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Thriving Through The Pandemic

Written by: Sadie Evans, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The word pandemic carries a negative connotation, and I am not here to change that, but I would like to open your mind by giving you some inspiration and tools to help you thrive and not just survive through the pandemic.

First, let us define pandemic, Merriam- Webster defines a pandemic as occurring over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population.

Some examples it gave were the malaria outbreak and the 1918 flu pandemic that claimed millions of lives. You and I know first-hand how traumatic living through a pandemic is and many of us were directly affected by what we know as Covid19. However, the world is still experiencing the residue of the collective trauma due to Covid19, many of us do not know how we will recover and the majority of us are just surviving and going with the flow of things.

If you are anything like me, you were left stifled and confused on how to repair all the broken pieces. I can remember being home with my 5 children and thinking “how am I going to care for them with no income, "how am I going to properly educate them and how could I possibly bounce back from this!”

As I was in the kitchen preparing supper I started to cry and, at the moment, I realized that I was not alone the entire world was feeling the fear that I was feeling. I knew that I needed to no longer just survive through this I needed to teach myself how to thrive through this. And at that moment, I instantly had a shift in how I was looking at this pandemic. I knew that I no longer wanted to see it as something that caused me to be stagnated.

Although the issue is horrendous, it does not take away the lesson all of us can learn through it. This was new to some of us as we have gone through things, but most of us have never lived through a pandemic, so there was no way would we be prepared to thrive through it.

And if you are like most of America then you are fed up with just surviving and you are already ready to THRIVE!

Let us define the two words, so you can get an idea of what category you fall into.

Merriam-webster defines surviving as

1: still living after another or others have died or died out. continuing to exist, remaining intact. (existing)

Merriam- Webster defines thriving

1: characterized by success or prosperity; grow or develop well or vigorously. (Flourishing)

Now I want you to look at the way you are handling the pandemic. Ask yourself this question. Are you surviving or are you thriving? If you feel you are only surviving, I want, you to pull out a pen and a notebook and I challenge you to complete this activity.

  1. What are your feelings towards the pandemic?

  2. What are some lessons that you have learned through this?

  3. Have you developed a stronger bond with family and friends through this and in ways are you thankful for that?

  4. Write out 7 affirmations that build you up.

  5. Name 5 positive things that happened in your life that would not have happened without the pandemic.

  6. Create 3 realistic goals that you can accomplish amid this?

  7. How can you see the glass half full instead of half empty surrounding the pandemic?

Hopefully, this activity will help you see the good in an unpleasant situation. The entire world is learning how to cope with our new normal and although nothing will take away the fear and uncertainty we felt. Learning how to thrive in the most challenging times in life can decrease our chances of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and becoming depressed.

If you asked yourself the question and answered that you are thriving, this is awesome for you, and although you one in a few, you are an example of how it can be done. Here is an activity to help you to continue to thrive.

  1. Create a gratitude journal and list 5 things daily that you are thankful for.

  2. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

  3. Find reasons to be kind daily.

  4. Look for lessons in the obstacles that happen in life.

  5. Write down 3 things that you can improve some unhealthy habits in your life.

  6. Set 5 goals and create a strategy to accomplish them.

  7. Read or listen to an audiobook about prosperity.

Because I was intentional about shifting my mindset from being a victim of this pandemic it allowed me to become victorious through it. And that is the difference between thriving and surviving. Brene Brown’s famous quote “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” was one that inspired me to learn and grow from this situation.

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Sadie Evans, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sadie Evans is an author, speaker, and the podcast host of Soul Food with Sadie, She is a first-generation college grad with her degree in Human Services. She is a first-generation business owner and author, Sadie is the epiphany of self-development. She took the obstacles she was born into and utilized them as a staircase to her success. Sadie has survived childhood trauma, domestic violence, and the struggles that come with being a single parent. She knows how to turn pain into purpose and her goal is to help others transform their trauma into triumph.



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