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The Three Great Therapy Myths

Written by: Rozanna Wyatt, Executive Contributor

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My heart raced out of my chest as I waited in the cozy waiting room. I had been a therapist for over thirteen years, yet I was getting ready to sit on a couch in front of a stranger. Do I really need to be here? What will they think? These were just a few thoughts racing through my mind as I tried to calm my nerves before being greeted by the smiling face of my therapist.

Being a therapist myself, I knew what to expect during the first therapy session and subsequent ones after that. What I wasn’t prepared for was my overflow of tears and trembling voice when my therapist asked me, “So what brings you in today.” It was so very evident to me at that moment I had made the right decision. I had been through a challenging time and needed a safe place to express my thoughts and feelings because despite applying all the skills I knew as a therapist and coach, it wasn’t enough. I also didn’t want to carry forward the painful experience I had been through, so this was my proactive way of healing and investing in myself. So why was I so fearful when I sat in the waiting room?

Let me say it. Therapy is scary. You’re sitting in front of a stranger sharing vulnerable details about your life, admitting you can’t deal with something on your own, and discussing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you might even feel shameful for having. So it’s understandable to feel afraid. But, from my personal experience and hearing similar sentiments from hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over a 16-year career, what makes therapy scary are three main myths that seem to surround it. And while I was aware of them, somehow, I temporarily succumbed to them as I sat in the waiting room.

Myth 1 – Therapy Is Solely For People Experiencing Mental Health Issues

Though therapy does help those with mental health issues, you don’t need to have a diagnosed mental health disorder or be experiencing mental health symptoms to attend therapy. Therapy is really about growth and evolving as a person. It helps you to understand yourself better. It can help you explore and resolve self-esteem and confidence issues, relationship difficulties, workplace stress, life transitions, trauma, self-doubt, performance anxiety, hidden desires, and goal setting.

One of the best times to attend therapy is when you’re already feeling balanced. This proactively equips you with insight and tools to help you when you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed and ensures you move forward in life in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling. In addition, therapy is a great way to engage in honest reflection so you can stay focused on the goals you’ve set in your life. It’s also a form of self-care with a guaranteed lifetime return on investment, unlike other self-care modalities that might only give you temporary help and balance.

Myth 2 – Attending Therapy Means There Is Something Wrong With You

Let me say this explicitly – there is nothing wrong with you for attending therapy. What you’re feeling and experiencing is real, and sometimes the best way to work through what you’re dealing with is in therapy regardless if it’s distress-producing or not. Therapy provides a safe place to untangle thoughts and feelings and even confusion. In addition, therapy is a transformational process that has many benefits, including gaining new perspectives, developing skills, insights about yourself and others, and the ability to rewire your brain. Finally, deciding to work with a therapist shows how courageous and committed you are to your well-being.

Myth 3 - There’s No Need To Talk About Internal Stuff – Especially In Therapy

If the “sweep it under the rug” mentality was a cultural or familial norm you experienced growing up, you might have internalized that talking about emotions is weak or wrong. But unfortunately, suppressed thoughts and feelings result in unresolved issues, which can culminate in a host of problems that you may or may not be aware of. The truth is, our internal world always impacts every aspect of our life, so if you’re looking to thrive, it starts by working from the inside out. Ultimately, therapy can help you move forward in life in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

The most important truth – is that everyone gets stuck and experiences internal pain that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. And, just because you’re strong enough to carry it doesn’t mean you should or that you have to do it alone. So, if you’re not spending your life the way you want to, let’s talk about it. Contact me directly at or visit As a Licensed Therapist in Alberta and Ontario, and a Global Coach, I help ambitious, high-achieving women who seem entirely put together on the outside stop doubting themselves, resolve emotional pain, fully thrive, and confidently go after what they want in all areas of life.

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Rozanna Wyatt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rozanna Wyatt is a Licensed Therapist and highly sought Global Coach who specializes in helping ambitious, high-achieving women confidently go after what they want in business and life. Drawing from her sixteen years of experience working those who have done the unimaginable (we're talking murder), entrepreneurs, athletes, professionals and corporate leaders, she enables her clients to experience mindset breakthroughs that allow them to turn their lives around, resolve years of emotional pain, be happy, 10x their business, win national awards, and more. Rozanna has a master’s degree in social work, as well as specialized training in leadership and high performance.

Rozanna’s expertise has been featured in the media in Forbes, Addicted2Succcess, Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine. When she’s not keeping up on the latest research around positive psychology and human behavior, you can find her playing with her furbaby or sipping vanilla lattes in her favorite coffee shops in Canada.



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