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The Secret To Attracting High-Calibre Men

Written by: Natalie Ford, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Natalie Ford

When you’re a woman with high standards for love, trying to find your ideal man can feel frustrating. I imagine that you’re probably very capable of attracting men who are a “close” match to your desires – but not quite the “right” match. What if I told you there was a little-known secret to calling in high-calibre men? And – once you knew that secret – you could turn things around and finally attract the love you’ve been looking for? Read on.

man holding woman looking at each other

A man who’s a true match

You’re on all the dating apps and hanging out at all the potential spots where you’re ideal man might hang out too. Am I right?

Despite your best efforts, you haven’t found him yet – and it’s both frustrating and exhausting. I get it – I’ve been there!

But I know you’re a determined woman. You’re not the type to give up – you’ve come too far.

You’ve worked damn hard to heal from your past – and break patterns that previously caused you pain. And now, you're looking for a happy, healthy, lasting love – with your forever man. It’s just a matter of finding him…

Here’s where I can help you.

The never-ending search for high-calibre men

I dated lots of “nearly-but-not-quite-right” matches. I tried dating apps, conscious communities, workshops, festivals, friends of friends… you name it. I wondered if I’d done so much healing work that I’d never find a man on my wavelength. It was really disheartening.

But when I discovered this little-known secret for attracting high-calibre men, my whole world changed.

Within 6 weeks of learning this technique, I found my dream partner. And nearly 3 years later, we have the most beautiful, conscious, forever relationship that I’d always dreamed of (but had previously begun to doubt was possible).

Beautiful woman, this is totally possible for you too. I know because many clients who come to me for help finding their dream man are just like you.

No average love

I’m guessing that you:

  • Don’t just want an average love – you’re looking for exceptional love;

  • Want a man who’s done his inner work, knows himself well, and can communicate his feelings;

  • Desire a partner who listens with presence, doesn’t shy away from the hard conversations, and is genuinely looking for commitment.

So, what’s the secret to attracting this calibre of man?

The truth is… these beautiful men are not so common. So, just “looking” for a man of this high quality isn’t enough. You’ll want to call on the Universe’s help and energetically draw him towards you – using manifestation.

Because we are more than just physical beings – we are energy too. And energy vibrates. Objects vibrating at the same frequency are drawn together through the Law of Resonance.

If you’ve ever seen a woman who naturally attracts men, then you’ve seen this law in action. Men flock to her simply because her energy vibrates at the same frequency as theirs – and on a subconscious level, they are drawn to her.

And this is something you can absolutely learn and master, just like I did.

Calling in magnificence

Once I learned how to manifest accurately, it took less than 6 weeks for my ideal man to drop into my inbox. (Yes – he found me!) And I knew within 4 dates that he was ‘the one’. We’ve been together ever since.

Now, I teach this process to all my private 1:1 clients so that they can find lasting love too. Two of my clients recently got married! And others are happily living together, building the foundations for their forever love.

Using this technique is completely possible for any woman who is:

  • Highly motivated;

  • Determined;

  • Able to be deeply honest with herself.

And once you master manifestation, you can finally stop:

  1. Worrying about if you’re being “too fussy” about the man you’re looking for. Being fussy is actually a requirement for manifestation to work! The more specific you are about your desire, the more accurate your results will be.

  2. Wondering if you’re on the right dating app or hanging out at the right venues to meet him. Using manifestation, you’ll be guided about where to be and when – but also, you’re attracting him to you. So, energetically, you are being drawn together, and you will inevitably find each other.

  3. Trying to make relationships work with men who abandon when things get hard, lack emotional maturity, or aren’t ready for commitment. You no longer need to settle for any less than you desire. If you’re prepared to do the work to manifest him (and clear any blocks that might get in the way), then you can call in whatever your heart desires!

Instead, focus on these points:

  1. Get crystal clear on the details of your dream man so the Universe knows precisely what type of man you want.

  2. Don’t rely just on trying to “find” someone – learn how to manifest to draw him towards you. (See "Your next steps" below to find out how).

  3. Clear out limiting beliefs such as, “I’m not sure my ideal man exists”, “It's too hard to find him”, and “I shouldn’t need to do anything – he will just magically appear”, as these beliefs will skew your energetic vibration and cause your manifestation to fail. If you keep attracting “nearly-but-not-quite” matches, this is why.

Your next steps

In my free masterclass, Becoming Magnetic, I walk you through the exact process I used to manifest my dream man. And this is also the behind-the-scenes technique I teach my private 1:1 clients so that they can attract their forever love too.

Becoming Magnetic is a free, one-hour masterclass running LIVE on 9th August 2023. After this date, it will be available as a download.

Once you’ve completed this masterclass, you’ll walk away with:

A deep insight into how to manifest your ideal man;

Awareness of the common pitfalls that can block you from finding “The One” – and how to avoid them;

Your precise next steps to call in the level of love you've been searching for.

If you’re ready to call in the calibre of man you’re heart desires, sign up for Becoming Magnetic here.

P.S. If you’re not yet clear on the deeper aspects of the partner you want to call in, jump on the waitlist for my upcoming Dating & Relationship Standards masterclass.

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Natalie Ford Brainz Magazine

Natalie Ford, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natalie Ford is an online dating expert who works with strong, driven, successful women ready to get off the hamster wheel of dating and find lasting love with their forever man. She supports clients in gaining clarity on the man they seek, creating a magnetic dating profile that attracts high-quality men, knowing how to decipher precisely which men are worth your time on the apps, and seamlessly transitioning to an in-person, successful relationship. With 15+ years of personal development expertise, over 200 clients served, and features in publications such as TimeOut, Thrive and Brainz, Natalie now works 1:1 with women in their 30s and 40s to find forever love and is the host of The Enchanted Love Podcast.



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