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The Power Of Face-To-Face Meetings In The Digital Era

Written by: Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The digital world is here to stay and after the pandemic, its very existence, before questioned, was cemented in our life. Concepts like remote work, hybrid work, home business are now prevalent. However, human contact is still and it will continue to be part of us, part of our work, and part of the business.

A shot of female manager stands addressing team at board meeting.

There are several studies done on face-to-face interactions, from these I take three important keys that I have experienced myself, because talking from my own learnings is important to me:

  • Trust: when you are able to see facial expressions and have eye contact with someone, you can get a sense of their true intentions, your inner intuition awakens and guides you.

  • Better communication: people have the possibility of getting their point across, diminishing the chance of being misunderstood and interacting as equals with others.

  • Social skills: we definitely improve our ways of talking as we are able to “read” others and the environment.

I would like to add a few actions that are also key and we tend to overlook:

  • Hugging. A hug not only reduces stress and boosts our immune system, a hug puts hearts in sync electromagnetically and this sends information to people interacting in this way. The HeartMath® Institute has several scientific studies on HRV (heart rate variability) and my own experience as a HeartMath® Certified Coach has shown me how a hug activates the heart of people.

  • Smiling. Similar to hugging, a smile reduces stress and blood pressure, however it also connects people on deeper levels, it sends a message of friendliness and acknowledgement.

  • Listening. When you are able to listen to others in a real manner, without interrupting, conversations get enhanced, producing instant and mutual understanding and improving relationships.

Of course, there are many more benefits and subtleties I could mention, but I think that I am getting my thoughts across. Please, do not take me wrong, I love technology and I am grateful for tools like Zoom, however, nothing is able to replace human contact, especially when the process of decision-making is underway.

Let me tell you a little story. A couple of weeks ago, I attended The Business Show at the Excel Centre in London. Brainz Magazine had sent an email with an invitation to get a free ticket to the show and said that they were going to be there. I immediately saw this as an opportunity to meet a few people working for Brainz and hopefully more contributor writers like myself. I am a Senior Executive contributor for the magazine now, ending my second year and entering the third one. Writing for Brainz Magazine has been a wonderful experience overall and I was happy to get the chance to meet a few people in person.

Arriving at the Excel Centre was easier than I thought as it is very well connected with the new Elizabeth Line at its doorstep. Brainz Magazine had organised a talk with well-known businessman Mark Dixon, founder of IWG, who was expertly interviewed by Brainz Ambassador and Podcast Host Mark Sephton. Afterwards I was happy to meet Daniel Ålund, one of the founders of Brainz Magazine, Peter Nilsson and Mary Berglund, who are part of the magazine’s team and Mark Sephton, who does a great job as an Ambassador for Brainz.

Now, why I am detailing this? Because the power of face-to-face interactions was put to the test. You see, as I am arriving at the end of my second year writing for Brainz Magazine, I was not sure about my continuation with them. I was tending to think that two years are enough and I saw no reason to keep going.

What happened, then, during my time with the fabulous Brainz Magazine Team? To start with, I was received by each member of the team with a hug, yes, a real one, an authentic smile and a desire to listen to what I have to say. I was well received by Peter and Mary and I had a nice conversation with Daniel and with Mark. I felt welcomed, acknowledged and seen. As human beings we all want this, we want to feel that we belong.

All the “invisible requirements” that I listed above were met, showing me true leadership, because leaders are not only those who show the way, are also those who can make their team feel acknowledged, part of, heard. My decision to continue as a Senior Contributor was made right there, because I could feel the environment and I could see myself writing spiritual and wellbeing content where is really needed, in the business world.

I will leave you with a last key point, which is vision. It is important to have a vision, to sense the vision of the organisation you are working with. Vision gives you a feeling of what the potential future could bring.

My recommendation for you is to have more human contact in your daily life, more conversations, hug, smile and listen often. Beautiful friendships and opportunities may be created from giving yourself the chance of increasing your interaction with people.

“Everything is creation in constant manifestation” ‒ Fresia Castro.

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Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Veronica Sanchez De Darivas shares tools on how to manage stress, negative emotions and build resilience and on how to use high vibration words. Veronica is a Spanish grammar and literature teacher. During the last twelve years, she has dedicated herself to spirituality and is a Certified Instructor for the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland, a method created in South America 33 years ago by the spiritual leader Fresia Castro. Veronica is the first instructor in the world teaching this life changing method in English. Veronica is a Spiritual Life Coach and a HeartMath Certified Coach as well. Veronica is also an author. She has been writing for many years for online magazines and blogs in Spanish and English. Veronica is both a Chilean and an Australian citizen now living in the UK. Her mission is the expansion of consciousness.



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