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Tips On Overcoming Setbacks During The Holiday Season

Written by: Lisa Marotta, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


According to most, it is never the right time to start. You will never find the perfect time, but putting your health first should always be a priority. Below are some tips and tricks on how to get back on track before the new year kicks in!

This time of year always screams “procrastination” to most.

So many of us have said the below comments in our heads…

  • I will just wait until the new year to start up the gym again.

  • There are too many events and holiday parties coming up. I don’t have time.

  • I do not have the energy or desire to even start. I will wait until Christmas is over.

  • I already have gained so much. I feel it in my clothes. Another 4 weeks won’t hurt.

  • Let me just enjoy this month and I will revisit my goals come January.

There never is a good time to start anything. There will always be commitments, schedules, events, and fears in your way. Think of it this way, whenever you do decide to start, that will be the perfect time for you. Why? Because it’s further than you were yesterday. Any type of start is a good start. Taking a step forward shows you are ready to overcome your setback or “slump” you may temporarily be in.

While the holidays can be very magical and happy, they can also be extremely hectic and stressful. Many people tend to skip their routines, go off their meal plans, avoid the gym, etc. More often than not, setbacks are very common this month.

So, how do we overcome that “holiday setback”? How do we get ten steps ahead of a New Year’s Resolution?

Well, it is challenging, but still possible to overcome a setback before the new year hits. Below are some tips on how to do so.

  • Avoid extreme changes. Do not change EVERYTHING on a Monday. Possibly, start the first week with nutrition and by the second or third week, you can implement exercise into your schedule. If you change all at once, you have a greater chance of getting overwhelmed.

  • Talk it out. Talk to someone that is a good listener. If you express your frustration, desires, and goals... maybe it’ll help get everything off your chest while also giving you some motivation.

  • For the first week do not weigh yourself. Strictly focus on sticking to a nutrition routine. Once you hit the 7th day of that, then start weighing yourself and track those weekly averages. We don’t want the scale to defeat us on day one.

  • Write out a plan. Even if this is a small plan, write it out! Write out your grocery lists, exercise plans, and morning/night routines. This will keep you organized!

  • Find yourself an accountability buddy or coach. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will help you stay on track. Being able to see someone else do this will just prove that it’s all possible and realistic.

  • Jot down your “why”. On days you want to give up, circle back to this as a friendly reminder.

  • Practice self-love. Give yourself grace, acceptance, and love. It’s okay that you had a setback. No human being can be perfect every second of every day. Understand your setback, learn from it, and grow from it. This is a journey of life, not perfection.

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Lisa Marotta, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lisa Marotta is a certified Nutritionist and established owner of Lifestyle with Lisa. In 2017, Marotta decided to transform her lifestyle for the better, both physically and mentally, and it was the best decision she has ever made. She chose to create Lifestyle with Lisa, an all-inclusive and dynamic nutrition-coaching service, to help those who are facing the challenges she did just a few years ago. As a nutrition coach, she customizes her programs to meet all of her client's individual needs. From meal planning and fitness routines to maintaining a positive mindset when faced with life’s challenges, Lisa builds custom strategies to help her clients not only reach their goals and desires, but to maintain them. Often times, people may feel as though they do not have the right tools or motivation to make the changes necessary to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to help those see that their goals are achievable and that support can be found both internally within them self as well as externally with the right tools.



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