the protection of sensitive patient data. It offers a secure environment for booking and managing appointments, further enhancing the privacy and trust of our clients. What sets your business apart from competitors in your industry or niche?

If I may say, what truly speaks of my success is the trust my clients have in Aariv Infinite and re.program. It's a testament to my commitment to quality and positive outcomes that Aariv Infinite’s entire client base comes from referrals. I've never had to invest in marketing because clients' satisfaction and their word of mouth has been our greatest advocates. It's a genuine reflection of the difference we make in people's lives, and I am proud to continue on this path of trust and transformation. Another aspect that truly sets Aariv Infinite apart from our competitors is our unwavering commitment to a strengths-based approach. We're fully committed to providing our clients with measurable quality outcomes, ensuring that they experience a transformation that goes beyond temporary relief. We don't just focus on symptom alleviation; my team and I are all about delivering long-term relief. Our approach tackles concerns on two fronts: immediate symptom relief, allowing our clients to function at their best even during challenging times, and the core transformation of their belief system and resolving underlying trauma. We're all about bringing awareness and facilitating learning of new, positive, and beneficial ways of being. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to making a lasting impact on anyone who crosses paths with Aariv Infinite, even if only for a brief moment. Their well-being and personal growth are the driving forces behind my work in the realm of mental health.

What future developments or improvements do you have in mind for your website and business? The future for Aariv Infinite is filled with exciting developments and improvements. While we've achieved significant success with respect to increasing our client base, in a short span of 8 months, there's a long road ahead, and we're ready for the journey. I have a vision to expand our horizons in several key areas: First, we're dedicated to making high-quality clinical and psychological tools accessible not only to therapists and coaches but also to the general public. Some are up already in the store section of our website, but most of these tools will be available for purchase very soon, empowering individuals to work on their own mindset shifts and enhance their mental strength. Secondly, we're committed to launching a wealth of knowledge-driven training modules, both live and pre-recorded, catering not only to professionals seeking continued education but also to a wider audience. These training modules will be a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of emotional well-being and personal growth. With quality as our focus, accreditation of these courses is also a focus for us. In addition, there's an exciting mental strength book in the pipeline, that I am working on, aimed at providing further insights and guidance to those on their journey to well-being. Finally, I am also exploring the integration of spiritual practices like Reiki into our mental strength training, with the goal of promoting holistic development and growth for individuals. Ultimately, all our endeavors are with one clear mission - to eradicate fear around mental health issues and uncertain times, creating a community and future grounded in hope, resilience, and emotional intelligence. I’m enthusiastic about the transformative journey ahead for Aariv Infinite.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why? If I could change one thing about my industry, it would be to shift the predominant focus from symptom alleviation to a more comprehensive approach that addresses the core issues. While symptom relief is important for immediate well-being, it's equally vital to dig deeper and work on the root causes of mental health challenges. This shift is essential to not only bring lasting, meaningful changes in individuals' lives, fostering emotional well-being and resilience, but also to open people up about accepting counselling and therapy without prejudice.

By making this change, we will also ensure that the field of mental health and emotional well-being prioritizes holistic healing, leading to more empowered, fulfilled, and resilient society.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

A pivotal moment in my life that brought me to where I am today was the decision to leave a high-paying corporate job to embark on the journey with Aariv Infinite. Many people considered it a risky move, especially given my role as a single parent with huge financial responsibilities. Most thought that I was impulsive and stupid, to say the least!

But I firmly believe that one's self-respect is the catalyst for meaningful change. In the face of threats, we can either succumb to fear or rise above adversity. Without getting into the depths of what transpired in my past, I would only like to say, I chose to rise above!

My journey has been akin to that of a phoenix, starting life anew both personally and professionally, confronting major life setbacks one after the other. Life presenting difficult choices one after the other. So I chose, I chose to not give up but to bounce back.

I chose to bounce back determined to convey the message that quitting a job, relationship, heartbreak, divorce, financial crisis, nothing marks the end of life! Until we decide it’s the end. Our mind, is the most powerful tool and an abundant library of solutions, at our disposal.

Today, reaching an international audience and sharing my story with publications like Brainz, while having readers from over 64 countries, is a beautiful testament to the fact that if I could do dig in and do it, so can others. It's a realization of a manifestation I held close to my heart while quitting my last job – that if I’ll continue to be authentic and true to myself, life will lead to incredible opportunities. I wanted to prove that with my kind of knowledge and determination, there are no limits to what I can and will achieve in the times to come.

I stand today, making not only myself proud but raising a happy child, proud of his mommy dear! :)

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