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The Royal Battle

Written by: Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The universe is never against you.

Life, Energy, Universal Mind, The Oneness – simply IS.

If you go to religions or science, you will see that energy is. It is neither good nor bad.

Therefore, the universe is not against you. The innate nature of nature is for expansion and fuller expansion is just to grow forevermore.

What is making it positive or negative, for us or “against” us, is what is going on in our mind, how we perceive it.

But why does it seem like it is negative when you try so hard to be positive, right?

Because you are trying to be positive in the conscious mind (which is good!), but you have not yet changed what is happening in the subconscious mind - the Paradigm.

The paradigm is impacting tremendously the choices that we make. What is happening to you is what Bob Proctor calls The Royal Battle. Dr. Joe Dispensa calls it the River of Change.

You are crossing the river of change. You are becoming more and more aware of your subconscious paradigm and how it is controlling you. You become more and more aware of the conscious choices that you are making.

As you are becoming more aware, you try to make different conscious choices.

Now let’s say your goal is happiness or confidence, maybe a new job.

You have the idea of your new future in your conscious mind.

But the paradigm is controlling a lot of your thinking. It is also controlling your vibration.

In fact, it is the only thing that is controlling your vibration, so what is going on in your conscious mind will impact your vibration only as you impress it into the subconscious and replace a new paradigm that matches your idea for your future, replacing the old with the new.

As you are in the process of doing that, you are crossing the river of change. This is the royal battle! The royal battle that is happening between the new idea that you are in the process of impressing unto your subconscious and the old self which is the old paradigm that is still active within you. The way you experience this royal battle is on different levels:

(1) Thoughts stemming from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind.

The paradigm is controlling your thinking so just by default and out of habit you might entertain thoughts of worry and doubt contradicting your new idea that may pull you back from taking real committed action.

(2) Emotions like fear, lack of energy, holesness and frustration (even though you want to feel energized and motivated, good and self-loving, relaxed, calm and present).

Your feelings are your conscious awareness of the vibration that you are in, and the vibration that you are in is controlled fully by what is going on in your subconscious mind, by your paradigm.

(3) Circumstances that show up as a reaction to your vibration, by the law vibration, the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction.

In many ways you operate like a radio transmitter (your pineal gland is literally an antenna that signals to the field). You are vibrating on a certain frequency, which you indicate with words like “anxious” or “frustrated”. This is like saying your radio is set on 98.1 for example, so whatever is on that frequency of 98.1 is “audible” for you, you perceive and receive in your physical experience (like another bad report from your boss, another colleague who called in sick, another thing that didn't work out… etc.)

You know what is not showing up in your experience yet? What is vibrating on a higher frequency, just like you cannot receive what is playing on 102.1 if your frequency is set to channel 98.1.

As you cross the river of change and win more and more rounds in this royal battle, you are becoming stronger in your thinking, and establishing as a result a higher level of vibration in your body and field. The stronger you get the better you feel, and the better the experience you create in your environment and life.

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Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shimrit Nativ is a leader and expert in human potential and transformation. She is the CEO of Master Your Path a leading edge academy for emotional & mental well-being.

Shimrit has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of calm, confidence and fulfilment.

She helps high-performers tap into their limitless powers and make the emotional and conscious shifts necessary to create a life they love.



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