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The Substance Of Consciousness

Written by: Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor

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“There is only one substance, this substance is consciousness. It is your imagination which forms this substance into concepts, which concepts are then manifested as conditions, circumstances and physical objects.” (Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness)

The concept that you hold of yourself creates your reality. If not deliberately and consciously altered, your self image was created in your first years of life. As an infant, your subconscious mind was wide open. Your brain operated in Delta and then Theta brainwaves, the same brainwaves your brain operates in when you are dreaming, when you are very relaxed or drowsy and when you are in a deep meditative or hypnotic state.

As a child, you had to learn information and have it installed as a subconscious program to be able to function as a human being in a physical environment. Your self concept, the image that you hold of yourself, was programmed in there too, through verbal and nonverbal communication and concepts and ideas that were drilled into your subconscious mind from your environment.

The concept or image that you hold, that was programmed into you subconsciously, is what forms the substance of consciousness into the reality in your life.

In order to change your reality, you must change that concept or image of yourself.

“According to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, we never know where the electron is going to appear in the electron cloud, yet from nothing comes something. This is why quantum physics is so exciting and unpredictable. The electron is not always physical matter, rather it exists as the energy or is the probability of a wave. It is only through the act of observation by an observer that it appears. Once an observer (mind) comes along and looks for it, the act of observation directs the energy and causes all the potential energy to collapse into an electron (matter). Thus, it manifests from a realm of infinite possibilities and unknown to a known. It becomes local in space and time.” (Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza)

You must move your attention and focus it on a new concept. You, as the awareness or the observer, are causing the potential energy to manifest from the realm of infinite possibilities to a known fact in your life. If you want to change your facts or results, you must change your concept of yourself. You must assume yourself to be the person who will think, act, be and have what you desire.

As Neville says, “the events which you observe are determined by the concept you have of yourself. If you change the concept of yourself, the events ahead of you in time are altered. An assumption is a certain motion of consciousness. This motion, like all motion, exercises an influence on the surrounding substance, causing it to take the shape of, echo and reflect the assumption. A change of fortune is a new direction and outlook, merely a change in the arrangement of the same mind substance, consciousness. If you would change your life, you must begin at the very source with your own basic concept of self.” (Neville Goddard, The Power Of Awareness)

If we combine these two great resources, Neville Goddard and Dr. Joe Dispenza, we can understand more deeply how the unified field, the quantum field, the realm of infinite possibilities is that one substance of consciousness.

What quantum physics’ research, with Heisenberg and Bonn’s theories, shows us is that the mere observation, the awareness, is what makes that possible, which exists as a frequency or a wave, to collapse into matter.

The awareness, the conception, the attention you give to an idea or an assumption is what moves this one substance of consciousness and turns it into forms, conditions and events in your life. As David Bohm said “In this flow, mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather they are different aspects of one whole and unbroken movement.” (David Bohm, Wholeness & The Implicate Order).

Your subconscious mind is one with the universal mind, therefore the concept or image that you hold or yourself and that is programmed into your subconscious is what forms the substance of consciousness into reality in your life.

As Heisenberg stated: “The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real. They form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”

The reality that you currently experience emotionally and physically is the possibility that you currently observe and accept. When you can observe a different possibility and make that new concept an assumption, and when you impress that on to your subconscious mind by the law repetition and by autosuggestion and meditation, you can create a new program and observe a new reality.

Just like your current subconscious program, your current concept of yourself and the current image that you hold was created by repetition, while your brain was operating in Theta brainwaves in the first 6-7 years of life, so you can now in the same manner create a new image and observe this possibility turning into a fact. It takes practice. It is possible!

“Our control over things is part of the necessary order of the universe. The disorder we have met with in the past has resulted precisely from our never having attempted consciously to introduce this element of our personal control as part of the system…

…We may have taken a few steps on the way as yet, but they are in the right direction. And what we have to do now is to go on” (Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power)

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Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Shimrit Nativ is a leader and expert in human potential and transformation. She is the CEO of Master Your Path a leading edge academy for emotional & mental well-being. Shimrit has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of calm, confidence and fulfilment. She helps high-performers tap into their limitless powers and make the emotional and conscious shifts necessary to create a life they love.


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